a terrible painter, a dreamer, a rebel , a feminist and a self certified bisexual Witch. Who is always trying to visualize whats on the other side of the canvas she paints,just another human- Living alive Life. Now also a green tea addict.

wtichy Me

"all I can describe myself is I am a Tame Less Tempest, Aim-Less Learner, never aware of what I want, Born Blank, Raised Ordinary, Lived Ignorant, BUT CATCHING UP my life is a celebration of Art, Literature, Friendship, Solitude, Observation, Education and Curiosity.  My life is a toast to living without guilt" - hence still Clue Less about what I want." 

 I am nothing special to know about me one has to dig out years of boring days and a lifeless cover up and lies and drastic imaginations i had dwelled in. My name is an open secret rather i choose to believe it is. I am studying English Major in Pink College (name of my college is not grand  so Pink College it is). I think I can paint hence I aspire to be a cartoonist. Again I think I can write so I want to be writer too and hence write in fanfiction too. I occasionally pen bad real bad poetry.  I love to read books, I love to buy books, collecting comics is my recent passion, reading manga and watching Anime of all types including Yaoi and Yuri and creating comics of my near ones is a hobby. I love eating but am in constant battle with my diet to maintain my average weight of  50 kilos.  Clicking pictures of abandoned shoes is an obsession I created in last one year. I live in my own imaginary world where everyone is alive and living their dreams and  I marry my favorite Cartoon Character or to say Anime Character Fakir, Ichigo, Kai, Nowaki,Hiroki, Sakura, Misaki etc. I recently discovered I like both male and female so I am bisexual  On other hand I am a self certified Witch. I cant stand injustice and I try my best to speak against it. I love animals and love feeding stray dogs but I love chicken on my plate I wont lie. I don't know  if  I have anything special to make it great like my favorite writers and cartoonist, but whats the harm in dreaming?  

my pen-name paulOaries is created by combining Paulo from my favorite writer Paulo Coelho and my sun-sign Aries. My surname and first part of my first name is here in it. Why do I have a capital O, well i have an obsession with O.

and to sum it up I am Clueless 

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