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Sunday, 31 December 2017

Jaa Ne! ( See you around)

After, four cups of green tea, multiple replays of imagined scenario and one Peaky Blinder Episode and three One Piece episodes later, the blogger has decided to halt this blog. My reasons have been thoroughly examined and discussed with my friends and my mind. My elder sister has been complaining the that my blogs have become repetitive and one cant tell the difference one from other.  

I too have realised, it's time to say goodbye before I go down the path of neglecting this blog further which would be insulting to the thought with which I began this blog. I no longer have my Pink College to hate, I no longer have mini adventures to write about, I longer am sad and hopeless like I was when the blog began.

When I began the blog, I loved the only writer I knew, Paulo Coelho, now almost six years later, I know many more writers and Love a few more. I cant let my own lack of words ruin something that was born out of love for words. So instead of becoming an old married and hateful couple, My Blog and I are finishing things on good terms.

Right here and Right now, I am good and I hope to be better, and I hope to be better without this blog. I would like to thank all the people who ever read this blog, thank you for going through my late intellectual puberty. It's time I do something more adult.

So this was the last post, BlogPost 160 is the END.

Jaa Ne! (See you around in Japanese)

P.S- that's all folks.

thanking you to bear with me



    Maybe ... it could just be a hiatus??? ♥

  2. Take a break....may be you will come back to write..when the time is right.

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