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Friday, 30 June 2017

No Sayonara here

Among the ancient building and under the strict love of air conditioner, I made friends, philosophers, and guide.

Three years back I had a premonition that one day I will have my adda. My place of being, and unbecoming, my group of happy floops and stern protectors. But my adda never came into being. I unbecame and got adopted by a curly haired who had an equally scattered brain and tangled moods and a guy who had a beard that grew thicker with his deep reasoning. Three can never make an adda, and hence my adda remained unformed. Guides I have had many, I have my personal philosopher who is irreplaceable, my friends are the fabrics of my existence but a college adda of the rotten crowd I never had.

Yet in a year I met different individuals who are older and younger, some way over-qualified, some way too immature. Few of them assured with life at twenty-two others regretting the marriage they entered twenty-five years back. In a happy flow, a year got over, in a happy year, my experience was beyond academic. I have learned the taste of whiskey, I have learned the art of sacrifice, I have learned the fun of sharing and listening.

It has been an eventful year, and no matter what turn my life takes from here, I won't ever complain taking an academic break while pursuing an academic course.

Now that the year has ended, promises of meeting and keeping in touch are flying out. Promises made in an emotional moment are hard to keep. You can't maintain all relationships, some will stay in the back of your mind, some will accompany you till the end. Despite being easily influenced and brainwashed, I know the futility of promises. I have never promised something based on emotions. Bonds don't wash away, memories don't fade away.

The vlogging girl standing near the green door of 40A will always be etched in my mind, the happy girl in black niqab will be safe in my heart, the smiling girl with the sleepy head will be an inspiration to me always. The lovesick girl or the girl with glossy pink lipstick, they will be part of a long chapter.

The man with a formal t-shirt and mickey mouse pencil box was my neighbour, the anti-marriage squad that I was part of will be here. The over-curious and fatherly classmates, I will miss them. 

I have fallen in love with of each of the human I have acquainted with. Now that everyone is saying and spelling out their farewell and I refuse to utter goodbye. In no language shall I say goodbye. Goodbyes are for ending. But I am still a book in making, and each of the humans I have loved was contributing character in a thick chapter. Chapters finish but their impacts last till the climax. The chapter may have ended but the climax is far far away. Hence I refuse to say goodbye.

P.S- there will be no Sayonara here. 

thanking you to bear with me