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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Foes by Cards

Half an hour ago as I said bye to my bearded friend, and settled inside my cab, my friend from college called up. Shouting and Panting, "How Could They Do This, How Could They Do This" and I went "Who did What?".

"House Of Cards Duh?" came the reply. "Don't you dare!" I barked. In general I can handle spoilers, trivia and news regarding television shows, my bearded buddy had recited the plot line of Mad Men's Season Finale and I was hardly bothered, but House of Cards has a special affinity. "See that's what this show does! It makes friends our enemies" to this I roll my eyes, I wished she could see it. "No, you are not an enemy, but I would appreciate if you keep your excitement bolted." I reply.

Last time my reading was spoiled when internet went bonkers about Delphini being the love child of Tom Marvolo Riddle and Bellatrix Lestrange. "But how do I contain it, its so disturbing" my friend wails. I sigh, indeed that's how excited I go when a new One Piece chapter is out. Few days back my bearded darling was grumpy when our common friend lamented out Homeland's ending on Facebook. How grumpy he was and how least irked I was because I never got involved with the show. Now my own love was at risk, and here was my friend on my ear.

She was dying to tell me and I was dying not to hear it. 

That's when a couple entered the cab, the perks of Uber Share. The girl looked under the weather and the boy definitely was worried. Our destination was almost similar, and the girl dropped beside me. My friend still waiting for a signal that would turn on her word faucet. "Whatever is doing gudgudi inside your tummy, is not going to let you vomit in my ears" was my open reply. "But..." "NOPE" "Please Ari.." "But you know Carie..." "I will disconnect" I warn. "Sun na... Sun na.." the chant goes on.

"Bye" I disconnect the phone. If House Of Cards is going to be end of my friendship, so be it. "Umm do you have water?" the my co-passenger asks. "Yes of course" that's the perks of being me, I always carry water. I lend her my tiny bottle and sigh a relief escapes, as my friend was now furiously typing her excitement on whatsapp. "Babu, have you, will you watch House Of Cards? You will watch  today na, tonight pakka?" the boyfriend of my co-passenger asks.      

"Oh please don't" we both reply and look at each other. "But, this season is so good" the boy beings and the sick girl looks more sick in anger. "You will step down at Golf Green right?" the girl asks me, and I nod. "I have pair of headphone and good collection of music, you want to tune him out?" the girl glares, that's the glare of a true House of Cards fan. "Please" I beg. 

For next fifteen minutes she plays songs of which I have absolutely no idea. But I do thank her when I step down for keeping the ride spoiler free, I wave her bye and I see her smile as she plugs in both her ears and her boyfriend makes a sad face.

P.S- If in future If I find them together, I will understand from which couple they derive their relationship goals.

thanking you to Bear with me