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Friday, 31 March 2017

breed wise, puppy foolish

Every few days a thought occurs, a thought so small yet powerful enough to annoy me for a whole day. Of course, it's about this blog, my obvious anger about the lack of readers and the blog’s name (which five years ago was an epiphanic discovery), now I want to eradicate it all, again it's the only romantic relationship of my life that has been a constant and I don't end up doing anything stupid.

Yesterday for the infinite time I was stuck with this dilemma of finally becoming an absconder or keep doing what I do on this blog. As my friend and I we sucked down the ice cream nicknamed blind love, I kept ranting the same thought. My friend asked why was I blogging less for last few months. The answer has always been same I have nothing exciting enough to tell. But my friend suggested another reason - Life had me occupied. Life indeed has kept me occupied and I am not complaining.

After watching an average movie, eating three different kinds of momos and two blind loves later, I was sitting inside my red-yellow bus and thinking about what to pen here. Should I write about the sun filled bus rides, random strolls in bookstores, weird conversations I end up having with unknown people? They all seem so normal that I don't feel like sharing them.

As I stepped down from my bus and began walking towards my apartment, I saw a boy on a bicycle being chased by dogs. The boy fell and soon was helped, he got picked up by the people walking around and me. He got advised on how to handle dogs, me being an animal expert might have burdened him with a bit more information than required.

Happily, I stroll towards the central park, where few school children were texting and laughing among themselves, lovebirds swallowed by the shadows of huge trees and a locked up rickshaw with two humans sitting on it were busy conversing. That’s when a little white fur ball ran past me, a tail that’s etched in my brain, a size I would recognise anywhere, a breed I can do a doctorate on. A white German Spitz with an orange collar was sniffing the bushes. Being a dog lover I approached it, and my love was reciprocated. The fur ball galloped towards me, I looked around but none was there to claim it.

Hence I patted his head, cuddled a bit and struck up a conversation where no reply came from the fur ball. With beady eyes it blinked, so did I with four eyes. Like a cat it rubbed its head on my leg, I patted it more, but a worry seeped in, a dog with a collar but no owner meant it had somehow wandered away from it’s home. I began disturbing the school kids and they looked back at me with annoyed faces and next I disturbed the lovebirds as well. After five minutes I decided that it was better if I took the lad home and take a photograph of it and put up a poster about finding a lost dog.

When I was about to pick up the white chap, one of the two sitters on the rickshaw jumped laughing. “Don’t worry, he is not lost, I never leash my boy! I just love watching when people think he is lost! It’s so nice of you guys to try and take care of him” the man in blue and black checkered lungi (which is a patented uniform for rickshaw riders back home) smiled at me. Like a dumb child, I stared at him. The white fur ball ran towards its owner and woofed, soon it was barking when a German Shephard arrived with his caretaker. While both the Germans barked I grumbled back home in anger. I really hated becoming the ‘Fool’ even before April began!

P.S- That was really a bad joke on that man’s part! Who does that? What if someone did actually run off with the fur ball?

thanking you to bear with me