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Saturday, 31 December 2016

Midnight Ramble

As I settle on the cozy bed, I can see and sense, some of us are preparing bottles to pop up at the stroke of midnight, some are just waiting for an eventful year to just get over. My virtual friends are making a Year Review Video on Facebook, my best friends are with their lovers and dear ones sharing photographs on Instagram, my fandom reader friends are drunk on nerdiness. For a human who is more alive on her virtual space, the world is a view through her Instagram page, a whisper within 140 characters on twitter, an emotion disguised in a status update, sadness the reaction button. All these virtual actions are fictional in the rational eyes, they are not touchable or kissable. Yet they exist, they exist on the other side of the screen.

I woke up from a siesta dream today, in it, I was cooped in a room, everything was Blue and White but nothing is alive. Everything typed on the virtual screen was getting erased, every photograph I uploaded were getting whitewashed, every status update lost, every film I watched forgotten. The web of that reality was being un-knit. In midst of it, I sat alone, curled cold crying.

But I woke up, to see my blanket on the floor, my socks were gone and window letting the wind play with my toe. Half a year of reading random books, watching even weirder movies, talking absolutely rubbish things, making new friends, the urge to be virtually present, walking alone on the old paths of a new city and a constant question of what next, had lead me to dream this weird dream.

2016 was a year of ups and down, many moments of hopelessness and anxiety for future. Sarah Anderson has been the most vocal artist about her 2016 experience, various sites are sharing their 2016 experience, yet all are tangled up in what next. Fifteen minutes to a year and I too wonder what's next in store!

But right now winter is curled beside my feet, I am home and the tomorrow will be another day, yet today won’t be this day. Tonight, I am real and gleefully virtual as I scroll the notification, listen to crackers awaiting the new year, tonight I have no beer, no friends beside me, but this is how all my ‘last day’ of the year has been. I am curled beside my Mom, a grumpy cat, and lovely dog. Tonight we sleep a peaceful dream. Even my dreams a real.      

P.S- A Happy New Year to all my virtual friends.

thanking you for bearing with me

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