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Wednesday, 25 May 2016


Science fiction over the years has tinkered a lot with my brain, it has made me believe in possibility of time travel, space jump and alternate universes. Though the explosion of technology in many science fiction movies and books and of course comics makes me cringe in fear that robots will take over the planet one day, yet I respect the imaginative power science allows. As much as I worship this genre in my brain, in reality I am too ignorant to grasp it. I had asked four people to explain me the meaning of five dimensional being after watching Interstellar. 

Every day I can see new cell phones being launched, Apple lover flaunting their un-edible fruits and music lover wearing headphones bigger than their heads could phantom. All this overwhelms me to the point of being termed analog. Certain someone is in awe that I am still stuck at 2G internet plan, and another friend is amused that I vehemently refuse the existence of multiple time saving apps. I still have faith in Bluetooth for sharing music and photographs and emails for sending PDFs.

Now that I have an adorable red phone, the vast network of android system is playing tennis with my head. I have the same apps that my previous phone had, ironically my previous partner refused to update itself, and my new partner wants to be up to date, every two days. Now that I have returned home my cell phone is behaving like Alice did in wonderland. For first time it has got twenty four hours WiFi connection, like a glutton it’s been updating itself for three days straight.

Instagram has a new logo, which may sound sexist but is damn ‘GIRLY’ and I yet have to figure out where my twitter updated itself. Luckily I don’t have a facebook app and my mangareader app is analog like me, it has achieved its perfection of being in 2013. Skype keeps offering me gold coins with every new update, I don’t know why? Overall my phone has updated itself to compete against other smart phones.

But what’s the point of so many updates?

I know there must be a huge logic working behind, but did not the QWERTY phones run fine five years back? That too without updates and had long battery backup. Now that I am talking about batteries, for first time in my life I realised today that digital cameras don't work on the same policy of their predecessor Kodaks that had film rolls, which all ran on bloody pencil batteries! That certain someone friend of mine is correct, at times I behave like an ancient being from dark ages. Yes I want to be stuck in the era when the flip-phones existed and all they were used for was to call and text.

Sometimes I have a dream, where like Neo, I am inside a mechanical womb, with wires plugged inside me. And I am so use less to the wire owners that they toss me into a junkyard, where I am the only human among floppy disks, typewriters, walkie-talkies, blackboards, telephones, music CDs, VIP suitcases, walkmans, and piles of pencil batteries. May be its my fear of being stuck in constant tussle between being gun-ho about vanishing culture of preservation and moving on to a virtual collective. 

Or may be I am really too late on catching up with technology...

P.S- the blog art is a result of me trying to update my doodling skills and my Will is updated, I am going on a ten day long trip with my family, so I updated my Will too.

thanking you to bear with me