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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Boy in Red pumps.

(Happy belated New Year! and the first blog post should begin with Twisted Tales) 

I have decided to draw my own images as googling is time consuming & I am not an artist.

Best thing about sudden vacations is, people can take small trips to rejuvenate their scrambled and scattered spirits. When these battered creatures get magical three days to escape university, they whoosh past their backpacks and run home to re-nourish their starved body and souls. While some vacations are gift from the divine, some vacations come into life of people as double edged swords. Instead of rejuvenating to glorious beauty, one ends up being errand boy, a job that befalls with birth under right stars on wrong night.

One particular battered soul, decides that expensive unhealthy junk food is a must for the system after living on green tea and hot-chocolate diet for a month, when the news of sudden vacation breaks out. This particular creature could never escape the all reaching, over-loving hands of family. By fluke of birth and authority of the mother supreme, the power of errand boy got pushed down on this creature. A task as divine as stealing fire of life like Luka, who was bookmarked inside the red backpack, was bestowed upon this errand boy.

The task begins when Errand boy attends class on Feminism and curses Woolf with wholesome thought process and finally rushes out of class to catch train at 1.10 pm. Eyes glance at watch and errand boy rushes towards the wrong direction at 12.45 pm, realizing the mistake turns around and hurries with small feet. The kindness of tall stature did not happen to this body. When the crafted bottoms finally rest on the ‘Toto’(battery operated rickshaw) the heart beat violently in the petty body, afraid that it will miss the train. Vehicles jammed up, horns blew up like battle conchs, sweat grew in armpits and the purple muffler muffled up the thoughts in throat.

But a sigh of relief escaped the pigged up nose, when the big digital clock assured fifteen minutes were there in the watch to spare. With a white ticket in pocket errand boy enters well loaded compartment, as the tippy legs went past blue seats, the eyes suddenly locked up on one of the professor errand boy studied under. The empty seat opposite the educator meant a three hours of self-consciousness and betraying dreams.

Luka decided to slow his pace through the pages, Bear the dog and Dog the bear riddled up conversation between educator and student. Once silence fell with educator closing the tired eyes, chips seller hindered the peace, errand boy was asked to eat chips, jhalmuri, cakes and finally the poor creature had to explain, food was not the favourite on the list.  Human blessed with third gender, came to collect money and wished both luck and success. An art student sat beside and not-so-secretly sketched the educator, errand boy and Luka began to collect lives and Nobodaddy grew opaque. A woman with expanded body and aware mind eavesdropped on professor’s conversation and asked unimaginable question. Errand boy got worried at the changing expression opposite, but the destination had arrived and “Good day ma’am” left the lips and tiny feet flew.

Only to be haunted by past which had creeped up like Jo-hua in the favourite cake shop errand boy decided to stop by. Two hours flew, but the past decided to remain unchanged and be a dead log. Errand boy wiped the chocolate of the lips with napkin and told the baggage from another life time, that somethings fall apart for good and walked away.

Now errand boy could concentrate on the task assigned to the steeply shoulder. The task to go through human labyrinth and like Luka find the fire of life. But the task here was fiercer, the task to find cat litter was more tiresome. Unlike Luka errand boy had no flying carpet to help him zoom past traffic or skip levels. The bus decided to drop errand boy on the far and wrong side of right. But courage prevailed, the tippy toes and backpacked shoulders entered human maze. Target was to locate the pet shop. Proud pushes, loud mumbles, hard tumbles and frustrating fumbles later our hero found the target, but a fake target placed by the fates. The first box of cat litter was packed, yet errand boy felt, there was another lane that had real goal hidden among the glamour dust. The target was soon found the hands and back was balanced by two heavy packages oddly placed. Errand boy fell like the balancing toy on a pole, swaying east to west, left to right, tumbling back and front. 

Like all heroes, on this cat litter quest, awaited an impulsive romantic interest. All good things come late and all prizes belong to someone else before hero wins them. A bowl of pasta and fancy cups of hot chocolates with cream and marshmallow later romance happened, yet there were phone calls and worries buzzing like flies. The target was acquired but errand boy had to send the bag of sand to right place. Errand boy’s task was far from over.

The sliver chariots on wheel, had strict guards, scrutinizing every boarder for bombs, the brown box of cat litter was first refused entrance. But the box of sand passed it tests and errand boy was swept away in Tsunami of masses and was being tossed by human waves. The tiny hands could not reach the silver bars and the weight on shoulders dragged the body down. Waves after waves errand boy was tossed and pushed. Finally, lovers from different tale caught errand boy from falling down and found an empty seat for the poor creature who had reduced in size and age. Errand boy earned bonus life which Luka Khalifa never had chance to earn with that empty seat.

Errand boy at least crumbled on the kind cousin’s bed and found the body aching. But the inhuman family was demanding and uncaring. Mother supreme’s concerned remained with safe delivery of the cat litter. Errand boy was a tool in great circle of selfish love. Errand boy found no solace from the previous mother supreme either, who chose to remain similarly hard-hearted. National holiday blessed errand boy the next day with no activity of urgent family matter, but that day too went capturing small catches for mother supreme, friend in need and the celluloid houses shut their doors on errand boy’s face. Yet errand boy found little joy when the tame-less mane was trimmed and groomed over, tongue swirled passed chicken in thick layer of cheese and cheap clothes donned the petty body. That happiness was transitory.  

As next day, the third and final day laid the biggest target of all, safe delivery of the cat litter. The box packed, the address written on it but the stamp hidden away in an old building among many other. Locating the building was easier but the process of eliminating other errand boys was tough. As the time counter tickled, six errand boys before, the fatal mistake was pointed out. Costing time and coins, the address of addressee was on the wrong side of right. Errand boy and cousin had a mini banter and finally a shop popped up and errand boy was saved. Half of the cat litter was sent. Luka was far from fire of life, but errand boy now just had to board the saved safe passage back to the real life of red soil and dry pages whereas Luka was still fighting rodents.

A successful tale inspires; a hardworking narrative motivates but a twisted tale warns. Now after achieving the mentioned target above, the classic lethargy born in a twisted tale passed down by generations of rabbits through rabbit hole caught up errand boy’s watch. A miscalculation of time proved fatal. The safe & saved passage was due at 4.40 pm. Errand boy boarded the bus at 2.40, yet found the same curse catching up that was escaped two days ago at the beginning of journey. Luka ran, leapt, lost lives in magical world and seconds slipped out in reality. Luka curled up under the shield on King Solomon's flying carpet and fending off mist of time while Errand boy was trapped in the lethargy of rabbits and sitting on a bus that moved at tortoise’s speed. Some magic slipped out from pages and Errand boy reached station at 4.37 pm.

With a five-kilogram luggage on shoulder, non-runner shoes on feet and human hurdles to tackle, saved safe passage was thirteen platforms away. With strength accumulated from all the non-existent lives, which even Luka Khalifa could not use, our Errand boy ran. Ran with fight, might and un-shut site. As the legs reached platform thirteen, like in celluloids reality slipped away, but in much aggravated manner and crowded version of reality broke on errand boy, who saw the chariot of wheel leave.

With family calling and interfering, errand boy lost temper. Every other voice got shut, stopped, yelled and cursed. The weight of cat litter suddenly doubled up and legs dragged, the non-runner shoes tighten up. In stubbornness, anger and extreme pride errand boy had decided not return to the cousin. After irritating, shouting, psychologically poking, creeping the officials, a cup of coffee and best-friend intervention later, errand boy booked a ticket. Not a safe passage, but a break passage. After a cup of world's worst Choco-lava cake from the favourite cake shop. Errand boy was on ground neutral and thousand heads lighter and the weight of cat litter back to original. The brown rickety chariot of wheels arrived. Errand boy found new spirit in the feet. The wings of Hermes lifted up the hearts that lay in toes and errand boy found the compartment of desire.

With hood on and a fluffy, heavy backpack errand boy stepped up the stairs. When a uniformed hand stopped the shoulder. “Brother this is Ladies compartment, only women are allowed here and police are here to guard them” the police sighed. Errand boy turned around and pulled down the hood and flicked the earrings peeping out from the soft ears hiding below the messy bobbed hair and tilted the head. “Boys too wear earrings these days” the police smiled at the action. Errand boy smiled back, Luka was fifteen pages away from fire of life, anger had left both and the short leg dangled the little Riding-hood coloured ballerina pumps at the policeman standing below “Have boys started wearing red pumps already?”            

P.S- not everything is truthful nor everything is fiction. Luka and Fire of life is a Must Read for all! Sorry for all the reference in-between. 

thank you for bearing with me