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Thursday, 31 December 2015

Sister Complex.

(Warning- Its not a blogpost, but multiple thought process crashing together, at best its a post about my elder sister, so we are naming it Sister Complex. And there must be typos, I am too blind to find them.)

If one is born India, one may never celebrate Chirstmas, Eid, Durga Puja, Pongal or New  Year nor celebrate it all , but we Indians of present time at least once in our life have been entrapped by the magic of Cinema. We don’t like to use highbrow words like film or celluloid. We are newly acquainted to the phrase ‘Let’s have a movie night.’ Cinema is our word, it sounds very ‘desi’ and wholesome. Our generation is more elite hence we go to film festivals, movie nights and Film Theaters. But the generation twenty years elder to us would stick to Cinema Halls and multiplexes are an overwhelming existence. A week back I ended up in Cinema Hall because of my twisted fate.

As my reader buddies have learned over last four years, the Fates and me, we have never been on good terms. They have been twisting my life’s tale so much that everything I see and experience becomes queer and eerie at times. Since this year in particular we have had less blogposts, which indicates that my supply of twisted experience has been less.
I was delighted with the development, I had no extraordinary miscarriage of information that would delay my joining university by a month, I did not have to pay fine for low attendance and my internal exams went pretty fine. My finals also left smoothly though I can’t say the same about my handwriting. God bless my examiner. But this was the calm before the storm.

On one Monday I was supposed to be rocking on my blue berth, under the blanket and reading my book. On twenty ninth of November my great elder sister had booked my ticket for returning home. On twenty ninth November my ticket was first position holder in waiting list and on twenty first December my ticket clung to its position. Hence I could not go home. (Please know this, I was drumming about my rushing back to home after exams for more than two weeks)
There is always a price for vanity and I paid my lovely price. Now I had restrained my curious heart, I had tamed it to go back home and not attend my University Winter Fair. Hence the ticket was booked for twenty first of the month four days prior to the fair. But when I figured that twenty first was a no-no, my heart began to flicker. I wanted to attend the gala fair. Yup greed runs deep in my blood too. 

After that there has been verbal cold war between my sister who wanted to ship me off to home on twenty third! Just a day before the fair began, my mother had been showing me cookie, cake, pudding baits to come home on twenty third and my annoying father was trying to search a middle ground to get me back home against my statement that I shall show face after the end of last semester (June).

Ironically I do have a confirmed return ticket from home! Too my sweet surprise the payment had been done by the elder sibling I dread. If the medusa in her head conspires she would have emptied my bank account to teach me a lesson to disagree with her Iron Decision! Another reason I try to avoid women, at times they are devoid of reason and hell bent to oppress the creatures just to show their authority, my sister is no less then certain Chief Minister of the State I am residing in. At least I can pacify her with the birthday gift I have custom made for her.

Since almost all my friends have left for home, I decided to go cinema watching a week back. Though I have never read the Bomkesh Bakshi series, I like the characters and historical period they are placed in. It’s also different from the Bong obsession- Detective Feluda. Almost a month ago I went cinema watching alone, a trait I sadly share with the elder sibling who also went to watch the same cinema alone. The difference we have is that she paid ten dollars for a bad film and I paid fifty rupees.

When I was buying the ticket for Har Har Bomkesh, the ticket seller was surprised for the infinite time that I, again came to watch a cinema alone. The girls who came with their boyfriends had pity for me, I could feel it in their eyes and a mother-son duo were trying to figure out why I was alone, they must have thought my lover ditched me. When my classmates and friends heard I went alone, their question was the same. “How can you go to film theater alone?” it’s an answer very few can give.

People cannot construct an isolated image of me, who has numerous friends and has cordial communication with multitude. For me it becomes hard to explain that I can watch cinemas alone. 
Self-content and self-sufficiency runs in my blood. Though my mom does get surprised at my sister’s and my talent to watch cinema alone frequently. (We have a very good reason why we turned into a dominatrix and masochist, the blame falls on our grandparents and parents) Actually I understand the psychology behind my sister’s constant hunting me down like I am an exotic wild boar. Four of them deprived her from making close friends and do things with so called commoners (Same theory was executed on me as well). When I was born she found her own living-toy to manipulate, boy she left me crumbled into dust. Hence we both suffer from sister complex. Let’s leave my sister out, I noticed forty percent of my blogposts have her glorified in them!

But how can I leave that creature that has been playing god to my life. Well the day I accumulate enough will power like Simon Snow (Oh yeah he is our Harry Potter) and kill the Mage he looked up-to. So the Voldemort of my life sadly is related to me my blood. You can get rid of friends, at least I do, but family they are like leech. They sting, bite, suck you dry, but will stick to you. Oh no I have not gone all pro-family. It’s just I have too many thoughts to spell which are going haywire in year end spirit and two tired fingers yelling back at me (I figuratively and literally type with single finger from each hand). Nope I have no new year spirit either, though I love celebration of any kind. So before the year ends, I would like to rant.

Today is my elder sister's birthday and the creature has been like a goblin all her life about gifts. But I am too tired and I hope in 2016, I can learn to manage my time between blogging, fanfiction, facebook, Instagram, twitter and my latest love Tinpahar. Off we go says 2015! 

PS-And here is a doodle about my sister. 

thanking you to bear with me