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Monday, 30 November 2015

Hobo Diary- 2 (Hairy) No-Trim November


Last year when I was tweeting randomly, which I tend to do every now and then when I am super bored or drunk on queer rights, I found an interesting picture one of my tweeter followers had tagged me failing to identify my gender. It was an image of a standalone mass of hair, which reminded of Hagrid without a real facial outline and below I found the hashtag No-shave November. Without knowing the meaning, I forwarded the image to all my male buddies. As a result, few of them got interested in it and after reading about it on Wikipedia I figured what this celebration of beard was for. Which I assume most of us know it’s about spreading awareness about Male Cancer and Sexual Health, and you donate the money you saved without shaving for a month. By fifteenth of that month a year back, whole internet (people on my social media platform) was crazy, the men population, to be particular and many of my boyfriends were walking with their dark unkempt mane.

Here I am a person of the opposite gender who loves beard and mustache! I mean my father was bound to give competition to any superstar in 70s from Dravidian Belt of film industry with his handlebar mustache, alas now he prefers to remain clean shaved! And I hate it, I hate it bad. My grandfather was more of a cynical jolly who carried the Chaplin-Hitler look with confidence. Now my cute cousin brother has grown up and boy he carries the beard so well. My brother-in-law carries the Amitabh Bacchan French cut with ease. My chubby teacher (mentor) turns into a really good looking guy when he carries four or five layers of five ‘o’clock beard! I discard my friends’ fianc├ęs’ on the grounds of facial hair. I even have crush after manga and comic characters who have beard and Trafalgar Law rocks the world with his goatee and Vira is women killer Aghori with tame-less beard! By that standards of real and imaginary giddy men around me, I am bound to fall in love with bearded hunks or man without any facial hair. Its extremes for me, middle ground won’t do!

So this year when No-shave November returned, I was more excited than the lazy guys around me, but I am a girl and I don’t have beard! Since my tendencies always have been unisex I decided to participate in No-shave November! Yes, I know, I don’t have beard that I could grow and flaunt (another reason I wanted to be boy, period problem is at bottom of that list, not having beard is at top). If my gender was not discouraging enough, my gender holders sure were! But I do have two tiny hands, a pair of really good legs, underarms and ahem-ahem parts! Hence I took out batteries from my trimmer (a gift from my generous metrosexual brother-in-law). For one month I decided to go No-Trim November! I was hell bent to participate in No-Shave November! Either way no one was stopping me...

Here is how I look now thirty days later!

P.S- Don’t I look cute?

thanking you to bear with me

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