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Friday, 13 November 2015

Graduated To Honeymoon.

On twenty ninth of last month, I finally did it! No you dirty minded reader buddies not that ‘did’. Yes you all who have been reading my blog for last four years, I did it, by you I mean both real life and imaginary readers I have. I finally travelled alone, alone in the sense where I had no parents with me or my elder sister and my brother-in-law but my best friend.

My university loves festivals; hence I got a month long vacation. Now that my second sets of parents are no longer living in city of joy, I had no other option but return home. I so wish I had a cat loving aunt living in the hills. Alas I have to settle for a cat loving mom in the valley. And this woman who is my mother had conspired with her husband to assault me with food. In last one month I have been fed up to my brains, my once less bulging tummy is now flubbing above my waist band.

My eight girl friends and I we had been planning on a girl trip before completing our undergrad to celebrate our passing out. But after graduation each of us got busy, some went to look for job another opted for career change and I left home. The supposed graduation got delayed and delayed. This time we finally decided that we had to go. Tada..... here comes the lesson of my life. Have I ever got anything easily? The answer is no, hard work is always my way.

After fighting, grumbling and having glaring contest with my parents and totally being ignored my brother-in-law, I took the matter in my own hands. On the other hand the number of girls for our trip was dropping like sensex from eight. My walking mate and I we had been drumming about our coming of age ceremony for months now. Before we could take this test of courage our battalion fell apart and only three brave solders stood.

On twenty eighth, our third last foot soldier crumbled under parental love. My Walking mate got furious while my parents got a chance to detain me. But my Walking mate did something extraordinary. She packed her bags and dropped at my door in the evening. At that moment we knew it was now or never. We chose now.
Sadly the people, who grow up in the safer zones of North East, fear their own geographical monstrosity. I understand what our parents feared and why they tried to stop us. Kidnappings, Landslides, blasts, highway traffic, bandhs and chaos is part of our upbringing (Yes many can counter attack me right now about my using North East as umbrella term, let’s face it buddies our fears are different compared to rest of India).

So on twenty ninth morning, we took our Test Of Courage, we boarded our train at 5am and my buddy and I we were off to Shillong- The Scotland of India! Though my Walking mate is a lazy princess and photo maniac, I was so glad I never took my digital camera and I locked my phone up so she could not see the pictures I took. She would crawl inside the blanket and I had to pull her out first day, on second day I had to message her aching legs so that we could eat dinner! Since we had booked ourselves pretty expensive room we got treated like princess on diplomatic tour. We ate in bakeries, saw the seven points and had gala time walking around. We enjoyed a lot and had a great time like honeymoon couples! The woman who runs the shop on Shillong Peak, a shop where we can wear traditional Kahsi clothes and take picture gave us a free copy! Many tourists took our pictures thinking we are Khasi girls, for that moment we were like celebrity! Then we became Alice lost in wonderland, in our case shoeland. We returned safely but with empty pockets! We spent our entire savings of last three months in four day long trip. But in the end it was worth it. Here are few snaps our trips

Our Lobby..

someone rolled in it

And she crawled back

Wards Lake

wards lake

yes we did eat a lot

Golf Course

Pine collector

view from Shillong Peak

Elephant Falls

Lady Hydari Park

One greedy dog we met

Food again

P.S- Photo credits to my BekarBerrry! Next we are going Bhutan, we have too..

thanking you to bear with me


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