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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Heartbreak Lessons! (Five Point Post)

Q-Why am I writing this post?
A- To cheer up my dearest best friend who has been a weeping enough to flood her house and I want to end the chapter for her. (Ideas below are not mine own nor are the photographs)

Right now I feel guilty, my match making skills are a gift from divine and so is my break up skills. Once up on a time my one sentence critique on love made girls break up with their lovers. I have stopped giving those careless criticisms now. But I do keep dabbling with making couples; the tendency to become Cupid has always been high in me.

In my zeal, I bought two of my close friends together and things have unfortunately turned out sour. My oracle vision had only focused on the good parts but, I never saw past the honeymoon period. I believe in the honeymoon period and nothing after that. Yes an escapist view, but crucial for survival. Sadly people around me see beyond the honeymoon period and see too much of reality- Job, house, car, marriage, kids and death of course. All these regular stuff makes them incapable of enjoying their youth and relish the present.

Heartbreaks are cool for poets and writers, but regular sweet people get stuck in limbo when love fails them. When that regular genuine person falls in love and gets heartbroken, things become bleak and hopeless. This is an apology to the person, I deeply care about.

1. Best way to lose weight:- 

As your heart breaks, you stop eating. Your appetite flies out of the window and you sulk for a person who trampled over your emotions. So keep crying while the person you cry for is actually throwing a break up party. Heartbreak is good at times for losing your baby fats and baby notions of relationship.

2. Mobile Expenditure Reduces:- 

 Come on, you can’t deny it! Before you had to worry about every rupee you spent on small luxury like ice-cream or a pair of earrings or a can of beer. You would keep calling up customer services to learn about the cheapest call plans. Then Whatsaap was not enough for your big love, you required age old SMS pack! Now look at yourself, you can spent all that money on new pair of shades?

3. Plenty of Time in your Kitty:- 

Though the value of lost time will come after one month of break up. First one month you will cry, lament, cuss on your best friend's inbox. Then after a month, volla you have plenty of time, you will watch the films you missed out because you had to match your taste for now the 'missing half'. You have time to have good undisturbed sleep. You wake up without being guilty about the good morning wish you forgot to sent. Look around you have a century of snail time.

4. You become socially alive again- 

You become Single Santa from the Love Yeti that you had been. You become free of self imposed exile. You reconnect to people you may have lied to, avoided or simply eradicated from your brain. You actually pay attention to the present. Once you are single, you gain back your admirers. You are no longer the walking zombie with a ‘Reserved’ sign board around your neck. You can chat with your best friend 24/7, meet new people, go out to party with many common friends; no one is waiting in home to pick a fight with you. No jealous crude berry in your pot roast.

5. Eye opening days are ahead of you:- 

Finally you realize there is a world beyond the'missing half'. You will soon become the member on Advisory Board in the Singles' Club. You will champion single-dom and make people learn lessons from your mistake. You are just a step away from attaining the Single-Nirvana. You are happy, confident, well cared, self sufficient and stable.

P.S- in the end your heart is still protected by your rib cage, what’s broken is the relation you had created with the marketed image offered to you. As a best friend I apologize for terrible match-making.

thanking you to bear with me

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