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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Ode to February.

Does the month of February feel inferior because she has twenty eight days? Does she feel insulted when every four year she gets an extra day under wings yapping Leap year! Leap year! The essential question that everyone asks in their childhood would be why dear February has only twenty eight days in her kitty. Some of us know the Roman Version where one from the Ceaser clan snatched days from her and added it to the month named after him. Some know the mythical version where February became self sacrificing to save another month from vanishing. 

In childhood it was a short month that was too short before the impending month that brought exams. March its successor has his domain of fear, where he terrorises kids with Exam and adults with tax. In the end poor February becomes the sweet victim of post-new year nostalgia and pre-exam stress. Again being second also equivalent to being invisible, never the first always the second, it’s such a hurting position.

In blink of an eye this small month fades away like spring. She comes with a weeklong festival of love. In reality she is abused in the hands of large scale Capitalist network, hence earning curses from people who have celebrated New Year and now dread another celebration. Despite being a small month, lovers do run out of money to keep the spirits of love up. In the flame of love burns our dear February on stake with the couples that get moral policed and cupid sighs at her condition. 
Again sweet February marks the beginning of monotonous life we think we left behind with new resolutions. Its worthless effort as humans don’t learn, our resolution pads remain untouched and the post-new year nostalgic state of mind is about to get exhausted. We can call February our month of realisation. Everything is a capitalist mirage and we all live to pay taxes and lament with broken dreams. Yet she is a hope to the desperately singles who dress up to find a date on the day of love (Yes I was one of them).    

But she has her own laugh too, she comes with last traces of winter and makes all couple cosy and comfortable with cups of tea in hand and a cool breeze making them nuzzle. But by the time she decides to exit the stage, she gives the harsh monologue about approaching summer which will make couples sweat and fight. She might arrive for short times and often leaves unnoticed, yet she helps revive economy with one day of love. None can say she is a slow month like May, June and July, she is quick and fierce. 

Before the New Year mania traces out, she knocks the door with the red heart saying I love you. We melt when she sits on our study table reminding us to love and keep looking for love. We know she will be gone soon, yet in her swinging moods we sway. She makes us hope, dream, spend, cry and finally leaves us with the smirk saying, look this is the revenge I will make you go through for taking my days away from me and giving me ‘29th February’ as consolation prize. Yes she leaves you with useless showpiece, cards, empty chocolate boxes, couples mug which might never be used again. She leaves you with the plenty that latches with desire and gets personified in form of gifts, yet makes you feel empty to the core when you see March is galloping on you study table with scythe. She is gone with no lingering touch from her stay. Yes she is cruel.

P.S- I totally forgot that February was a small month this time! 

thanking you to bear with me