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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Farewell to my Ride...

Humanity’s biggest achievement lies in its discovery of wheel and its use. Often at moments a desires and thought rises in the mind- to travel back to that significant moment and eradicate the existence of wheel and dissolve its idea.

For a traveler this thought will be blasphemous, wheels have given our movements a direction and destination. Vehicles are our backbone to economy, railways or pizza delivering bikes we need the wheels. The constant rotation on tracks is lullaby to passengers while the road-roller scares us. Even our time is measured with the help of a wheel.

Attachments to vehicles have been our greatest statement to justify our materialistic mind- a comment my teacher would pinch me with. Growing up watching a fierce girl on eco-friendly two wheeler injuring creatures around her was enough to decide for me, the eco-friendly two-wheeler came to my life early and I became the careful law abiding rider.  Learning to paddle and balance is an experience no one could ever forget.

Running out of energy and breath, yet paddling out just to feel the air run wild through the hair has been Charlie’s moment of infinity to all riders. To ride while the drops have drenched us to heart's content or to take unknown turns with the affectionate one sitting behind has its own charm. The motor-bike are a guy’s best friend- my biker friends have chanted to me innumerable times. Is our love with this non-living thing often producing noise and pollution normal?

Tod in Wind In the Willows ends up in jail for the need for speed gene in him. Man’s obsession with speed and love for vehicle is beyond realms of psychology. Every time I put a scratch on the car, the sunken cheeks of my father inflate like hydrogen balloons jumping to fly high. My reaction to him often comes as- it’s just a car, though we both know it’s not just a car or any other mode of transportation.

But my own attachment of vehicle has been devoted to the bicycles I have paddled around the town.
 The first lady I had between my legs was in pinkest of her health and I disliked her. Our relationship lasted for three years as she became a victim of my overzealous investments. I had to abuse her until my father agreed to buy me something that was faster and heavy.

now he is old and rickety...

The love of my life came in shinny black, he did cause me a lot of trouble for first few weeks and the mark is still etched to my right elbow. It came from the series – Street Racer and yes it was the slaying dragon in knight’s command.  The relationship went on for eight years and he is still in good health. Though little rickety and dusted, he is as glorious as ever.

Now eight years later distance has broken us apart and like my college days back in home, my twisted fate made sure that I ride to university even in my post-graduation year. The fate had decided my chariot would never destroy nature directly. Now I am technically owner of two bicycles, surprisingly I am owner of two laptops, two cell-phones, two cameras, each of which one is not being used or is broken and physically away from me. Duality was sewed to my fabric.

My nature presents me as an person who is an eternal collector, I have cupboards of stacked notebooks, stickers, key-chains, books, coins, stick-pads, old toys, pokemon cards, beyblade goodies and list of endless. I am a very selfish person who has always hated sharing what’s hers. When the topic comes to my bicycle I am a scary woman. I have cared for my black beauty for too long.

Now my younger cousin sister seeks it, how do the tectonic plates of emotion in my body react? First thought that comes to me is- Over my dead body. But do I have the right to stop a healthy guy from working just because he is mine, while I already have another green monster to paddle around. I learned to paddle with my elder sister’s baby ride. Had she been selfish like me would I have been riding my own green beast today?

Goodness has never been my forte; I am a selfish, hot headed, rude, impulsive, ambivert person. For once I want to let go of a thing I deeply feel attached to. For once I want to see if my action to let go can lead to something better. For the first time I decide to bid farewell to something that has become extended part of me.  

P.S- I officially grant my cousin sister to run wild with my Chariot!

thanking you to bear with me