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Sunday, 31 August 2014

from the diary of INSIGNIFICANT one part III

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Ever wonder how would our modern human life be without words? Let’s just imagine we wake up one day to find our word formulating capacity is gone. Our telephone, cell-phones, laptops, tablet etc become useless, we can’t utter or type but think only. We are bereft of expressing but our mind is processing thoughts and ideas without a break. Our world would become all action and no expression. The only thought that rises in mind- it will be Frustrating.

For human beings who love talking it will be a death blow. The more world is getting amplified the meaning of communication is changing. When tykes talk in class they are asked to talk less work more. The more we grow up communication becomes the essence of projection. From personal to group adda to watsapp, the connection is same words modified to emocation and short form. Irony of world is we pay people to listen to us.

Its universal truth our brain makes us different from rest of the living beings on earth. Our capacity to channel our emotion into words and images makes us the shooting star. Language is a tool which can create world war. Once spoken or printed can never be taken back. People have become sensitive to words as well. In this fast moving world how can we be connected with others with word alone?

Now that world open ups to cloaked eyes the desire to cut off ties sips in. People champion the isolated self and we all become miniature Nietzsche of our own discarding faith in others. If love needed no regular calls or messages and words of confirmation every hour, but was simply a feeling. What if these isolated souls are extracted away from the web of acquaintances and given a free-way will they take it? The harsh path to imagined life is to race and leave behind everything, but once on top will they not look for appreciation in words from left behind.

People avoid talking now days, lack of proper communication results in divorce, what about wordless marriages? Listeners come at a fee per session when one can talk to a kind soul wagging its tail and salivating on your dress. It has become important to react with harsh words and glorify deplorable state of language.  Pseudo-Sensitivity will lead to our downfall as we love being lone wolf howling in a group to protest something that’s in vague.

With a tap away lies the friend you have not spoken to in months, again with a tap away the key to block someone you have loved. To sever all ties we just need a gesture not proper word. May be if we take away the ability to talk we will crawl back to our basic psyche. May be if we take away words we will become much simpler.

Will walking towards one’s dream and pruning out one’s friends turn them into less human? Will the emotions fade once reality dilutes in? Will it be okay to just accept friend requests but never say “Hello There” to them? Will it be really fine if we just look at photographs and like it but never ask how they were? Will the dreamer suffer from survivor’s guilt because they never turned to look back? What if we take away the voice we shout out will we deplete into chaos and retrace the path of evolution and become simple.       

P.S- its been a while I am just learning to prune for the next big steps.

thanking you to bear with me