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Thursday, 31 July 2014

oh Will of mine!

 Might seem I have been neglecting this blog past few months. To make it clear I have no such intentions and I don't aspire to stop writing here ever. Things have been hectic, entrance exams began after finals and since you must have read my frustration post you may know I was not in the right mind. Well three things happened this month which I cant stop sharing. I turned twenty one which calls for free imaginary drinks to my reader friends. Secondly I graduated the day after my birthday and surprise surprise I topped my department. The girl who never saw the glory of rank above thirty in her early school years topped. Thirdly I achieved my target to crack three entrance examination for Post Graduation in English. (Seems perfect picture right? Trust me we have long twisted story behind each)

Tonight I don't have anything in particular to share with anyone. Today is mother's birthday and I wish her a long life and I promise her that I will make her proud in next ten years. Since its her birthday many things struck me. I always wanted to grow up and become independent. Now four years into adulthood I am still spoon-fed and totally incompetent in handling my own affairs. My journey with Pink College ends rather at peace. I look forward to a new chapter soon, yet I am far away from being called responsible. I am a champion of feminist voice, since you know my orientation you know my impulses for LBGT issues. How outspoken I am, how blunt or quarrelsome I project myself deep down I get tongue-tied, over-think and take random steps not for me. I hope in coming years I really become a brave person.

While reading Neil Gaimen's blog one day I found his thought on the idea of Will. The document which tells where will your things belong and who gets right on it. He actually said any writer, blogger or creative person should have at least a handwritten Will or publish it on-line. Few moments back I was watching Great Gatsby, one thing I find similar with Jay is, I have lived half my life in creating dreams. My Mom always asks me how can I sleep for so long. The answer is simple in my dreams I live a different life, each one with a purpose. Sometimes I read pages in dreams, at times an imaginary tragedy by Woolf, other times I write stories and when I wake up I can recreate them accurately on the paper. My dreams are alive. In one particular dream I had written my Will. I have those words growing in pregnant process and its time to push it out. ( Though I am neither popular or anything close to creative. This Will is both serious as well as meant to be funny. Just in case the tragedy of unlucky twenty one or twenty seven befalls me I would like my sister to execute it thoroughly)

Firstly my most prized possession my good collection of graphic novels and manga are to be distributed among my soul sister and Dushtix (my brother-in-law's sister). My graphic novels are worth more than fifteen thousand bucks and I want them to be protected well. My Sandman series a collection every graphic novel reader wants and I can see a future feud.

Secondly all the money I have in my two bank accounts and secret savings here and there solely belongs to my elder sister. A shopaholic will make good use of those money. But I would like my brother-in-law to monitor the transaction. I would hate to see my money be wasted on useless things. 

My coin collection goes to my brother-in-law, though seventy percent of it is gifted to me from my grandfather I think my brother-in-law has the perfect hands to care for them. I would have given them to my sister but you never know she my spent it on the next cute pair of sandals. Finance old or new always has value.

My art notebooks, all my scribblings and doodles are to be given to my best friend and soul sister of eighteen years. My collection of journal and my personal diary and sracpbooks are to be given to my soul sister. We don't want my elder sister to read my dirty deeds do we? While I do not trust my best friend as she has lets say devil hands. My pens, colours, brushes, blank art notebooks and books on art are to be given to Dushtix.

I would like my walking mate to take away all the clothes she likes of mine. We have similar taste in clothes and if I see her were my black dress on her date I would be in heaven. All my bags and purse collection is simply to be handed over her. If possible I would make sure she receives lip-balms every three months as she eats them. 

My sister can decide what is to be done with my laptop, camera and PMP. Its better if my Mom uses my laptop for her facebooking. My sister can have my Phillips headphones and my new Blackberry phone then only. My beautiful speakers are to be given back to my brother-in-law since he will know what use they have. But my hard-disk is to be only given to Dushtix with all the contents in it.

The Anime collection in my hard-disk is to be shared with my soul-sister, my brother (not by blood) and Dushtix. If possible upload those Anime on sites for free download. I am crazy for Anime and I would love whole world to enjoy it. But I would love all my reader friends to watch One Piece if they love grand tale of adventure and every theme world literature has to offer. 

If my fanfiction stories are left incomplete I would request my sister to PM (private message) all my reader there. Do ask under.that.sun. to finish my LawXLuffy stories, tell SariaHisako to finish my Junjou Romantica stories. BlackButlerQueen, Traffy-ya and Jade Rojo are meant to be informed. My reader friends can try reading them to make my wandering soul happy and increase my reads.

My books are to be divided among my soul-sister, Dushtix, my best friend and my psychological-father (my mentor who is actually as old as my sister but pretends to be older than fifty). Most of them wont want my Paulo Coelho collection so I request my sister to send them to my online friend and pen pal Mandeep Kapoor. (25-6-2016) And two years later I am adding another clause, all my books on theories are to be given to my dearest buddy/crush and boss, the one with gorgeous beard and royal enfiled. 

Lastly though I have terribly bad eyes I would love to donate them. My science teacher once spoke "What could be more happy than your eyes brighting someone's life?" So ever since I have wanted to do one noble deed. If my lungs, heart, kidneys remain healthy my sister can decide what to do with them. Selling them might bring an Iphone , I read once some guy sold his kidney to buy Iphone.   
As for this blog, I will write out an epilogue and my sister shall put date and time to it. She might add more and put up my embarrassing childhood photographs to irritate my soul. I refrain you to see them. 

P.S- I did have intentions to change the name of this blog. But again I don't know what to replace it with. For the time being paulOaries stays.

thanking you to bear with me