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Friday, 30 May 2014

Amusing Us Blogpost- 98

(Hello, it’s been a while I have penned anything for the blog, I have written many things but not worth sharing, in other words I am under the spell of writer’s block. Rather lazy syndrome as I don’t feel like doing anything. My finals are a step away and my interest from studies has vanished. Do I regret? Not one tiny bit. I had plans to write blogposts on my three trips to complete a century of my writing in month of May. But as you can see I have been negligent towards the cause. But I made a promise to myself that I would write at least one post a month. So after lot of motivation and concentration I will write about my first and only one day trip to amusement park with my classmates. If you find no photographs today, please understand my internet is troubling me and I am not in mood to stay awake whole night to upload pictures I will put them up later. But I promise the blog will go for a major change and it will be more active after my exams get over. For now the 98th blogpost is yours to read.) 

We English Major Girls had been planning a girl trip for last two years, but due to various reasons we could never come up with a plan or destination. If I suggested Tawang three girls would be willing and rest would crumble back. If another suggested Bhutan all of us would lament, our destinations were too ambitious and our courage minimum. The idea of a girl gang going on their own for few days was tormenting to our over protective parents like mine and my friends. So on spur of the moment when we were sitting in our college field and sharing our peaceful time with cows one of us got the idea to go to the amusement park in our famous city of rumble- Guwahati. But the planning was not easy sometimes one girl backed out for certain marriage in her galli. Another excused herself for attending puja, while I wanted to back out as my mother was in Varanasi and the pets were under my care. After a week of planning and calculating we chose 9th march as the auspicious day.

The mode of transportation was troubling question at first one suggested train journey. Guwahati is 180 km away from my city, there was no way my walking mate or I could drive the girls. With train journey a question came, were we willing to take the risk of stepping on that grand station than finding another mode of transport to reach the amusement park and come back to station to catch the train at 5pm? Nope! No matter what we were all daddy’s little princesses raised in comfort and blissful ignorance.  Our friend solved the problem as her family had business in rental cars; luckily we got the big Innova for cheaper rate.
All of us had made plans to start as early as possible so that we could enjoy the maximum in water. Hence 6 am was the time we all would start and the car would pick up us from our homes. Since I had the responsibility of three pets on my shoulder I woke up at four in the morning. First thing I did was take a quick bath and fed our home gods, oh yes my mother has three apartments of gods who need to be bathed and fed in clean utensils every day. Though I never bathe them but I do feed them in clean utensils in my mother’s absence.  After I was done with the apartment dwellers I went out on a walk with Miley our little bitch so that she could answer her natures call. Kakri my tabby was feed with milk and her food. I cleaned the litter box, threw away the organic garbage that Miley had donated on the roof and took another long bath. After I fed Kakri for the second time in morning, my by nature freaking and tension loving father fed me with his super-deluxe breakfast- burned bread and omelette.  But the trouble befell when the Persian in the house went berserk after me. As my mother was away for more than a week Goldie was in an awful mood. When he saw my little side bag being kept on the arm chair and me talking to my friends on phone and he started his pradakshina (the typical cat move of circling legs with raised tail). The guy who never speaks to me without an ulterior motive was crying for me. At last I force fed him as I knew he would not even touch a single morsel of his imported food once I leave the house. Like a working mother I left him and walked out to meet my major mate who is also my walking partner and you have read about her before, was standing in front of my house early.

My walking mate and I we were both pampered and perfumed by six in the morning and we were standing in the tiny bus stand near my home. We found out our driver had not come with the car at 6.30 and we were cursing the driver. One of our group mate is married you might remember famous T from my blogpost last year. T had the great idea to have breakfast in her in-laws place but with our scolding both husband and wife refrained from wasting time and complicating the route for our lazy driver. Finally at 7.30, we were the last one to be picked up and hence the one to be shoved behind in the back seat.

Our road trip was nothing so fancy like the show in Bollywood movies. No one was singing or looked fresh as rose. One was hiding her face under the hood, another drooling at the window, another disturbing the driver by constantly changing the music. We would yell at our luck when we fell victim to a train crossing our path. The police excused us from checking our cars at Boko and we cheered. Since half of us were starving we all were soon hounding the dhaba (Our Indian Version of Diners). My walking mate and T were the hungriest of all, as walking mate was chanting “dhaba kab ayega”-‘when will we reach the dhaba?’ This Dhaba was the root cause of the problem T faced later in the amusement park. I refrained from eating so did two others; we settled for coffee as it gave instant energy and kept sleep at bay. After reliving ourselves in surprising clean bathroom we restarted our journey and as I calculated we reached the amusement park at 11am.

So seven girls were now standing in front of the empty ticket counter as it was Sunday our tickets were expensive compared to week days. Our tickets came with paper bracelet tied on our wrists as our pass to any ride. As soon as we entered my brain got furious as these six nincompoops were already taking photographs even before we could explore the well decorated and again surprisingly vacant park. One after another I was taking someone’s picture, someone was taking another’s. At last my loud cry of irritation brought the birds together. We bought two lockers to keep our belongings. I was handed one key and my Korean looking classmate took other. We had changed already for the rides and in no time we were standing in front of the ride called Columbus that goes to and fro.

Piper welcoming us

Like you all know I am not the most courageous person on earth, fear is something which works in my mind faster. I was not willing to ride it, I am never willing to step into any ride as the only person I trust my safety with is my mother. We were sent back to locker room as no ride was allowed barefoot; call us stupid I blame it on excitement. But Colmbus would not sail with only six people so I gave in and I was seated in between T and Walking mate. I gave my glasses to the operating man no matter what I could not lose my glasses. I was not as scared as I was expecting because the two creatures sitting beside me were yelling and howling and crying. T and walking mate were shivering but I was laughing and yelling in happiness as I found fellow scary cats. The ride ended faster as the heart wrenching cries of T and walking mate forced the operating man to save the damsels. But I found little courage as I was willing to try everything the park had to offer.

the famous Columbus 

Next we were in those electronic cars that keep colliding with each other. I became the driver and my walking mate my lady. It was the perfect place to practice my driving skills and I was going drive wild like a  certain devil (like my elder sister). But T refrained as she started having a headache it was all due to the terrible food in the diner.  My two skinny friends were in the red car, my Korean lookalike friends in orange car and walking mate and I we were in green car. As soon the power came in the red car was first to hit us and this gave me a target for next ten minutes I kept chasing them around the platform, my car got hit by another guy who was ogling at my walking mate all the time. I gave him a fair treatment my driving his car to the corner among three cars. I can be ruthless and I know why he was following our car, my walking mate has exceptionally crafted buttocks which were beautified with shorts she was wearing and I could not break my eyes from her legs and back either.  But in my process to teach a lesson to the ogling guy, walking mate hurt her hand as she had delicately placed them at the side of the car and I regret hurting her in my ruthlessness. Though no one could tell who the victor of this hitting game was, I could boastfully claim as the smartest driver on the platform.

We four girls and another two boys rode the water car- the one that drops from a higher place and splashes water everywhere and wets people. To my glory of twisted fate the car could never splash water as the water had evaporated below its splashing level. Next we were in the mirror cave where one had to find out their way. It was no fun as I had seen the better one a year before. We went to the 7D theatre hall and the guard wasn’t letting us in as by rule they needed fifteen people. A family of five saw us and joined us in the queue and the lady of the family scolded him saying that she had paid for everything and was entitled to watch it. Twenty four pair of eyes were clad in 3D glasses in my case I was wearing two glasses on my tiny nose. To my fate again the movie was one I had seen before with my sister in mall. The quality was degrading here and the glasses were not up to the standards for 3D experience. None the less we came out laughing for no reason with a little crying girl who was part of the family. The child had gotten scared of the movements and extra effect and I could see my younger version that had stopped the dragon ride years back with her yelling and shouting in the fair.

Four of our group decided to go for photo clicking while my Korean lookalikes took me to the ride of swings. The swings are attached to a huge horizontal wheel and with its rotation the swings fly. This was the best ride I ever had in my life. I sat in the inner circle and my swing was slowly flying round and round in the sky. If true nostalgia could be explained in figures of speech I would have written an ode to this ride. I felt infinite like Charlie did in Perks of Being a Wallflower. This was a moment of pure sublime; I could see the green, the blue, the yellow, the red all being stirred in the vision like paint from brushes kept in the water. Everything was getting blur and all shapes and size had no meaning as air brushed my happy face and my feet were dangling in mid air in pure joy. Those four nincompoops missed this pleasure.

We went to giant wheel, but four people were not allowed to ride the giant wheel. So we moved next to the last ride whose name I don’t know. But the picture my help you understand what it was. With four of us another family of five sat. I sat with my skinny friend and beside us a young boy and his bother. The ride was divided into two compartments of four seats on both the side. We expected the ride to go to and fro like Columbus but it surprised us when it started rotating from its base while moving to and fro. So while we are heading for up our seats are rotating clockwise and anti-clockwise. Well to my consciousness I was laughing not because of lunar attack, but because I was happy to finally enjoy a ride happily. But the ride came to halt as one girl from the family started to cry and begged the ride to stop. So we were kicked off the ride and all seven of us headed for the pool.

what's its name?

In pool six of us went as one of us forgot bring extra undergarments.  Soon six of us were playing in the water and the adventures Korean lookalike was leading us. She is indeed tall and helped me sit under the umbrella seats in the pools as with my height I could never reach it. I was slpashing my walking mate with the water and in this process I drowned twice- never dig other’s grave a lesson learnt forever. We ventured into the wave pool and formed a circle. We were being swayed by the fake waves, like children playing London Bridge we were clutching each other. One fell and whole bridge fell, we were happily giggling and laughing when a dead caterpillar in the water forced us to leave the wave pool. We again tumbled back to the normal pool and began our water war. After getting totally wet till our knickers we headed for the water rides, first the simple one. The open yellow slide that drops one in water, I was paired with my skinny friend and hence our weight got imbalanced. Due to this imbalance I fell into the water on my stomach and she fell like an inverted scarecrow (yes by skinny I mean that skinny). So next I decided to slide with walking mate and we fell in perfect harmony, we got totally drowned. After that we decided to try the single slide, in which to our embarrassment, T, walking mate and me we had to slide ourselves on it. The water did not have the force to move our heavy bums of the slide. We entered the tunnel ride and yes that was scary as one is captivated in it like in the coffin and when the person fell, he fell deep into the pool.

The pirate ride, they did not allow me to play as I was not six year old

he is too weird

His wife I assume

the wave pool with dead caterpillar in it

Finally we persuaded our other skinny and dry friend to play in water. So at last she managed her problem and was ready to play in another pool. Since I had the key to locker I went with her and helped her. After she was done we wanted to take a detour into the pirate pool but the lifeguard restricted us as it was for children. We searched here and there and finally found rest of the group playing in the cold water. There we did all the silly things from crawling in water to sleeping in water. We took another ride in the tunnel ride, now four of us got in and all of us hurt ourselves here and there. I peeled my left thumb finger; my already skinny friend bruised her arms and so on. Our Korean lookalike took us to the huge building and promised us this ride was fun and worth the entire walk till sixth floor. I was seated behind her on the floating rubber donut and was pushed into this blue and white tunnel. Next moment I know I am yelling in excitement as I am falling from the tunnel, next moment I am sliding up and down in the wide slide and finally flying into the water. This got me so excited and my skinny friend was inspired and hence I went for second helping. But this time my twisted fate again tricked me. As after falling from the tunnel and while sliding up the slide our floating rubber breathed his last and we fell in the centre of the slide hurting our bums badly. Next we decided to go for rain dance, but I am not a fan of it so somehow my skinny friend and I we were back on top of the six story building to attempt the ride again. This time both of us happily flew and fell into the water and we went back to our group happily content. I got inspired to try another ride this time alone and this was fun as all I had to seat in the hole of rubber donut and slide happily till the end.  

 We bathed and changed into our clothes, to my amusement I was wearing natural stockings of sunburn. We were all hungry and each one decided to fill her tummy expect for both skinny girls decided to stick with cup of coffee to stay awake till they reached home. I wanted to eat sandwiches but they were for school kids playing around. I was stuck with a horrible chicken roll and decided to pamper myself with ice cream and coffee. After eating the nincompoops again started the photo shoot assault. Anything and everything was worth clicking and it really irritated me. Sadly my digital camera was with my mother so I was empty handed. But T bought hers and took it without any shame and I really call myself a good photographer as I found them good spots and right angles for snaps. Finally I ended up taking hundred pictures of them, some with a bear shaped dustbin. I still can’t understand how could they hug the dustbin? I know it was cute but in the end it was dirty and it was a dustbin. After getting scolded from me we took the train ride around the park I tried to capture few pictures of the park, but in vain as my hands were not stable in the moving train. After that they forced me to give my picture and I had to agree. I really don’t like taking my own pictures I am really kinky about my snaps.

train ride around the amusement park

The blue and white strip ride bashed my beautiful buttocks.

The path leading in and out of the amusement park.

We rode back and soon it started to growl in the sky and we started to get calls from our parents now and then. Soon photos were being sent via Bluetooth and watsapp and discussion taking place on which photograph would make the cut to Facebook. Finally each of us was drooling or sleeping with our mouth open back to our home. I was dropped home first I so after that what other nincompoops did with their cell phones I have no idea.   

P.S- This was Blogpost-98 and next two will come up after my exam. Hope it was good read since I am writing after almost a gap of month. Sorry for no pictures now, will try to upload them.

thanking you to bear with me