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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Music Mania.

Theory of creation has various ideas some say humans were born from the reaction that happened in ether, other say we were created by certain gardener who later kicked us out, another tells we were created out from the drop of sweat or the tale of two brothers who created us with left over raw materials from their earlier creations. The most fascinating idea is the theory of creation is human were born from music. A certain deity played her drums and the beautiful vibrations created us. Music has always played a significant role in the development of culture around the world. Music is the universal link which can never be confined or separated, it spreads like forest fire. We cannot imagine a world where we have no music be it Classical or Sufi to Instrumental or Rap.

We have classical music around the world which commoners don’t understand and often find boring. We have popular music which the elite discard as unrefined. Heavy metal artist are often thought as the agents of Satan and have accumulated haters around the world. Recent Bollywood chartbusters are often misogynistic and attain the scared place of vulgarity with the video. Our change of taste and degradation is well caught by music after our films. We still crave for old music from the 50’s but forget the contemporary music. Music like everything else has become a commodity in the era of globalisation and it presents our taste and attitude of one region in another part of world.

The worst scenario music has seen is that people have found the glorification of depressed self in her beautiful lyrics. Bands Linkin Park has become the mouthpiece of frustrated youths who hardly catch the words yet claim to be its biggest fans, though the band has various pieces. Each of us carry the transferred frustration and share it with pride not knowing the reason. The barque culture has found its zenith in the minds of contemporary listeners. We find self-proclaimed bands which use very contemporary imageries and metaphor and force it into beautiful music. Every other person these days holds a guitar despite having an innate understanding or not. Detailed understanding of music has evaporated and finding grim meaning has become global obsession.

Many of us synonymised the word ‘IPod’ with portable music players, same thing happens with us in our quest to understand music. Few of us have real understanding of music and we have ignorant followers behind us. The purpose of music was never to create depressed souls. Even in heavy metal or acoustics the purpose of music is same to elevate and relax us as well as carry a message. Music catches the undertone of life and society. But music mania has broken its bounds and actually created a pseudo-class of music experts.

Even an Nano can kill us.

This music mania has created a very big problem, which we can find around the country. Every cell phone in
 the country comes with its own music player and every owner has the magical device called as headphones or earphones. People commuting in Metros stuff their ears with headphones and listen to music played on FM’s or their own collection. With those stuffed ears they lean at the doors of metro and calmly listen to their precious music. People have developed a brave heart like lion and dare to cross the busy streets with music ringing in their head. This headphone mania was first captured in the movie Saathiya where we find Vivek Oberoi riding his motor bike and headphones hiding under his helmet. Few months back a boy of twelve or thirteen almost got crushed under our car as he was riding his bicycle listening to Bon Jovi. Another trend of music lies in claiming “Music Is My Life” in introducing one to other; lyrics become status updates and the voice of broken hearts. Suddenly popular music has become a banner to hold up and umbrella to stay under. Young children as old as ten wear John Lennon T-shirts and have no idea about Beatles but carry a gloomy face of eternal suffer and huge headphones hiding their baby paces. But the headphone mania is not a feature of the youth alone. Middle aged people who are shaking like bamboo trees inside the jerking bus have headphones inside their ears. They often don’t listen to people who ask them give space and frown in return when seeked. We once found a really disappointed traffic police actually snatching away the headphones from the ear of a woman who was sitting at the front seat of auto and holding a child to lap. Miscellaneous examples like this rise doubt if we were created with the music of life or music of destruction. The number of headphone stuffed ears is considerably large, it’s not few individuals but many we find in buses, trains, shops, colleges, streets and where not. What has music come down to be, the fearful question that terrifies us?

P.S-  Ignorance is bliss as I don't understand one bit of music hence I listen to anime music and sleep happily. .

thanking you to bear with me

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  1. and theres lots of sad, romantic, irri, funny songs around sea beach....