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Friday, 31 January 2014

Drive-A-Vu part-IV

 (The part four of my driving lesson)                                                                                                                 

Daredevil had to leave Bunny Instructor, Scared Cat and Knowing for the delicate husband she left at home. The lessons were never going to be same for the trio again. The lessons were going to be deprived of adrenaline rush, hence peaceful days seemed near. Knowing being an infrequent learner, mother of Sacred Cat decided to join in for moral encouragement. The ‘omen’ Scared Cat wanted to avoid was sitting in the backseat.

Now the rides were no longer taking place in the secured but rule less fields, now the car was running on road. The road which seemed so divine and ethereal few days back was turning into a game of Temple Run. Knowing being born with male brains had smarter understanding of navigation. Whereas Scared Cat found her roads becoming narrow with each passing moment. The world was not going to be same, a new dimension had opened up, and the Cat Town was not far away now. The rules of road were finally opening up to Scared Cat and she realized curiosity really killed the cat.

Moral encouragement was found in wrong places and wrong words. Scared Cat felt that clutching the steering wheel hard enough would slow down the speed of car. First gear seemed the safest option to her but the car suffered like Tony Stark. The world from the driver’s seat felt like 3D movie and the zooming vision seemed so disjointed that even abstract paintings seemed to capture natural event. Suddenly the empty highway was revealing the obstacles that were bound to befall every driver of this great nation. Though driving in second gear, suddenly Scared Cat kicked her break and clutch killing the car in middle of the road.  Her eyes closed and she was being transported to hospital in 108 in her parallel universe. As she opened her eyes behind the glasses to find the herd of black goats alive and happily crossing the roads ignorant of the accident that could happen. Bunny Instructor asked Scared to relax and restart her battle of roads. After few minutes a brown ox passed and Scared Cat again clutched to her steering wheel. Bunny Instructor couldn't stop chuckling at his fearful student. In his mind he cursed his fate for providing him extreme students. Firstly he had to deal with a Daredevil who wanted to induce sixth gear in car. Secondly a Mr. Know it all, who knew everything about driving and finally he had this shrimp that was afraid to even open her eyes. So after composing herself and deporting her mind in hands of fear, Scared Cat drove past the busy Medical College, where family of patients sat and sipped tea under the bamboo shops. The garbage van overtook her making her drive with one hand. The old women who sold Tekli Pitha saw the car which walked them by. Scared deliberately blew horn in front of the sleeping District Court and gladly passed the luminescent road indicators but still clutching on to the steering wheel and hitting the breaks like kicking the balls of a stalker.

Now the safety of her passengers lay on her hands, this very thought scared the cat. Driving on roads which not only had humans but other species was injecting her with terrible thought. Mutton on plate was always better than under the wheels. Bunny Instructor kept chanting to her that everyone on the road was equivalent to animals and the driver was the most intelligent person in the world. But this thought twisted into a moral duty as it became the moral duty of Scared Cat to drive safely. From backseat encouragement was scarce to only advise. Mother of scared cat chose to be the counsellor having abundant theoretical knowledge but limited practical knowledge. The pearls of wisdom had reverse effect on Scared Cat. In her anger and frustration her hands gladly shifted to third gear and zoomed past  the kitty party of cows, the dancing dogs and lamenting goats. The cold morning slapped her face and the sunlight burned her eyes, yet in anger she kept driving in what appeared to her as the highest speed she could acquire. Finally Bunny Instructor calmed her and scolded her for being rash and childish. He consoled her to work in her own pace and pay no heed to anyone except his words. And so they resumed driving back in their fearly ever after

Meanwhile the car was cursing the short legs which had tortured him with the sudden attack of third gear and constant assault of clutch and accelerator. It coughed and huffed and farted yet no one paid attention to his pain. He prayed to his creator and cried at the treatment he received.  Bought like a new bride and now he was treated inferior than a concubine. He was a prince who fell in wrong hands and was raised liked page boy. Finally he sighed when he saw the silver gate and he was handed over to Bunny Instructor who gently drove him inside. At last the car went into sleep under his Tin Hut and thanked his savior for another adventure filled day. But little did he know the roads were going to get meaner and his brother and sisters were soon going meet him. 

P.S- the tragedy of the car lies that I drive him

thanking you to bear with me

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  1. I will design a car with lots of gears for you!! or may be i'll gift you a automatic one, with only drive mode, no gears!!