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Friday, 31 January 2014

Drive-A-Vu part-IV

 (The part four of my driving lesson)                                                                                                                 

Daredevil had to leave Bunny Instructor, Scared Cat and Knowing for the delicate husband she left at home. The lessons were never going to be same for the trio again. The lessons were going to be deprived of adrenaline rush, hence peaceful days seemed near. Knowing being an infrequent learner, mother of Sacred Cat decided to join in for moral encouragement. The ‘omen’ Scared Cat wanted to avoid was sitting in the backseat.

Now the rides were no longer taking place in the secured but rule less fields, now the car was running on road. The road which seemed so divine and ethereal few days back was turning into a game of Temple Run. Knowing being born with male brains had smarter understanding of navigation. Whereas Scared Cat found her roads becoming narrow with each passing moment. The world was not going to be same, a new dimension had opened up, and the Cat Town was not far away now. The rules of road were finally opening up to Scared Cat and she realized curiosity really killed the cat.

Moral encouragement was found in wrong places and wrong words. Scared Cat felt that clutching the steering wheel hard enough would slow down the speed of car. First gear seemed the safest option to her but the car suffered like Tony Stark. The world from the driver’s seat felt like 3D movie and the zooming vision seemed so disjointed that even abstract paintings seemed to capture natural event. Suddenly the empty highway was revealing the obstacles that were bound to befall every driver of this great nation. Though driving in second gear, suddenly Scared Cat kicked her break and clutch killing the car in middle of the road.  Her eyes closed and she was being transported to hospital in 108 in her parallel universe. As she opened her eyes behind the glasses to find the herd of black goats alive and happily crossing the roads ignorant of the accident that could happen. Bunny Instructor asked Scared to relax and restart her battle of roads. After few minutes a brown ox passed and Scared Cat again clutched to her steering wheel. Bunny Instructor couldn't stop chuckling at his fearful student. In his mind he cursed his fate for providing him extreme students. Firstly he had to deal with a Daredevil who wanted to induce sixth gear in car. Secondly a Mr. Know it all, who knew everything about driving and finally he had this shrimp that was afraid to even open her eyes. So after composing herself and deporting her mind in hands of fear, Scared Cat drove past the busy Medical College, where family of patients sat and sipped tea under the bamboo shops. The garbage van overtook her making her drive with one hand. The old women who sold Tekli Pitha saw the car which walked them by. Scared deliberately blew horn in front of the sleeping District Court and gladly passed the luminescent road indicators but still clutching on to the steering wheel and hitting the breaks like kicking the balls of a stalker.

Now the safety of her passengers lay on her hands, this very thought scared the cat. Driving on roads which not only had humans but other species was injecting her with terrible thought. Mutton on plate was always better than under the wheels. Bunny Instructor kept chanting to her that everyone on the road was equivalent to animals and the driver was the most intelligent person in the world. But this thought twisted into a moral duty as it became the moral duty of Scared Cat to drive safely. From backseat encouragement was scarce to only advise. Mother of scared cat chose to be the counsellor having abundant theoretical knowledge but limited practical knowledge. The pearls of wisdom had reverse effect on Scared Cat. In her anger and frustration her hands gladly shifted to third gear and zoomed past  the kitty party of cows, the dancing dogs and lamenting goats. The cold morning slapped her face and the sunlight burned her eyes, yet in anger she kept driving in what appeared to her as the highest speed she could acquire. Finally Bunny Instructor calmed her and scolded her for being rash and childish. He consoled her to work in her own pace and pay no heed to anyone except his words. And so they resumed driving back in their fearly ever after

Meanwhile the car was cursing the short legs which had tortured him with the sudden attack of third gear and constant assault of clutch and accelerator. It coughed and huffed and farted yet no one paid attention to his pain. He prayed to his creator and cried at the treatment he received.  Bought like a new bride and now he was treated inferior than a concubine. He was a prince who fell in wrong hands and was raised liked page boy. Finally he sighed when he saw the silver gate and he was handed over to Bunny Instructor who gently drove him inside. At last the car went into sleep under his Tin Hut and thanked his savior for another adventure filled day. But little did he know the roads were going to get meaner and his brother and sisters were soon going meet him. 

P.S- the tragedy of the car lies that I drive him

thanking you to bear with me

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Review:- Aghori Book-4 and Skull Rosary

Aghori Book- 4

Writer-  Ram V

Artists- Vivek Goel, Gaurav Shrivastav

Book four opens in 13th century in a village, soon we find ourselves in the tantric ceremony of waking up the demon. The demon couldn’t be resurrected and hence the place was sealed and is being protected by the soul of Balnath. Soon we find a lamenting Vira and his desperation to save the one he loves most his son. A drunken Vira soon realises his desire to love his son and save him. Meanwhile our sidekick Ashwin is in search of the Aghori. Ashwin is helped by a silver hair character soon to be launched under HCE. Finally our boy Krona aka Vira’s son is seen with the Twins : Koka and Vikoka. So Krona is our medium standing on the land Balnath’s soul is protecting and Krona is the key to his resurrection. We find Vira waving goodbye to his crow and Ashwin. Vira has accepted his path to protect his son. In next pages we have high action Vira fighting Koka and Vikoka in their true form. Ashwin is the life saviour here and we finally get to see the use of the power of Innocence. Finally we see Mentor like demon-Kali growing out of chaos and fight. Vira goes into cardiac arrest and meets the first Aghori- Mahadev. Mahadev gives him the same chance to die and let things happen or to go back. Our Aghori wants to go back, Mahadev gives him an advice that everything comes with a price. Still lord Shiva gifts him with the third eye which diminishes our enemy for the next arc to come. Vira is saved by our mysterious character in white hair who carries a white kitten with him. So now Arc-1 ends with Krona being saved, Ashwin sticking with Vira and most probably our Crow coming back.

The art work is magnificent, the colour play and sketching done beautifully. The blood accumulated into the symbol Krona carries from four virgin girls actually makes one shiver. The expression of Vira’s despair and frustration in first few panels are wonderful. His agony and attempt to steal alcohol and asking the question “what I would give to be that man” shows all his lost hopes. The smile he gives at the joy of parents meeting their child is marvellous. Krona is drawn well, yet he still lacks his boyish or childish appeal. Off course he has good expression, his artwork is always over showed compared to Vira. Our Ashwin is growing into a man, reminds of Batman’s Robin at times. The landscape of the sealed village is very artistic and factual too. Krona’s demolishing the seal and burning in fire is filled with power. But the best artwork of the whole series is the Burning Peacock. It arouses pity and fear unlike any in the series. This one panel holds the eyes. Vira in fire and his fight with the Twins are executed pretty well. The father-son intense speech and Ashwin’s heroics all lead to though a predictable but good finale. Well Kali here is way different from Kali of My name is Kalki Mahadev gives the feel of someone who is ancient then time itself. Someone who knows it all yet chooses to ignore.  Finally we meet Desh our future flagship character and him telling us that he and Vira are equal.

The only complain that Book 4 creates is, it ends too fast. It ends fast and yes actions are good but the ending was predictable, its good Krona theme-line has got a definition and direction. So now we are left intrigued for Issue 9- that’s Book-5 Bloodlines. Desh is really a curious character in leather and why does he have a cat. We are waiting for the new book.

Book-4 gets:-  3.5 out of 5

Book- The Skull Rosary

Writer:- Shweta Taneja

Artist- Vivek Goel

The book claims to be a hundred page graphic novel. Done in classic black and white art the book delves into myth of Shiva. Instead of calling it a novel, it should be graphic collection of legend of Shiva. Each story deals with the aspects of lust, doubt, fear, greed, pride, honour. The stories are picked from common folklore and household tales. Yet the book presents the dark aspect of blessing and good aspect of a curse.

Story-I :- The Blind Side

Is story of Andhaka, journey of a fallen blind ugly prince who gains the power of vision only to loose his sanity and vision of moral. With his greed to see more and his desire to lust for Parvati leads his downfall. His skull is the first in the rosary.

The first pages of art are well drawn and have a very grim and agony filled strokes. The art of divine Brahma is ethereal and Shiva’s calm face with his savage body is excellent. The fight scenes are in order with the story telling. A single flaw with art that bites the eyes is the women wearing Kuchuli, Kuchuli in general never had straps. The art work where Andhaka actually eats the eyes is really terrifying. Chandi is epitome of bloodlust. The first story gives a boost to the whole book.     

Story-II :- Prahlad’s Dream

Story of Prahlad has been heard, watched and read throughout the country. But the story of his dream has never been told in a critical manner. Narasima the half man half lion who kills Hiranyakashypu turns violent and lusts for blood. When the preserver himself wonders in Chaos and risks the existence of Universe. The destroyer must destroy the particle of imbalance.

First think that strikes are Prahlad’s eyes they are very much like dark ocean reflecting full moon. Narshima’s brutal way of killing is executed well, had it been in colour nightmares were sure to stay for days. Virbhadra has four hands and looks like Shiva but more savage and less calm and Narshima with two hands almost kills him. Narshima gives the feel of hybrid human lion child over half human half lion being. The third eye opens and Sharabha is born the eater of death. Their battleground is the universe, they toss planets and satellites. Finally the Third eye collects the skull for his rosary.

Story-III :- The Other Woman

We meet Narad the trouble maker. The story tells good has no value if evil is passive. So here we have this sage instigating war, he visits the peaceful under land and meets king Julandhar. We meet Brinda the queen of Patal. Narad plans the downfall, results in making Julandhar craving for Parvati. We find lord Shiva being put under the spell of maya and the interfering of Vishnu. Finally the reason Ramayan happened because of the curse from Brinda the Pious Queen. Wefind the true power of Shakti here.

The artwork follows the same pattern and keeps it going. The demons with half eaten flesh, bull heads all contribute to wonderful collection of demons so far. The eyes of Shiva which is under spell was a comic relief. Narad  giving us a quick background story of Julandhar in bulletins helped in better understanding. The wild aspect of Shakti in her raw form gives the meaning of power. Often beauty hides the most lethal secrets. This story is of Brinda and her morality which results in another skull to the rosary  

Story-IV :- Brahma’s Fifth head

At first read, this story confuses. It follows a rhyme scheme and deals with the theme incest more seriously than other stories in book. It is solely a story of how lust drives even the creator crazy. What happens when the creator  lusts for his creation. We have Brahma growing fifth head which is guided by lust only. He craves for his daughter Sandhya. We have Bhairava the wicked yet necessary evil residing Shiva who takes the sin of killing Brahma and Bhairava is being persecuted by wild Shakti who wants Bhairava’s blood.

This story is the least heard of all and the artwork is at its peak. The wicked, skinny, yet enchanting kin of Shiva, Bhairava is extreme end of life. He is timeless and aim less. Shakti who wants his blood, loves him, hates him, desires him yet loathes him. They walk the ends of universe to satisfy her lust. Each panel of art is terribly beautiful. The kiss on the forehead from a deformed face really shows a true passionate love. They are the darker versions of the pure, they are needed. The final panel shows their happy ending in hearts of wicked and love over a Skull filled with cupful of blood.

Story-V :- The King With A Goat’s Head.

It is the final story, the story of Sati’s sacrifice and Shiva’s rage. We have Daksha and his grumbling against Sati’s marriage. We find Sati offering herself as the purest of offerings to her husband. The howling of Shashan Bandhu raises the lord into a rage. In this rage he destroys the universe and Vishnu again has to intervene. Shiva goes berserk and his demonic form shows destruction can come anytime. Yet he undo’s all the killing. The dead Daksha is brought back to life but with Goats head.

The final story is the basis of all Shaktipit in the country. Sati in claded in animal skin and her hair done like Shiva gives a very balanced look to Shiva and reason to Dakshas distress. Daksha is well drawn. The most striking art work is the part where Shiva starts his death dance and his tongue wanders for blood. He goes on killing and collects skulls. A Shiva in despair holding Sati could have been better drawn. The eyes in this panel betrayed the seriousness. Whole artwork sticks to the flow of style, narration like other stories. The classic black and white raises the book above others.

Book gets :- 4 out of 5 

P.S- Wish Comics soon become part of serious literature

thanking you to bear with me

Monday, 6 January 2014

Once upon a Christmas..

(I hope the year gone was wonderful and the year that’s begun will be beyond wonderful. Lately I have not been regularly updating the blog due to miscellaneous reasons. But each reason had its roots and all are happy one. So after nurturing wanderlust for sea for two decades, I have had the taste of saline water all thanks to my crazy elder sister and her equally confused husband- but that’s another tale for another post. Today we have the story of one certain Christmas. The story is written on occasion my elder sister’s belated birthday)

One certain not so cold Christmas morning, a city awoke to celebration. The city had no beginning and no ending, it was born when first drop of sweat dried and first bread was baked. It once had a happy name, but like any other city it too changed its name with passage of time. People were born here, fed themselves and left, it was a carnival of actions, emotion and food. The city would embrace every opportunity to cry, shout and celebrate. Today was Christmas morning; whole city despite having rare movements of winds chose to drape itself in woollen attire. It was a foreign custom in this land but it stayed and was an occasion to eat and be happy. The city never let a moment pass by, it was Christmas after all! And this is City Of Chaos.

In this chaotic city under the grey lamination lay various skyscrapers which would eventually scrap the lives in it. In one such not so high building lived a family of equally chaotic relations. They had no memories of past or future, they lived in present. At the edge of desire their thoughts hanged. It was a family of adults; the city gave any citizen the title of adult after coming of certain age. Like all the families of City of Chaos this family too had preparations for the day. In this building, in their not so big apartment, they lived and loved a family. The family had a married couple and three young girls who claimed the title of adulthood not long back. There relation of each girl with the married couple was of sister, but with each other a very complex definition. Hence the three nymphs called each other by names not knowing their relation with each other.  They lived in different places but rooted here, hence the couple of not so high and wise age acted as their guardian. Yet they were family and Christmas was all about family.

“Wake up sleepy heads” called out the little fat woman the queen of the house. Her husband was busy cooking the breakfast. The woman called out again to the sleeping girls in one bed, each lay on other. The thin and meek looking girl had rolled herself in the bed sheets and her long hair was bursting out like serpents. The fat girl was converted into a zygote and was curling up like a stray cat. The not so fat or not so thin girl had helped her leg on the fat girl. The little fat woman suddenly had outburst of laughter at sight of three; her motherly love drove her to kitchen to drag her husband out to show the annoying scenario.

“Honey, the omelette will burn” spoke the husband

“Oh just look at them, those three are sleeping so carefree of the worries of world” the wife laughed

“Well we all are carefree ain’t we dear, today is Christmas after all” saying this the husband returned
 “I guess, it gives us more luxury to dream huh?” the little woman was pulling the bed sheet from the thin girl, tickling the fat girl and pushing the not so fat not so thin girl. She had the perfect medicine for every girl, today was Christmas hence she refused to use her torture materials of scolding and shouting. Each girl woke up to find the fat little woman standing in front of them. She was below the age of thirty but the way she was putting on weight, forty didn’t seem far away. It was a mystery how she was turning into a brown cherry with each passing day. Her round face reminded of a cat that grew in blankets and her huge grin and big eyes would knock off the existence of ‘doubt’ in life. Each girl rubbing her eyes saw their guardian was already dressed up and was moving her gait now.  

“Come on girls, breakfast is moments away” said the little fat woman with round face and short hair

“I don’t want to wake up” the thin girl stretched and rubbed her pointed nose

“Well you never want to wake dreary, but today is day of celebration” the wife pushed the fat one inside bathroom

“But what’s celebration, whole city goes to Circus Corner and we stay home and cut cake- BORING” huffed the not too so fat not so thin girl.

“Well you are the eldest of three, you shouldn’t preach wrong, family that eats together lives together right?” the long nosed husband with French beard came along.

“Its family that prays together lives together, the bathroom is free” said the fat girl throwing the towel at the elder one.

“Hmmmm the omelette is tempting” said the thin girl, as she started walking towards the dining hall, but was held back by the fat wife and directed to the bathroom. Both nymphs and the couple took their chairs and were waiting were for the third child to come.

“I want to go to Circus Corner tonight” was the demand from the youngest nymph as she stepped out of bathroom.

“No question of going tonight” was the clear voice of the husband

“I want to go” the youngest huffed and pouted

“You are way too young to go there, it’s really chaotic and messy not at all safe” The husband had his fears for his sisters

“I am not going alone now am I?” the youngest turned to her elders

“I don’t want to” the older of two lied in fear of being bad influence

“Ummmm Hmmmm, I....” the second elder had a problem to balance both the nymphs

“You both are scared to ask” the youngest nymph grumbled as she munched her food

“I want to go too” the fat girl spoke

“But grandmother and uncle and aunt will come tonight, she has a night train to catch” the little fat wife pointed the youngest out

“I know, but I turned adult a year back, it will be my first Christmas as adult, I won’t be late, none of us has ever been to Circus Corner on Christmas, we are adult” the youngest pleaded so did her serpent hair. The other nymph looked at the couple with equally pleading eyes.

“Honey let them go” the husband looked at them and to his wife

“Al right you will be home by 6.30 and you the eldest will make sure that they return in time” the wife was serious

“Yes I will trust me, I will return only with them” smiled the eldest nymph

“You little miss rebel-shine will come home and not miss the train, you have weeks of travelling with grandma, uncle and aunt” smiled the husband

“You just don’t let both them of run off your vision okay” wife told the fat girl who in return swayed her dishevelled hair.


“So smile girls” said the wife as she clicked the photographs of three girls who were her sisters but not to each other. As her dominant nature spoke, she dolled up three girls according to her aesthetic sense and desire. Forced each girl to visit the beauty parlour for a quick make over and making them wear pretty dresses.

“We gave you the permission to visit Circus Corner, why don’t I see smile in your faces girls?” the husband asked

“As your wife is busy taking pictures, we are losing our precious time” spoke the fat girl bored of photo obsessed sister.

“So why are you not giving me a single smile?” the wife barked back

“Honey let them be” the husband waved the girls goodbye


After enduring two autos and huge traffic, the girls finally reached the subway station. Like another subways, it was crowded. Today it was crowded by red, everywhere, the girls got to see every shade of hue. The ticket counter was hidden behind the great wall of red caps. Luckily the girls had been entrusted with the metro cards by their brother. As the eldest nymph was responsible she asked both girls to go before her, soon both girls were on the other side of entrence, but the eldest got stuck.

“What happened?” the fat girl asked

“My card is invalid, its expired” replied the older

“Well go and recharge it, we will wait here, it’s still on five” cheered the youngest

“Yeah right” the eldest ran off and became part of the great wall of red.

As both girls stood there in the crook of entrance and escalator, they saw various kinds of red pass them by, some were in red salwar, others in evening gowns, man in red trousers and santa caps. They saw a woman fall down while riding escalator, they saw a mother daughter duo walk past them, a lovey dovey couple passed them lost in dream worlds and two men were fighting and were creating stagnation at the entrance. Both sighed: Adults? After waiting for a while both girls decided to call for the elder as time had wiped its horses. Soon the eldest was with them, with escalator they stepped on to journey for Circus Corner.
They entered the train which was filled with numerable faces with red caps. The girls felt out of occasion as they had nothing red with them. The train which had considerable number of passengers was being filled at every stoppage. At every station a new people entered but none left. Everybody was heading Circus Corner the capital of Christmas celebration.  Three nymphs among faces of unknown stood there and were being crushed by bodies larger-smaller, older- younger, pleasant-unpleasant. Three of them stood by each other like a butterfly after a flower. When elder and younger noticed that the fat girl was suddenly turning red and was angry

“Are you alright?” asked the elder

“You look sick and red” the younger elaborated

“If you again lay your hand on my buttocks, I swear your hands will be ashes, move your hands now” the fat 
girl shouted at the middle aged man who was deliberately using jerks in train to touch her. This shouting turned few heads and the man was hiding behind others now.

“Gosh, I thought people went for thin girls” the fat girl grumbled

“No they go for easy prey” the younger unconscious of her words

“Oh I look easy to you?” the fat girl raised an eyebrow

“No people go and harass anybody disregarding your appearance” the eldest cleared it


“Hold your hands or else we will be crushed” said the middle one

As the door opened they were forced out by army of red caps. The same force pushed them out of the subway to the glittering streets of Circus Corner. Indeed it was a circus of colours, decoration and lights. Every lane, turn and streetlight was decorated, miniature Santa Claus stood in every shop and bakery. The three girls kept walking the footpath which was jam-packed, they were walking without directions but in awe. Finally they decided to join the red army and create the great wall of red caps. They bought Santa caps and wore it and roam around. The eldest walked too fast and the youngest lost paths as she was busy with her viewfinder. The middle girl had to drag both in a compromise, the eldest loved posing for photographs and the youngest loved clicking and the middle was forced to part of the photo session every two minutes. This had been the first visit of the girls to Circus Corner- the capital of all celebration in City of Chaos. They spoke nothing was smiled and enjoyed the colour play of red, the music of Christmas, the smell of spice and fruit cakes, the smiles, the joy, it was a beautiful example of beauty in confusion and temptation. They whole walking and worshipping the technology and festival of Circus Corner was only a Quarter of an hour. When like Cinderella, the eldest dragged both girls back to the station.

They entered what appeared half empty station from outside, and three relaxed that it won’t be a trouble getting back home. When they entered the entrance, they found red horns, jumbo size specs in a long queue. The queue was like a never ending snake. The girls were confused at the buzzing of various voice, laughter and confusion.

“Oh shit the queue for the ticket is even longer” the elder cried

“What? Didnt you recharge your card?” the younger retorted overlooking the fat girl in the middle

“No, it showed expired right, so I just got a ticket to myself the token” the elder spoke over the neck of the middle and suddenly left her hand

“Wow now we have to watch your back and be late and you actually leave my hand” the middle fumed and turned around to pull back the end of the elder. But she pulls the younger from going any further

“What happened now? Why are you holding me back?” the younger was irritated

“She is gone” the fat girl answered

“Oh I see, she must have been swept away” the younger smiled

“Off course dumbo”

“Let’s wait on the other side than” The younger pulled the second elder in the line of entrance

The queue for entering became an arena for physical and mental dominance. All the men and women were being crushed and the two nymphs were also part of this tournament. The thin girl was in front of the fat girl. The fat girl was being crushed an unknown but equally helpless lass. It was chain reaction of pushes and pulls and shouts. The thin girl held onto the second elder, the sandwiching of bodies was resulting in rise of heat and thin girl at times found it hard to breathe. The fat girl found herself sweating in winter. The confusion and madness had taken control over technology when suddenly the card reading machines went bonkers. Again after few minutes all the entrances opened up and didn’t close, the machines had really gone mad.

“Let’s wait here near the pillar” the second elder suggested

“Yes when she comes she won’t miss us” smiled the younger

“That was something huh, so many people, I had never seen so many” the fat girl was scared too

“Nor have I, that’s why they were scared to let us go” the younger concluded

“May be” the second elder thought. For next quarter they kept waiting by the pillar and searched for the eldest in the crowd of red. They looked at each other’s face and wondered if they missed her by few seconds.

“Let’s go to the platform, less people will be there” the younger suggested

“I was thinking that too” the fat girl held the hand of the thin girl and walked behind her.

The stairs which led to the platform was a five minutes’ walk on any normal day, but today was not normal day- today was Christmas. Today the very same path of five minutes was running seven queues of human transportation. As the two nymphs entered the path which ran parallel with the cool wall they realised the mistake of eliminating other modes of transportation. The eldest was out of their vision, and the struggle to go other side was big one. The second elder was holding the younger one and taking slow steps down, but with each step down the push became ferocious. As they went down and down, the journey man changed from a petite woman in sari to an old man or a couple. The fat girl was being crushed again and she was crushing her younger. Both girls were irritated by the girl who in midst of stampede was showering I love yous to her lover. There was a man who appeared to be facing the wall and walking, but both nymphs realised it was just to protect the DSLR he was carrying from mass destruction. The tall guy behind the fat girl was actually looking at everyone and was protecting the girls from skirt chasers. Another tall person found it easier to capture the chaos in heart of chaos land with is video camera. A tall girl in front of them was moving ahead but was turning around and shouting: MAA MAA. A fat woman in sari got rebuked by the thin girl and actually sending her in line. When the movement stuck, voices became louder and demanded fights. The girls learned a important lesson- humans required no reason to fight. The passage or path morphed into a cubicle and was filled with the smell of vodka. Another young girl who was high on drinks kept pulling or pushing the second elder. The fat girl finally decided to hold her hand till they reached the platform.
 When they reached platform, they hoped to find the eldest waiting in some corner. But their hopes created fear that the elder was still stuck in the queue. They tried to call her, but their cell phones had no network. They kept running around the station in hopes of finding the elder. One moment she was their next moment gone. Finally after missing three trains they found a policeman and went to him in hopes of announcing about lost person.

“Excuse me sir” the second elder spoke in shaky voice


“We need to make an announcement, one of us has lost contact so we want her  to know we are waiting here” the younger said shivering

“Madame wait as I have to go other side to make announcement”

“Why?” the second elder was confused

“Do you have network in your cell-phone?”

“No” replied the younger

“Nor do I” laughed the policeman

“Dont you have walkie-talkie?” fat girl asked

“A what?”

The younger dragged the second elder, both decided to ride the next train. So both got on the next train and came out at the next station in hopes of making announcement via this station. After explain their problem to the lady in uniform, they were directed to the master room. With futile effort both looked once again at their cell phone to see that network was flickering. Instantly younger called the eldest. The call was received and both girl breathed a relief.

“She reached home” the younger said to the second elder

“So let us go home and pack you off to your journey with grandma and uncle and aunt” the fat girl smirked

“But how did she get out here before us?” the thin girl was confused

“We will better find it out when we reach home” the second elder held the hand of the younger

“But didn’t she promise that she will return with us?” the thin girl asked stepping inside the not-o empty car

“That’s part of being adult, you say something and do something” the second elder ruffled the hair of the thin girl

“So we will be as contradictory as her?” the thin girl grew her eyes

“We already are, we are family right” the fat girl gave a huge smile

“Yes a family with confusing ties” smiled the younger

“Hey” said the fat girl looking outside the window into darkness

“Yeah what now?” the younger was tired

“Merry Christmas” the fat girl still looked out

“Rather scary Christmas” mumbled the younger

The second elder said nothing and remained calm, both of them rode back to the not-so-high building, where in not-so-big apartment, lived not-so-old couple who were worried like their parents. In the end both realised, they had also inherited the same fate of the eternal worrier like their guardians. They head back to the comfort of familiarity, the city wakes up to celebrate. The city once had a happy name, but its happiness drove it crazy and now its known as City of Chaos.

P.S- the views of the characters belong to me, any resemblance to living or dead is coincidental and I hope the person indented has enjoyed the story.

thanking you to bear with me