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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Black Wednesday for the Rainbow Sheep: LBGT Betrayed by Section 377

In July 2009 whole LBGT community of India was flying the rainbow flag. The rainbow sheep of nations had finally found  Section 377 overthrown, which had termed same-sex relation as criminal offense. Two adults of same gender had the permission to indulge in physical relationship if the feelings were mutual. But today 11-december-2013 marks as the Black Wednesday for the rainbow community. Whole nation has witnessed the betrayal we faced in name of saving society. World’s largest democracy failed in its basic promise- equality. The law said:

Today's order means gay sex between consenting adults stays a criminal offence under Section 377, a 19th century law banning sex "against the order of nature

The law which decriminalized same-sex relation was strongly opposed by religious groups, particularly leaders of India's Muslim and Christian communities. Various self-proclaimed Goodman and Saints were all in praise of this act of the Apex Court which ruled out the High Court. All claiming it’s unnatural Act against god, against the basic of society, family and off course it was criminal.
The great Yoga Guru of the nation, Baba Ramdev was too satisfied with the SC order and said that the top court has respected sentiments of millions of Indians and declared homosexuality a crime. He also claimed Homosexuality is an addiction. Mr Ramdev do you know which company or organization produces homosexuals so that whole nation could avoid the brand of homosexuals. Please see the link to understand the great mind of a homophobic and hate spreading guru his speech

 Gay activists allege that the police use the law, which carries a punishment of up to 10 years in jail, to harass members of their community. So now we will have the whole nation hunting homosexuals like witches or even worse in name of religion may be burn us down. Let us warn the straight people too, dont you dare walk out with your friend or close buddy or best girlfriend. You might be hunted down for being one of us.

Human Rights Watch described "disappointing" a Supreme Court ruling upholding a law that bans gay sex. 

Within moments the apex court turned the work and struggle of the rainbow community into ashes. Few said it was the sentiment of nation. Well sentiment according to study in Education Paper means A positive Emotion. It’s really hard to find the positives when the human rights are snatched away because we like the same gender. The struggle is put back to square one and the law is a dehumanizing one in regards to international Laws.  The struggle in Nutshelll, and what happened.

Here are few hate comments collected to show the narrow mindedness of the so called progressive Nation. The World’s largest De-Mock-Racist. Now that we are criminals we are going to be victims of the haters, religious insanity and off course blamed for the disasters we had no relation with.

:-) don't try to evade this Question, u LGBTians.........
And when 'born gay child' also will try to attract, have crush, have
liking, touch, tempt and indulge some OTHER 'innocent' normal child,
THEN WHAT IS LGBTians' judgement for that 'born gay child' and how to
PROTECT the INNOCENT normal child ??....??

Oh so a gay born child is sinner from birth and not innocentlike a straight born child, Bravo Nation of Bigots.

“Thanks Mr. Farooque for your views. I am of the opinion that homosexuality is unnatural and should be avoided whether consensual or not. I also agree with you that people in India should not rush to give homosexuality any kind of legitimacy just to copy western culture.

Oh we are copying the western culture, when you communicate to fellow hater in the Language of your colonial masters had left behind, you are not bothered with westernization. When you wear the trousers and shirt that come from the western world you don’t blame westernization. Well Homosexuality is universal and found over 400 species but Homophobia is found in one.

“@methinks: Which is important once sexual orientation or the country .Encouraging this behavioral problem will have effect on the economy, health and family structure of the country in the long run and land up being like the west and USA stop aping them they are degenerating why should we go in that path. Study the effect and one will understand. A good judgment.”

Even USA had a hard time accepting Homosexuals, they treated Homosexuality as illness. Homosexuals will hamper economy, are we begging? Are we snatching your jobs away? Are we hindering your private and family life? I guess it’s time we ban the Heterosexuals too. A nation is made of individuals, so off course my well being comes over country, if my country fails to respect my choice I fail to respect my country.

“I am no expert on these matters. But before criticizing the verdict please answer this. There are many species in which mother-son & father-daughter have sex. Also since ancient India there have been evidences of such occurrences with mutual consent. Also, the son or daughter having those feelings can't control it as a choice. So, should we allow it? Plz don't give debatable science studies. Nothing is proved just speculations. Even serial killers have a mental "orientation" not accepted by society. They are called psychopaths. Yes gays are not killing people but they are killing society by engaging in non-productive sex. As per individual wishes are concerned, we live in a society and hence should try to adopt only those things which strengthens it. Nobody is absolutely free. If you want to be, go to Antarctica as nobody will trouble you with

Oh sex was only done from the productive viewpoint? We thought it was instinct based and need of the body. Nobody is absolutely free, really? You are free to talk trash and compare us with serial killers just because we have an orientation. You really think societies only work was to strengthen the basic unit of family. Off course we can’t produce kids, but you are not helping either by producing so many kids and growing India’s population. Why should we go to Antarctica? As for Incest, still many cultures in the nation marry with first cousins, some girls marry their uncles (we are not rambling, we have done our research).

Hopes remain too when people support us like 

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: "Homosexuality has never been considered a crime in Hindu culture. In fact, Lord Ayyappa was born of Hari-Hara (Vishnu & Shiva). #Sec377"

Chetan Bhagat :"We are going to put cops behind gay couples. That's the India we are supposed to create in the 21st century?" 

The online forums like Chennai Dost. ,Gaysi  try very hard to make us accepted in society. Bible says we will burn in hell for eternity, doesn’t the same Bible also say one is to be stoned to death in case of divorce Divorce. Let’s face it God wouldn’t have created us if he hated us. Homosexuality is not a disease, or else we would call Queer every day. If people say Hinduism doesn’t have the elements of Homosexuality, we do have transgender prince in Mahabharata, A Gay prince disguised as female, we even have live-in-relationships, surrogacy and bromance. As for westernization, you can follow the western development model but choose to hate their openness. Even the rainbow community had to fight hard to get accepted around the world. We can accept two man fighting but we can’t accept them holding hands.  It all comes down to our right to love, aren’t we being too selfish, and how do you know over is love is natural? We don’t peep in your private lives; our bedrooms should remain private too. We don’t doubt your love, we are not spreading germs or trying to brainwash someone who is heterosexual. Why are all hell bent to take away our civil rights?

Now I am a criminal too, if I ever meet Her, a message for Her : darling we shall leave this country where I can protect you, because I cant protect you from a nation of De-Mock-Racist. 

P.S- My country failed me today.

(Comments, various parts of the article are borrowed from sites and twitter)

thanking you to bear with me

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  1. This may also be the beginning of the revolution that would get the lgbt the rights they always deserved and should get. I see positive developments and can only see the silver lining in the dark cloud! Be hopeful! Take care!