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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Still not wiser.

(Here we are, my reader friends and me, we have come to the second anniversary of our dear blog. What started out as my complain page and random quest of words on 2nd October 2011 has become a very integral part of me. Last year I celebrated the girl bonding and having a great day with my major mate to celebrate first anniversary of the blog. But this year exam is killing me from doing anything. My Batman Journal is still waiting for me to pen it. I may not have achieved the desired effect on my readers. I still fail to see unknown and new followers of my blog. I really and badly want people to read my words. So I promise to work better with my writings. What begun as pleasure writing has opened various path for me. I have become a fan fiction writer, I share my thoughts on Migzing.com and I finally may have found the one thing I am good at. Today I have nothing to share in particular, but since I am two decades old I have twenty pearls of wisdom to share. Let’s Enlighten Each other)

In twenty years my life I have dug out various pearls of wisdom, they are my secret to happiness in last three months, which I gladly bestow upon you.

1.  Keep telling the truth and people will stop asking you for your honest opinion:

Ever since you have entered college, friends and frenimes have always sought your opinion about various topics. You chose to be honest; instead of giving sweet half hidden truths you keep blasting blunt truths. Now you are their last resort for suggestions.

2. You don’t have to reply back instantly:

Now that you are in twenties, not every text message you receive needs to be reciprocated. The people on the end also know that. None’s ego is hurt if you don’t send an instant reply. Sometimes you don’t even care when a reply comes three days late.

3. Life is going to be harsh! But who cares:

When you are in your final year of college, you understand that the bed of roses is drying up soon. But instead of worrying about future; you decide to roll into the last fresh petals on your bed. After all when the petals dry you can brush them away. Why to worry when you know the trouble is a step away.

4. Flattery may bring you anything expect good marks:

When you need an ice cream under scorching sun, you can flash a smile and say some good words to a classmate and you are savoring one. Or when you need certain paper work done faster make the office person float in air and you are wining. But no matter how much innocent and sweet words you use for your teacher, Marks won’t peep in.

5. Nobody really cares about your Boards:

Finally you realize all the hard work you did in your plus twos only mattered in the time of admission. Even a parrot can score more than you, yet you with lower score can gain more valuable knowledge.

 6. You are no longer centre of the world:

May be good or bad, but finally not everyone is talking about you. People smiling between themselves are sharing a joke and not laughing at you. Your Mom practically knows you have a direction in future hence she no longer asks you to keep family name and extra advice stops pouring in from unwanted people.

7. You can like anybody and think its love and fall out of that love easily:

The first guy in good shoes can charm you to head over heels but as soon as he opens his mouth you are snapped out of love. The girl with cute smile takes your dream away. You will keep crushing on her whole week, but she breaks your heart when you find out she has a boyfriend and has no interest in fellow girl. Still you won’t give up; you will fall again with another girl or boy.

8. You are no longer a teen:

It becomes hard for you to grasp, as soon as you enter twenty you are expected to be mature. Your mood swings of teenage become immature behavior and shy nature of teenage becomes arrogance. Suddenly all the privileges of a teen are taken away from you and you are left to decide what to do next.

9. Staying alone is not that bad:

Finally you give up the needy aspect of life where you always wanted to be with friends. The curse of loneliness becomes a boon in your twenties. It really doesn’t matter if you are in group or alone as long as your devil mind is active. At times you prefer to be left alone and away from your hauling friends just to enjoy solitude.

10. Money really matters:

In your teens you would want to gift the best gift to your just buddies. Now two gifts a month becomes a headache for you. Every time your data pack ends or calling pack ends, you wish to sue the telecommunication services. Your auto fair becomes the reason of heart attack and finally you care about the government polices and value of a single rupee.

11. You become beautiful

It’s the time finally when your pimples fade away; your baby fats after lot of hard work are leaving you. You realize beauty is not only in your appearance and clothes but the words and thoughts you project. You really stop hankering after the ideal glimpse of artificiality. You are just yourself- beautiful.

12.  Nothing is going to stay forever:

You give up your quest of forever; it sinks in that in future you won’t remember half of your classmates’ name. In the end if you ever realize it’s the end, you are left with those few  who really matter most. Hence it’s better to collect beautiful and funny memories than friends on your Facebook.

13. You learn to listen:

You become the shoulder of every sad soul; you listen to their ramblings and drift off to your dreamland. It seems good idea to take advice from the elders now that you know you will become one too. The value of spoken words, gain prominence as now you don’t get enough chances to speak out your mind. You wish people really heard you more.

14. It’s better to learn from other’s mistake than to commit oneself:

The world is full of people who have plenty of mistakes in their kitty. Hence we learn to be cautious of the common mistakes. In this world you have to step on others dead body to keep your feet clean. Others grave stone becomes the path indicator for us.

15. You cannot satisfy everyone anymore:

In your younger days your goody two shoe nature would have earned you all the praise from friends and family. But thanks to Freud you every dream of yours has become an irony, words and actions will hurt someone or help other. But you will never be able to satisfy everyone.

16. Celebration is where heart is:

You no longer want grand grander grandest, wherever your close ones are you can have an instant 
celebration. You don’t need an event or occasion to party it out. Even a can of coke is symbol of the bohemian celebration.

17. Even the fittest die:

Darwin may have said survival of the fittest is rule of life. Yet the weak sometimes survive better than you do. Sometimes the pimp is the one who runs away with the best girlfriend where as the most handsome fails to find one. The weak find it easy to adjust and the fittest often die in resistance.  Rules of evolution change when you are in your twenties.

18. It’s all about Quality:

No one really gives a shit about how many trophies and certificates you acquire. It’s all about the qualities you honed besides your mark-sheet. The world really  wants to taste the juice you produce rather than the luster of skin you have just like an orange.

19. Facebook won’t help; still what’s the harm is trying:

The feel to update every emotion and activity you do in Facebook reduces. You no longer feel the importance to be virtually omnipresent. You are not missed if one like is less in some random pictures. Your old status updates become jokes for future and the profile  picture you think is cool now will become goofy. Hence life becomes more important than Facebooking it, yet the addiction will linger until you join the thirties.

20. Maturity is still far away:

Though you have reached, the most important part of your life. Maturity is not your forte yet. Your advice and thoughts are taken for consideration. Still you are not the decision maker, but you are not in hurry either, you leave maturity to the future thirty you.  

 I hope you enjoyed my pearls of wisdom; yes we are two years old. I am glad to have my friends, family of satire and my readers with me.  We sealed the deal of mutual friendship last anniversary; today we take another step to be better friends.

P.S- We are still not claiming maturity, wise is far far away in the lexicon.

thanking you to bear with me


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