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Monday, 14 October 2013

Ravanayan Finale Part-1 Review

( As it is Dashami I happily present the review of my favourtie comics Ravanayan Finale part 1. On this day Ram defeated Ravan and ended the epic war. Hence I find this day particularly exciting to review a comics about Ravan the Asura with ten heads. As he burns, let us remember we need essential evil to keep the good inside us. Happy Dashami to all my reader friends.)

Book- Ravanayan Finale Part-1

Creative House of Publication- Holy Cow Entertainment


Story- Vijayendra Mohanty and Vivek Goel

Art- Vivek Goel and Sumit Kumar (pencils), Yogesh Pugaonkar (Colour)

The basis of Indian mythology and culture lies in our great epics. Writers Vijayendra Mohanty and Vivek Goel have taken one such epic and married it off to Freudian and Metaphysical concepts. In the Epic Ramayana we find the story of Prince Ram and his struggle between duty for family, love, nation and epic war with Ravan. In Ravanayan series we find the Antagonist is our Tragic Hero in quest of being immortal. Like Brahma says in chapter three of the series, only stories remain Immortal our Ravan chooses to be immortal in stories.

The Finale opens in the battlefield with unshaved Ram, Lakshman besides him, Hanuman growling and whole Vanar-sena waiting to attack the Asuras. In next pages we find ogres, halfman-half squid like demons, Winged warriors of Lanka and various other never imagined Asuras  and the Vanar-sena with other creatures chanting Jai Shri Ram. The pages are filled details and colour, the twilight setting provides a very tense atmosphere. Neel burns  and kills demons and we bite our fingers, Sugreev is in intense battle with Nikumbha son of Khumbakarna, Nikumbha has a great weapon of laser eyes which  is not traditional in approach. We find Kesari being saved by his grandson Makardhwaj with is blue tiger from hell.  Finally we find the silver headed Ravan in his tower watching the battle, here we get the glimpse of the love he has for his son Indrajeet. Indrajeet has been beautifully drawn, again a clean shaved youth with elf like ears and desire to fight for his father.  Then we stumble to the death of Mighty Khumbakarna who fights with Hanuman and is like a wild bull on chase. Here we get Ram who fires his arrow to kill to him. The fall of Khumbakarna deserves special attention as this marks a death blow to Asura army. We find Ravan watching his brother die in mirrors. The art work of these pages gets even better when night falls. The rain of arrows twinkling in the Prussian blue sky is a artwork to die for. Indrajeet with his green flying creature dominates that panel. Sadly our book ends when Lakshman receives a death blow from Indrajeet who hides in the sky.

The book’s theme colour appears to be blue. The mingling of face paints and giving a raw look to Lakshman did the effect.  Hanuman is more brutal in his attacks, Ram is all blue and looks lot like Shiva but more earthly. There is abundance of red and fire, it’s the battle delivered the writers promised. The quest of Lakshman continues in Showcase which presents the Sheshnag the overlooked spark of Lord Vishnu. Showcase provides the proper pool until the Finale part 2 reaches our doorstep. The idea of chaos being the reason of creation is told in our book showcase. That’s an interesting series to look for in future. Yes the finale ends to soon, your interest grows and the point when you expect more you are asked to bolt it down. Ravanayan Finale part 1is the starters which makes you hungry for main course- That’s the One on One battle of Ravan and Ram in Finale part 2.

Surprise element

With the Finale comes Were House the Horror Comics which is intriguing and has beautiful artwork and keeps the word horror alive. You will find three stories inside, my personal pick as the best would be 'Mousetrap'. Keep enjoying the revolutionary comics of India. Yes the book is a gift from the creators, hence you don't have to pay a single penny for it. 

P.S- Five stars out of five. No I am not being a crazy fangirl, it’s simply a visual delight with story and great actions to look for. Ravanayan series is a must buy and read for comic freaks who are tired of Idealistic Muscle-man saving the day.

thanking you to bear with me


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