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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Pink Ribbon- Breast Cancer Awareness.

October, the pink month stands for the Breast Cancer Awareness around the world. The disease is still a hush hush matter in our society, as it primarily deals with our breasts. It occupies 30% of the cancers found in women around the world. The deaths caused are due to lack of awareness. It is the fastest growing cancer in world today, though both male and female are victims of it, women are hundred fold more at risk. It is the fastest and commonest cancer growing in urban India and has 25-33% shares in all cancer cases in women. When Alice James self diagnosed the lump in her breast, she had already anticipated death, as the cure was missing. Today the survival becomes though when the patient is diagnosed in third or fourth stage. Today at the near end of October I pen about the basic symptom of breast cancers for my fellow sisters, girlfriends, and friends, readers, family, known and unknown. It is my duty to aware people as I proudly am the granddaughter of Survivor.

My grandmother had found that she had lump in her breast when I was still in the floating chamber. Both my mother and grandmother were unaware of the term breast cancer at that time. They at first feared it be some sort of lump created by infection which would eventually go away. But it seemed to grow day by day, my grandmother felt shy to go to doctor for advice.  So when my mother went to her regular check up, she forced my grandmother to show her lump. The gynecologist was a female the species of her own, yet she was shy. Social stigma had almost grasped her in its spell. When the doctor realized what it would be she asked grandmother to go to bigger city and treat her. My grandmother with little courage had almost decided to go under the knife thinking it to be a mere tumor in our town. As luck had it, god sent her to TATA Memorial the best cancer treating hospital in the country. The Doctors found her cancer in the first stage and hence they treated her to full recovery.  Now twenty years later my grace of god my grandmother is well, I pray she crosses century too.

My grandmother is some of the rarest cases where the typical shy Indian woman went to doctor and won the battle against cancer. The lack of awareness still is killing many in the country, the shyness of Eve makes us concerned that we don’t visit doctor. In rural India the awareness has yet to firm its root. The problem lies in the word “Breast” we need to aware people so that we can save lives. The basic symptoms which one should consider lethal for life are written below.


1.       Formation of hard Lump around the breast, lumps near armpit can be bearer of breast cancer too.

2.       Skin dimpling

3.       Rash around nipple, change in position of nipple, discharge from nipple, inverted nipple

4.       The breast becoming larger or lower , change of shape

5.       Constant pain in part of the breast

6.       Swelling around collarbone or armpit

7.       The affected area becomes warm and red
8.       Formation of a texture like Orange peel on the skin.

9.       Discoloration or mild flaking of nipples

10.    Altered Lactation and ulcer over breast

11.   Decrease in breast milk secretion


1.       Regular self-examination during bath- running of two fingers around the breast but pressing lightly in anti-clock wise and clock-wise way.
2.       Breast-feeding 

3.       Maintaining a average or moderate weight.

4.       Drinking less alcohol

5.       Avoiding Tobacco and its products

6.       Being physically active- brisk walking, jogging and keeping the body on a flow

7.       Menopausal women should keep the body engaged in healthy physical actives

The above symptoms and prevention methods have been suggested by my sister’s friend Dr. Amit Kumar.

In India the awareness is must, I know sitting and typing and publishing on net is not going to aware the masses in country. But as part of young India I feel the need of awareness be implanted in schools and colleges, like Aids awareness programs are held. If we have to tackle problems we have to start from grassroots level which is our schools and other educational centers around the country. For more awareness and details please visit NBCF for stories, awareness and guidelines.

P.S- let the pink ribbon knot away the social and mutual shyness shared by our women and bring out women who care for her bodies not to just look good but to live good.

thanking you to bear with me

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