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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Drive-A-Vu part-III

(The part three of my driving lesson)

On appointed week second, Daredevil had convinced Bunny Instructor that she was born to drive in fifth gear. Anything below fifth gear was an insult to her free spirited nature. In certain cases it was really an insult; the ever fearless devil had forever been living on the edge. People claimed to live for fun, but this woman even after one year of traditional Indian marriage had not given her spinster ego. It would be vain to call her attempts to be daredevil feminist. So this free spirited bird was ever dominant on the steering wheel. Life was fine for her driving days until it hit her soon that she had to return to her work and a delicate husband in another city. As soon as this reality sink in the torture on the car was maximized. So the car took jumps and turns, mood swings were visible and the fiery eyes were scaring everybody in the car. So when she drove people sitting backseat decided to put on seat belts. Every other dent and stone was received the Devine touch of the Daredevil. Every other cow, goat, human was murdered in the parallel dimension where Daredevil found her safe heaven. What she could not do here was gladly happening in some other universe.  If world was a soccer playground, Daredevil was playing in offense.

Bunny Instructor kept his thoughts to himself; it was a miracle how he kept his cool calm composer all the time with bunch of loonies hanging on to his nerves. So the world besides the driver seat must have looked very different to him. It was hard for everyone to find out his reactions. His soft spoken words were to contradictory to the environment inside the car. Very calmly he had to manage the talking with the police who stopped the car time and again. On one particular occasion his fellow army officer on duty asked him to be more dominant on road and be fearless as he was a Soldier. Maupassant had once used a term misspell of fate to describe his character’s situation. It was similar misspell of fate that had made him a soldier instead of a soft-spoken philosophy teacher.

Knowing was not a regular learner, but with few lessons he was fastest of all. Yet overconfidence kills the smarter. Often his car struck and jumped and bumped. It became a matter of laughter for everyone when ever his car took a deathblow. Life often makes you the butt of every joke you say. Knowing in general worked as the catalyst to catharsis out the feeling of irritation in the air. Hence the every smiling young man made sure no one killed each other. 

Meanwhile Scared Cat was sulking in her own cowardice and growing imaginary mushrooms behind. All she got was to drive circles in open field. Now in that very open field she had competition behind her. Another bunch of humans were learning to drive. It was evident in three days; they were faster to grasp the magic of car than Scared Cat. Every time the car of newbie’s overtook her; she felt an arrow of guilt hit her. It has always been hard for Scared Cat to understand things faster- forever a slow learner. The words “Can Do Better” written in her report cards had become the remark on her life. Everytime she saw one newbie like her charge forward, Scared Cat was wishing to run backward. It seemed the flood gates had opened to flood her mind with pessimism. Hence her imaginary mushrooms grew bigger and kept feeding on her lack of confidence.

Finally the clouds created of evaporated pessimism were going to clear up when Bunny Instructor finally gave her the key to drive the car. Every ounce of optimism was crawling back inside her mind. At last her hand held the key to drive the car on road. After jerking the car once, the car started and without a glitch the car sailed smoothly on the road. The world seemed brilliant from the driver’s seat, in a moment of epiphany the holy ghosts were leading guiding the Scared Cat on road. The moment she was waiting for the road where she could be free. Yet freedom was far from sight, but the bumps and jumps were reduced by half. The lush of green passed by, the sky and the road met at the point of infinity which was the horizon. Though driving in second gear, the fear which was a perpetual inhibitor in heart of Scared Cat was packing its bag to leave at the end of next month. The moment of glory every champion waits for was in the power of her hands. The road was smooth and straight hence the harsh reality of typical Indian road was yet to slap the swollen face of Scared Cat.  Right now it was her moment of achievement. The clutch, break and accelerator were all in harmony the absurdity of fear was visible to Scared Cat. Fear was the reason her head was not flying in air out of happiness. Every person is born with a tragic flaw which becomes the reason of their downfall as well as success. In case of Scared Cat her tragic flaw was fear of unknown. Despite driving in utter bliss, every other tragedy had occurred in every parallel universe Scared Cat lived in. Yet finally when her long drive came to an end, she was praised by Bunny Instructor. That was the moment of her greatness which she did not let pass away. Never in her life had she felt so proud of her.

After returning home, Bunny Instructor and Knowing were served tea. Over the cup of tea Scared Cat heard her praise. She felt relived of not being the weakling she always had been. Knowing was all in happiness to find his younger sister drive safely. It seemed people never expected the reckless from Scared Cat other than having verbal fights with people.  Daredevil justified this act as the inborn nature of Scared Cat to be the one of concern. Hence later that night when the Juxtaposed Sisters were preparing for night, Daredevil in her unusual manner praised her sister which happened once in a blue moon. That night Scared Cat had the first peaceful dream in two weeks in which her sister did not hit anybody and scared Drove to the sunset in her blissful state.  Still she was unaware of the harsh reality of the rules of road which was to befall them in coming weeks. Fate let her have her peaceful sleep for the night.
P.S- the roads have never been so twisted.

thanking you to bear with me                                                                                                                               


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