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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Pink Ribbon- Breast Cancer Awareness.

October, the pink month stands for the Breast Cancer Awareness around the world. The disease is still a hush hush matter in our society, as it primarily deals with our breasts. It occupies 30% of the cancers found in women around the world. The deaths caused are due to lack of awareness. It is the fastest growing cancer in world today, though both male and female are victims of it, women are hundred fold more at risk. It is the fastest and commonest cancer growing in urban India and has 25-33% shares in all cancer cases in women. When Alice James self diagnosed the lump in her breast, she had already anticipated death, as the cure was missing. Today the survival becomes though when the patient is diagnosed in third or fourth stage. Today at the near end of October I pen about the basic symptom of breast cancers for my fellow sisters, girlfriends, and friends, readers, family, known and unknown. It is my duty to aware people as I proudly am the granddaughter of Survivor.

My grandmother had found that she had lump in her breast when I was still in the floating chamber. Both my mother and grandmother were unaware of the term breast cancer at that time. They at first feared it be some sort of lump created by infection which would eventually go away. But it seemed to grow day by day, my grandmother felt shy to go to doctor for advice.  So when my mother went to her regular check up, she forced my grandmother to show her lump. The gynecologist was a female the species of her own, yet she was shy. Social stigma had almost grasped her in its spell. When the doctor realized what it would be she asked grandmother to go to bigger city and treat her. My grandmother with little courage had almost decided to go under the knife thinking it to be a mere tumor in our town. As luck had it, god sent her to TATA Memorial the best cancer treating hospital in the country. The Doctors found her cancer in the first stage and hence they treated her to full recovery.  Now twenty years later my grace of god my grandmother is well, I pray she crosses century too.

My grandmother is some of the rarest cases where the typical shy Indian woman went to doctor and won the battle against cancer. The lack of awareness still is killing many in the country, the shyness of Eve makes us concerned that we don’t visit doctor. In rural India the awareness has yet to firm its root. The problem lies in the word “Breast” we need to aware people so that we can save lives. The basic symptoms which one should consider lethal for life are written below.


1.       Formation of hard Lump around the breast, lumps near armpit can be bearer of breast cancer too.

2.       Skin dimpling

3.       Rash around nipple, change in position of nipple, discharge from nipple, inverted nipple

4.       The breast becoming larger or lower , change of shape

5.       Constant pain in part of the breast

6.       Swelling around collarbone or armpit

7.       The affected area becomes warm and red
8.       Formation of a texture like Orange peel on the skin.

9.       Discoloration or mild flaking of nipples

10.    Altered Lactation and ulcer over breast

11.   Decrease in breast milk secretion


1.       Regular self-examination during bath- running of two fingers around the breast but pressing lightly in anti-clock wise and clock-wise way.
2.       Breast-feeding 

3.       Maintaining a average or moderate weight.

4.       Drinking less alcohol

5.       Avoiding Tobacco and its products

6.       Being physically active- brisk walking, jogging and keeping the body on a flow

7.       Menopausal women should keep the body engaged in healthy physical actives

The above symptoms and prevention methods have been suggested by my sister’s friend Dr. Amit Kumar.

In India the awareness is must, I know sitting and typing and publishing on net is not going to aware the masses in country. But as part of young India I feel the need of awareness be implanted in schools and colleges, like Aids awareness programs are held. If we have to tackle problems we have to start from grassroots level which is our schools and other educational centers around the country. For more awareness and details please visit NBCF for stories, awareness and guidelines.

P.S- let the pink ribbon knot away the social and mutual shyness shared by our women and bring out women who care for her bodies not to just look good but to live good.

thanking you to bear with me

Monday, 14 October 2013

Ravanayan Finale Part-1 Review

( As it is Dashami I happily present the review of my favourtie comics Ravanayan Finale part 1. On this day Ram defeated Ravan and ended the epic war. Hence I find this day particularly exciting to review a comics about Ravan the Asura with ten heads. As he burns, let us remember we need essential evil to keep the good inside us. Happy Dashami to all my reader friends.)

Book- Ravanayan Finale Part-1

Creative House of Publication- Holy Cow Entertainment


Story- Vijayendra Mohanty and Vivek Goel

Art- Vivek Goel and Sumit Kumar (pencils), Yogesh Pugaonkar (Colour)

The basis of Indian mythology and culture lies in our great epics. Writers Vijayendra Mohanty and Vivek Goel have taken one such epic and married it off to Freudian and Metaphysical concepts. In the Epic Ramayana we find the story of Prince Ram and his struggle between duty for family, love, nation and epic war with Ravan. In Ravanayan series we find the Antagonist is our Tragic Hero in quest of being immortal. Like Brahma says in chapter three of the series, only stories remain Immortal our Ravan chooses to be immortal in stories.

The Finale opens in the battlefield with unshaved Ram, Lakshman besides him, Hanuman growling and whole Vanar-sena waiting to attack the Asuras. In next pages we find ogres, halfman-half squid like demons, Winged warriors of Lanka and various other never imagined Asuras  and the Vanar-sena with other creatures chanting Jai Shri Ram. The pages are filled details and colour, the twilight setting provides a very tense atmosphere. Neel burns  and kills demons and we bite our fingers, Sugreev is in intense battle with Nikumbha son of Khumbakarna, Nikumbha has a great weapon of laser eyes which  is not traditional in approach. We find Kesari being saved by his grandson Makardhwaj with is blue tiger from hell.  Finally we find the silver headed Ravan in his tower watching the battle, here we get the glimpse of the love he has for his son Indrajeet. Indrajeet has been beautifully drawn, again a clean shaved youth with elf like ears and desire to fight for his father.  Then we stumble to the death of Mighty Khumbakarna who fights with Hanuman and is like a wild bull on chase. Here we get Ram who fires his arrow to kill to him. The fall of Khumbakarna deserves special attention as this marks a death blow to Asura army. We find Ravan watching his brother die in mirrors. The art work of these pages gets even better when night falls. The rain of arrows twinkling in the Prussian blue sky is a artwork to die for. Indrajeet with his green flying creature dominates that panel. Sadly our book ends when Lakshman receives a death blow from Indrajeet who hides in the sky.

The book’s theme colour appears to be blue. The mingling of face paints and giving a raw look to Lakshman did the effect.  Hanuman is more brutal in his attacks, Ram is all blue and looks lot like Shiva but more earthly. There is abundance of red and fire, it’s the battle delivered the writers promised. The quest of Lakshman continues in Showcase which presents the Sheshnag the overlooked spark of Lord Vishnu. Showcase provides the proper pool until the Finale part 2 reaches our doorstep. The idea of chaos being the reason of creation is told in our book showcase. That’s an interesting series to look for in future. Yes the finale ends to soon, your interest grows and the point when you expect more you are asked to bolt it down. Ravanayan Finale part 1is the starters which makes you hungry for main course- That’s the One on One battle of Ravan and Ram in Finale part 2.

Surprise element

With the Finale comes Were House the Horror Comics which is intriguing and has beautiful artwork and keeps the word horror alive. You will find three stories inside, my personal pick as the best would be 'Mousetrap'. Keep enjoying the revolutionary comics of India. Yes the book is a gift from the creators, hence you don't have to pay a single penny for it. 

P.S- Five stars out of five. No I am not being a crazy fangirl, it’s simply a visual delight with story and great actions to look for. Ravanayan series is a must buy and read for comic freaks who are tired of Idealistic Muscle-man saving the day.

thanking you to bear with me


Sunday, 13 October 2013

Drive-A-Vu part-III

(The part three of my driving lesson)

On appointed week second, Daredevil had convinced Bunny Instructor that she was born to drive in fifth gear. Anything below fifth gear was an insult to her free spirited nature. In certain cases it was really an insult; the ever fearless devil had forever been living on the edge. People claimed to live for fun, but this woman even after one year of traditional Indian marriage had not given her spinster ego. It would be vain to call her attempts to be daredevil feminist. So this free spirited bird was ever dominant on the steering wheel. Life was fine for her driving days until it hit her soon that she had to return to her work and a delicate husband in another city. As soon as this reality sink in the torture on the car was maximized. So the car took jumps and turns, mood swings were visible and the fiery eyes were scaring everybody in the car. So when she drove people sitting backseat decided to put on seat belts. Every other dent and stone was received the Devine touch of the Daredevil. Every other cow, goat, human was murdered in the parallel dimension where Daredevil found her safe heaven. What she could not do here was gladly happening in some other universe.  If world was a soccer playground, Daredevil was playing in offense.

Bunny Instructor kept his thoughts to himself; it was a miracle how he kept his cool calm composer all the time with bunch of loonies hanging on to his nerves. So the world besides the driver seat must have looked very different to him. It was hard for everyone to find out his reactions. His soft spoken words were to contradictory to the environment inside the car. Very calmly he had to manage the talking with the police who stopped the car time and again. On one particular occasion his fellow army officer on duty asked him to be more dominant on road and be fearless as he was a Soldier. Maupassant had once used a term misspell of fate to describe his character’s situation. It was similar misspell of fate that had made him a soldier instead of a soft-spoken philosophy teacher.

Knowing was not a regular learner, but with few lessons he was fastest of all. Yet overconfidence kills the smarter. Often his car struck and jumped and bumped. It became a matter of laughter for everyone when ever his car took a deathblow. Life often makes you the butt of every joke you say. Knowing in general worked as the catalyst to catharsis out the feeling of irritation in the air. Hence the every smiling young man made sure no one killed each other. 

Meanwhile Scared Cat was sulking in her own cowardice and growing imaginary mushrooms behind. All she got was to drive circles in open field. Now in that very open field she had competition behind her. Another bunch of humans were learning to drive. It was evident in three days; they were faster to grasp the magic of car than Scared Cat. Every time the car of newbie’s overtook her; she felt an arrow of guilt hit her. It has always been hard for Scared Cat to understand things faster- forever a slow learner. The words “Can Do Better” written in her report cards had become the remark on her life. Everytime she saw one newbie like her charge forward, Scared Cat was wishing to run backward. It seemed the flood gates had opened to flood her mind with pessimism. Hence her imaginary mushrooms grew bigger and kept feeding on her lack of confidence.

Finally the clouds created of evaporated pessimism were going to clear up when Bunny Instructor finally gave her the key to drive the car. Every ounce of optimism was crawling back inside her mind. At last her hand held the key to drive the car on road. After jerking the car once, the car started and without a glitch the car sailed smoothly on the road. The world seemed brilliant from the driver’s seat, in a moment of epiphany the holy ghosts were leading guiding the Scared Cat on road. The moment she was waiting for the road where she could be free. Yet freedom was far from sight, but the bumps and jumps were reduced by half. The lush of green passed by, the sky and the road met at the point of infinity which was the horizon. Though driving in second gear, the fear which was a perpetual inhibitor in heart of Scared Cat was packing its bag to leave at the end of next month. The moment of glory every champion waits for was in the power of her hands. The road was smooth and straight hence the harsh reality of typical Indian road was yet to slap the swollen face of Scared Cat.  Right now it was her moment of achievement. The clutch, break and accelerator were all in harmony the absurdity of fear was visible to Scared Cat. Fear was the reason her head was not flying in air out of happiness. Every person is born with a tragic flaw which becomes the reason of their downfall as well as success. In case of Scared Cat her tragic flaw was fear of unknown. Despite driving in utter bliss, every other tragedy had occurred in every parallel universe Scared Cat lived in. Yet finally when her long drive came to an end, she was praised by Bunny Instructor. That was the moment of her greatness which she did not let pass away. Never in her life had she felt so proud of her.

After returning home, Bunny Instructor and Knowing were served tea. Over the cup of tea Scared Cat heard her praise. She felt relived of not being the weakling she always had been. Knowing was all in happiness to find his younger sister drive safely. It seemed people never expected the reckless from Scared Cat other than having verbal fights with people.  Daredevil justified this act as the inborn nature of Scared Cat to be the one of concern. Hence later that night when the Juxtaposed Sisters were preparing for night, Daredevil in her unusual manner praised her sister which happened once in a blue moon. That night Scared Cat had the first peaceful dream in two weeks in which her sister did not hit anybody and scared Drove to the sunset in her blissful state.  Still she was unaware of the harsh reality of the rules of road which was to befall them in coming weeks. Fate let her have her peaceful sleep for the night.
P.S- the roads have never been so twisted.

thanking you to bear with me                                                                                                                               


Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Still not wiser.

(Here we are, my reader friends and me, we have come to the second anniversary of our dear blog. What started out as my complain page and random quest of words on 2nd October 2011 has become a very integral part of me. Last year I celebrated the girl bonding and having a great day with my major mate to celebrate first anniversary of the blog. But this year exam is killing me from doing anything. My Batman Journal is still waiting for me to pen it. I may not have achieved the desired effect on my readers. I still fail to see unknown and new followers of my blog. I really and badly want people to read my words. So I promise to work better with my writings. What begun as pleasure writing has opened various path for me. I have become a fan fiction writer, I share my thoughts on Migzing.com and I finally may have found the one thing I am good at. Today I have nothing to share in particular, but since I am two decades old I have twenty pearls of wisdom to share. Let’s Enlighten Each other)

In twenty years my life I have dug out various pearls of wisdom, they are my secret to happiness in last three months, which I gladly bestow upon you.

1.  Keep telling the truth and people will stop asking you for your honest opinion:

Ever since you have entered college, friends and frenimes have always sought your opinion about various topics. You chose to be honest; instead of giving sweet half hidden truths you keep blasting blunt truths. Now you are their last resort for suggestions.

2. You don’t have to reply back instantly:

Now that you are in twenties, not every text message you receive needs to be reciprocated. The people on the end also know that. None’s ego is hurt if you don’t send an instant reply. Sometimes you don’t even care when a reply comes three days late.

3. Life is going to be harsh! But who cares:

When you are in your final year of college, you understand that the bed of roses is drying up soon. But instead of worrying about future; you decide to roll into the last fresh petals on your bed. After all when the petals dry you can brush them away. Why to worry when you know the trouble is a step away.

4. Flattery may bring you anything expect good marks:

When you need an ice cream under scorching sun, you can flash a smile and say some good words to a classmate and you are savoring one. Or when you need certain paper work done faster make the office person float in air and you are wining. But no matter how much innocent and sweet words you use for your teacher, Marks won’t peep in.

5. Nobody really cares about your Boards:

Finally you realize all the hard work you did in your plus twos only mattered in the time of admission. Even a parrot can score more than you, yet you with lower score can gain more valuable knowledge.

 6. You are no longer centre of the world:

May be good or bad, but finally not everyone is talking about you. People smiling between themselves are sharing a joke and not laughing at you. Your Mom practically knows you have a direction in future hence she no longer asks you to keep family name and extra advice stops pouring in from unwanted people.

7. You can like anybody and think its love and fall out of that love easily:

The first guy in good shoes can charm you to head over heels but as soon as he opens his mouth you are snapped out of love. The girl with cute smile takes your dream away. You will keep crushing on her whole week, but she breaks your heart when you find out she has a boyfriend and has no interest in fellow girl. Still you won’t give up; you will fall again with another girl or boy.

8. You are no longer a teen:

It becomes hard for you to grasp, as soon as you enter twenty you are expected to be mature. Your mood swings of teenage become immature behavior and shy nature of teenage becomes arrogance. Suddenly all the privileges of a teen are taken away from you and you are left to decide what to do next.

9. Staying alone is not that bad:

Finally you give up the needy aspect of life where you always wanted to be with friends. The curse of loneliness becomes a boon in your twenties. It really doesn’t matter if you are in group or alone as long as your devil mind is active. At times you prefer to be left alone and away from your hauling friends just to enjoy solitude.

10. Money really matters:

In your teens you would want to gift the best gift to your just buddies. Now two gifts a month becomes a headache for you. Every time your data pack ends or calling pack ends, you wish to sue the telecommunication services. Your auto fair becomes the reason of heart attack and finally you care about the government polices and value of a single rupee.

11. You become beautiful

It’s the time finally when your pimples fade away; your baby fats after lot of hard work are leaving you. You realize beauty is not only in your appearance and clothes but the words and thoughts you project. You really stop hankering after the ideal glimpse of artificiality. You are just yourself- beautiful.

12.  Nothing is going to stay forever:

You give up your quest of forever; it sinks in that in future you won’t remember half of your classmates’ name. In the end if you ever realize it’s the end, you are left with those few  who really matter most. Hence it’s better to collect beautiful and funny memories than friends on your Facebook.

13. You learn to listen:

You become the shoulder of every sad soul; you listen to their ramblings and drift off to your dreamland. It seems good idea to take advice from the elders now that you know you will become one too. The value of spoken words, gain prominence as now you don’t get enough chances to speak out your mind. You wish people really heard you more.

14. It’s better to learn from other’s mistake than to commit oneself:

The world is full of people who have plenty of mistakes in their kitty. Hence we learn to be cautious of the common mistakes. In this world you have to step on others dead body to keep your feet clean. Others grave stone becomes the path indicator for us.

15. You cannot satisfy everyone anymore:

In your younger days your goody two shoe nature would have earned you all the praise from friends and family. But thanks to Freud you every dream of yours has become an irony, words and actions will hurt someone or help other. But you will never be able to satisfy everyone.

16. Celebration is where heart is:

You no longer want grand grander grandest, wherever your close ones are you can have an instant 
celebration. You don’t need an event or occasion to party it out. Even a can of coke is symbol of the bohemian celebration.

17. Even the fittest die:

Darwin may have said survival of the fittest is rule of life. Yet the weak sometimes survive better than you do. Sometimes the pimp is the one who runs away with the best girlfriend where as the most handsome fails to find one. The weak find it easy to adjust and the fittest often die in resistance.  Rules of evolution change when you are in your twenties.

18. It’s all about Quality:

No one really gives a shit about how many trophies and certificates you acquire. It’s all about the qualities you honed besides your mark-sheet. The world really  wants to taste the juice you produce rather than the luster of skin you have just like an orange.

19. Facebook won’t help; still what’s the harm is trying:

The feel to update every emotion and activity you do in Facebook reduces. You no longer feel the importance to be virtually omnipresent. You are not missed if one like is less in some random pictures. Your old status updates become jokes for future and the profile  picture you think is cool now will become goofy. Hence life becomes more important than Facebooking it, yet the addiction will linger until you join the thirties.

20. Maturity is still far away:

Though you have reached, the most important part of your life. Maturity is not your forte yet. Your advice and thoughts are taken for consideration. Still you are not the decision maker, but you are not in hurry either, you leave maturity to the future thirty you.  

 I hope you enjoyed my pearls of wisdom; yes we are two years old. I am glad to have my friends, family of satire and my readers with me.  We sealed the deal of mutual friendship last anniversary; today we take another step to be better friends.

P.S- We are still not claiming maturity, wise is far far away in the lexicon.

thanking you to bear with me