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Monday, 26 August 2013

drenched words.

“How much I craved for the sweetness of first drop. Every breeze blew the honey drops away. Now at the brink of desire, I felt the cold against the heat. The smell of the warm wet earth urges me to be at mercy of ecstasy. How much I craved for the miracle of rain.

Every thunder that cries makes my heart delight in joy. The first drops drumming the thirsty earth is symphony to my soul. The smell of wet earth nauseates me to be lost at my own thirst. Every rain reminds me of the time thoughts I had. The touch of drops sparks the desire I never explored.

I have died at the moment of hysteria, yet the last breath is infinite when the thought of you passes me by. No tears come when your face evaporates. Memories often limited, creates an emptiness which never burns but dries me every moment.  How much I have wished for you, drenched besides me.

Every drop shows the moment we could have, moment of our present. The kisses never tasted, the hands never held, the chill never shared, the passion to celebrate us never personified. I watch us fickle from each other, departing at smiles. Should my heart kiss away your life to preserve us, this moment?

Shall we wash way our punctuations, to begin with a new question mark? Will we wither in others need or choose to live in each other’s death.  A future seems bleached, a present mania never to be, let’s rest in our pasts. Will you let me wipe the last breathe, my dreams tied unto your nape.

Every melody showers on to me for the happiness we shared.  Desires get soaked in earth, our moment of eternity flickers. A blink is all we have, thoughts, dreams rush into lips. I trace you on my lips, I find you. My fingers desire to touch your last words and free you of your infliction.”

How much I craved for the honey dew. Every miracle remains frozen until next shower. Now the quenched heart feels heat awake the suppressed. The smell of warm wet earth engulfs me to the compassion of hope. How much I craved for you till the last drop.”

P.S- I am not bonkers, its rains fault.

Thanking you to bear with me


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