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Friday, 5 July 2013

Survival 1O1

This blog post is dedicated to the wonderful man "My brother-in-law" on surviving one year with my sister. Yes today they complete one year of their marriage. 

Dearest Brother-in-law,

Nothing in particular to say you, but you have many thanks and hands showing you thumbs up. You survived my sister, yes you did. Honestly when you gave the request in matrimony site, I was bent to reject it. But your smile had charmed my mother, so we looked further. When I read your profile you did fit our bill "Non-drinker, Non-smoker, smiling". Your blog made me like you, hence you grabbed my vote. Well its strange that your mental balance is still in equilibrium. Mom wanted to marry our apple of eye because she was driving us insane.Now you will land in top five of most popular family member. I doubt someone is hissing by your side as you are grinning. Since its one year, I would officially certify you the member Family of Satire. 

Your mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law are very proud of you as well as are gladly willing to show off the trophy husband. Your Father-in-law does not know how to thank you, since you are enduring his half-breed creation and thinks you are still a too good boy. Your Grandfather-in-law thinks you are very good man and you will keep his beloved happy. Your cousin-in-laws now have one more authority to look up to. As for me thank you for reading my blogs and being an honest critic, thanks for teaching the magic of online shopping. Thank you for wonderful recipes you made us feast on .

They say first year is the hardest in marriage and first anniversary is memorable. I hope you had a wonderful one year with my beloved elder sister. She is a driving force of energy just like a baby who wakes up from a power nap. I had no hope in institution of marriage, technically I still don't, yet you have sparked hopes in many. But I have a sincere request, please do not  tickle me, you are bound to be on my side not the woman-child you are curried too oops married too.... 

As for your score:-

Smile- 10/10
Cuteness- 8/10
Tolerance- 100/10
Niceness-  10/10
Cooking Skill- 1000/10
Dressing Sense- 7/10
Social  Involvement - 7/10
Sweet Tooth- 9/10

P.S-Well hope you like your score and congratulations, now we are busy watching your wedding video, and as for my sister we love you very much so don't be jealous. Enjoy your small honey moon and be safe.

thanking you to bear with me

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