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Friday, 12 July 2013

Review- Manuscript Found in Accra

 I always wanted to review my favorite writer Paulo Coelho's books once. Since during my visit to Kolkata, I found out that his new book Manuscript Found In Accra was out, I grabbed it. So here goes my review, but lets be clear love is love and criticism is criticism.

Book- Manuscript found in Accra.
pages- 194

I was done reading the book on my return journey in train. The book was off course not asking you to dream like in his The Alchemist, nor it questions the value of existence without purpose in his Veronika decides to die. With first read it appears to be an anthology of various thoughts amassed from various books Coelho has written. If you are a regular reader of his, you will find its similar in flow and words. The book deals with the manuscript written on the eve before Jerusalem was attacked. The Copt. is the speaker a man who answers the question of people. If we look at the book we will find it hits around the bush. Then we have to delve deeper, the book speaks of the fear and desires and analyses them. If we are familiar with The Warrior of Light, then we know what Coelho is trying to do. It deals with one thing- Our Present and what Our Present has to offer future. The book tells its story about ordinary people, well thats the part I wish was written in less economic font. A little more background would have excited me personally. But again the purpose of this book was to suggest that peace will survive through hearts and one day despite all the wars there will be a time for us to get the gift of past Present. Ordinary questions answered in beautiful manner. Paulo Coelho grabs his readers with his simple words and his believe in extraordinary out of ordinary. At first read it might disappoint, but a second read is all we need to clearly see the philosophy of Coelho. In the end its all about present, to live and have a believe in heart. We all carry the invisible sword of courage.   

P.S- I rate it 2.75 out of  5 stars.

thanking you to bear with me

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