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Thursday, 27 June 2013

way back

Tonight I leave for home, sadly my laptop stays behind as my twisted fate has her way always. Off course I wont ever decline that I am Technologically Handicapped, but the Techno-God has some special problem with me. No matter how well and fine gadget I buy, they always end up giving me trouble. My cell-phones, my laptop, my hard-disk, my digital camera everything has given me heart attacks once in a while. This time its my laptop, now only gadgets that are normal- my camera, pen-drive, hard-disk, cell-phone and my portable-music-player. Lets hope they remain in good health. Since my laptop has an extended vacation my plans for blog are postponed, and I will schedule some blog-posts for the month of July. 

This time my stay was short, a ten day trip, but I enjoyed myself as usual. I was not over fed this time, but as soon as I reach home, I have to get back to my dieting. Since this July I finally turn 20, yes finally goodbye teens so need to look youthful and young. When I was boarding train, my yellow page besty was worried about a girl taking a train ride alone. They prefer flight always, but we are Bongs so a journey never feels journey without the momentum of train rides. So here I am all packed with bundle of books packed and loads of cat food for my Goldie and ready to board  train again. 

Firstly, this time I spent my girls day out with my dearest cousin sister. I went alone in metro and met her, with her I roamed down college street, buying books for fifth semester, yet out of 32 prescribed texts we managed only 9 books. College street did not disappoint me this time. We did the stupidest thing, we went to the famous Coffee House, yes The Coffee House, instead of eating its famous fish cutlets and coffee, we ate chowmin and chinese salad. That was not my choice but my sisters. There we were joined by her friends by twist of fate. So they accompanied us and for first time the Anti-social me spoke to strangers. First time I enjoyed the great Bong word "Adda". Yes talking sweet nothings about life, food, books, clothes everything as well as nothing. So time really went by and it was fun talking to strangers and making strangers talk to me. But those two, really liked my accent, which I never try to highlight, Yes I know I don't have the bengali tone when I speak Bangla, but these people treated me as if I was some US return kid. They kept asking me to talk and talk. It was weird but they found it funny.  So I enjoyed very much with my cousin sister.

Secondly, I wore my great sister's old contact lens, just to watch 3d movie. Yes everyone can guess it.. Man Of Steel made me wear contact lens. I told before, watching 3d movie is painful when you have to wear 3d glasses over regular specs. The greedy me actually wore a new blouse which was suppose to be worn on my birthday. Man of Steel is the best movie of all the superman movies. Not the ultimate Superman fan, as you know my heart lies in Bat Cave. But this this movie gave a proper base to Superman. The animation from a general audiences view is awesome, the story even better, woman character is good enough. Off course I have problem with the costume since every one saw the suit. I really want the red briefs back on him, That makes him Superman. The movie was worth every second, now I am dying for the sequels. After that we went to awesome Masika and tasted worlds best Afghani food, and we drank Vodka. Not me I just got sips from my sisters and brother in laws glass. Due to my underage problem, yet Vodka is awesome. 

Thirdly, I got tempted again, ended up spending my pocket money on buying stationary- Stick pads, colour pens, canvas etc. Well in my small city we don't good stationary shops. So the fingers got tempted, and I use stick pads to draw, weird I know. Books yes bought many, mainly classics. Got almost killed by my brother in law because I bought Paulo Coelho's new book without discount, where as flipkart was giving it at unbelievable price. But nothing to justify my devotion to the man who made me love books. So no regrets from my side of the story. 

Hopefully my laptop comes to me by the end of July or else I will go bonkers. Eagerly waiting for the Finale of Ravanayan, might review it in blog too. I am planing to publish my will in blog, incase future demands it. I am wanting to start Witchiction too, I have so many plans and my net and laptop conspire to stage mutiny. Now that's called Irony of Life. 

So here I say bye, yes I wanted to pen more about my trip, but there's no point in rambling about things you heard before.

P.S- I am Restless, yes I am becoming the Tameless Tempest. 

thanking you to bear with me


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