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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

death ride

My exam is over, I am back at my sister's and brother-in-laws home in City of Joy. This time its Man of Steel which bought me here. Yes will watch Superman the first Superhero of comics world, the most popular hero. So Man of Steel it is. Since I am sitting here ideal and remembering my last visit in city of joy. Now we are going to have little flash back story about the death ride I was forced to endure or as my sister would put it "break your Jinx".

Last December, my great sister, brother in law , his sister and my sisters doctor friend included me to their adventure group. Kolkata has a popular amusement park called Nicco Park. My brave heart sister had her share of fun when she was six. She enjoyed to the fullest, my mom could not enjoy the rides as she was having me inside.  This place is the reason I could never enjoy rides as the fear of rides was transmitted into me while in womb. So there I was in Nicco park for first time but virtually second time. The fear I felt in womb had grasped me again. I could sense something with was up with the infamous innocent smile of my dearest sister. First my sister fell from the miniature Eiffle Tower.  Secondly we enjoyed the 7d Dracula house and we wasted our brother in laws money in the oceanica park, which had nothing but aquariums. After an over extended photography session, over the bridge we saw bundle of human being shouting and yelling at top of their voice and going up and down like a snake hunting its prey. So we (my heart and my imaginary friends in my head) became afraid something was to befall us. So next moment I was being pulled by the doctor friend and my brother in law. Within moments we were in a long queue of young adults like brother in laws sister and me. So the group of five were soon near the machine monster called "ROLLAR COASTER". Doctor wanted to sit with me so that they could enjoy teasing me later. But I chose the most responsible person to sit with me- my brother in law. With in seconds a loud groan begun and my five senses joined my sixth sense in parallel universe. All I could ever wonder was why the people around me were so happy to try adventure sports. If my yellow page besty had his way he would pick me up and pack me in a sack and throw me in deep sea to tell me whats  real adventure sports.  Alas rollar coaster is enough to make me dizzy.  When the vehicle started to move , I could fine my heart in my mouth. I wished I fainted then and there. But fate had her way to humiliate my fragile heart.  I did not faint but as soon as the vehicle ran to reach the top, my eyes became blank. I was already without Spectacle so the vision was blur. So when the fall begun I started to scream.  Suddenly my inside felt empty and I was being pulled downwards. It gives  a feeling of extreme fear. How do people enjoy it, I yet have to discover. With every upward trust I could hear the devil laughing behind me in my sisters disguise. The alter ego in her took over her and she started to count how many turns were left. What I hate is why did God make me so coward when it comes to socializing with people and adventure sports? So with every turn my fear did not reduce but grew.  I could see the top most view of the park but next pulse I was freaking out. If I could ever find out who invented rollar coaster rides I would tie them upside down at the edge of ride and set the vehicle on broken tracks. After the ride got over the doctor started his teasing but was shut up by my blunt rude tongue.  I was shaky and shivering like those actors in horror movies. My sister might think she broke my jinx after so many years,  but no it did not,  the fear is engraved in my heart forever. So the jinx stays.

If I am forced to have death rides again, I shall sue the people in this crime. Somethings are not meant for me, rides are one of them. I love to be free, I love my hair taking flights, but not in a free fall.

P.S- if anyone intends to take me on death ride. I shall not go...

Thanking you to bear with me

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  1. This time it'll be wave adventure for u! the real one.. no artificial waves like the one you encountered previously.