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Friday, 31 May 2013

Drabble- love

(My net problem is still going on, hence I am Virtually cut off Virtual world. Do not ask how mother’s day was. Last year she found the gift before time as you had read.  So this year I was careful to be more far sighted. Hence she woke up, had her morning walk still did not notice her gift waiting on her dressing table. Fate had to always twist it. My exam are nearing and this time I am serious so will upload articles and more new stuff after 14th June)

{Here is a small drabble that was going in mind for a while. Just random thoughts and questions no answer found yet…..}

As in much previous post I have been skeptical about feelings. Few days back when I was reading Murakami, I felt most of the novels deal with love. Love of all kind, not only novels, movies, anime, cartoons, songs everything and anything for once has love as the theme. Keats had his own love, Sylvia Plath had sad love for dark within, Othello had jealousy created of love, Browning dealt with the madness of love, DH Lawrence with passion of love, Coelho with the spiritual-physical love. Dorian Gray had his love for beauty ruin him.  Some present them beautifully, some in epic, some in erotic novels like EL James and many BL writers.  Romeo Juliet strike us, Millaments love is sometimes funny to us, Princess tutu expresses love without speaking, Usagi forces his love on Misaki.  James Blunt soothes with his” Your beautiful” , Joan Jett shouts “I hate myself for loving you”, Yiruma plays it in his melody.  Mills and Boons have sloppy love stories, Arundhati  Roy makes zygotic twins love each other, Shinjuku Nakamura makes man love each other, Tolstoy make Anna jump in front of train for shame of love. Ruskin Bond goes on humming as the forever Romantic at 73. But in the end all comes down to it. John Barth says in literature of exhaustion about exhausted ideas, themes, techniques, styles  and so on… But this theme is yet to exhaust isn’t?

P.S- I told you it was drabble, but I still want to know why Love of all the themes in world., here, I am saying bye from the cyber cafe...

Thanking you to bear with me


Thursday, 23 May 2013

why elopement????

The word ‘marriage’ seriously needs some discussion with today’s youth. Another batch mate of mine eloped and got married few days back. I as good friend did what I do best ‘yell’ at her. I shouted at her for being so reckless and stupid just when exams are digging over grave. Our semester finals are a week away and this young lady eloped.
When I was small I use to think marriage was what parents decide for you as you grow up. After sometime I realized there was more to it.  There was so called Love marriage and Arrange marriage. Arrange marriage rules in our family mostly, occasional love marriages have taken place too. My free spirited sister to gladly had arranged marriage.  But when I joined my beloved school BGR vid, we found many folds to “simple Arrange marriage” and “simple Love marriage”. Now I am utterly disappointed with both.  I seriously think this institution needs many guidelines for the eloping love struck creatures.
My batch mate, let’s call her  T, is one of the few friends I could manage in Pink college. T is a person who is really god crafted beauty but is ruining by over eating.  Her personality is very friendly and docile hence she charmed many bees like a beautiful flower. She had many lovers to begin with, my walking mate and I we had this inkling she might elope some day.  But T was always speaking how she would not elope and complete studies. So , T why did you get married without informing us? The inkling started when T announced her father had apparently arranged her marriage with one of her admirer. So after thinking a while T gladly rejected her unemployed boyfriend and agreed to this marriage. She was suppose to marry next year after our graduation.  But as fate had it, the girl eloped with her fiancĂ©.
 Many might be wondering why she had to elope when everything was planned.  Humans have a tendency to destroy their perfect little story. With few minutes of conversation with T and later with my walking mate we found the background story. T’s father had heard some rumor about his would be Son-in-Law, hence he became uncertain about wedding her to him. T heard all this and had a fight with her family; she went to college function to perform. From there T went missing for almost whole day, walking mate was enquired.  I called T’s home they asked if we had any idea they got negative response.  After three days we finally got hold of her voice. Only thing that’s running in Walking Mates mind and mine- We want to beat the Shit Out of T.
Now I wonder whose mistake it is, T’s or T’s father? T surely has done grave mistake rather crime in my prejudiced eyes.  It’s her father mistake, why did he have to make official arrangement and put a seal of his permission. He should have done the background check on the boy. The guy is rich and young, “The Ideal INDIAN Groom” so he agreed. Problem with us is, we Indian still find our daughters as the Baggage of Past Sins or Paraya Dhan that is Others Wealth.  T’s father found the ideal groom so agreed, with that T also bent her feelings towards him. When her father became uncertain T who had already made plans decided at the spur of the moment to elope.
 When I was telling my Mom about it, my father gave a smirk and joked she saved her parents money. Hell yeah she did, our country has the tendency to hold larger than life weddings[-grand, grander grandest. So T saved her father’s money, well is love valued with money spent on weddings?  T is not alone, I have written infinite times about college elopements and marriage. I may sound repetitive, but this whole marriage for love, leaving education behind doesn't click me yet. May be I still have experience “TRUE LOVE” and fall head over heels  for my Mr. Prince Charming or Miss Princess Charming.  Whoever it is, I am not eloping.  

Off course I am a romantic I believe in love and I am not particularly in favor of arrange marriage rather I am not in favor of institution of marriage at all. I still don’t understand why two perfectly happy people will decide to ruin each others life. Once my teacher had said, when a person has all the stability and happiness, they decide to get married and end it. As for T I wish her good luck about this new journey of “Till Death do as Apart”.  But I decided on her gift- Contraceptive Pills , yes I will give those. I seriously don’t want her to have a baby clenching to her next year and sucking her youth away.  I am not in love with babies either, they get scared of me so, yes that’s the gift for her.
I think I want become our country’s Prime Minister and add as many as terms and condition to the institution of marriage. Our legal age for marriage of Female  is 18 and Male 21. Female should be increased to 23 and Male 25. People who have not completed their certain course will not be allowed to marry. There should be a qualification for marriage too.
P.S- yes I sound all anti-marriage and anti-child, its not that I hate them, but I don’t see the point in getting married and producing noise making creatures.

thanking you to bear with me