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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Virtually Wanted...

First of all I beg for your forgiveness, I am really sorry for not deserting my dearest blog for a whole month. I was not suffering from writers block rather the lazy-bum syndrome. To put it in a simple way I did not have any new misadventure, twisted tales or any important event to pen down with. I would have written something, but my internet connection has been testing my patience for a long time. That was not all, my cell phone had conspired with my modem too. Right now I am sitting in a cyber café and typing. I would like to share what I gained and missed this month without my 24/7 net connection and cell phone.

1.       Every night  I had been watching my favorite anime Bleach online. It was  three episode per night. Now if I calculate it, I missed watching two seasons.
2.        I missed all the news around the world. Yes we do subscribe newspaper and we have television too. But we don’t subscribe English newspaper but Bangla.  So my online news supply from TOI, Newyorkers, Huffingtonpost, Hindu, etc are cut off. Television no longer seduces me and the news reporters shouting Breaking News frustrates me.
3.       I missed reading the latest Yaoi Manga in Yaoi heaven.  I never mentioned it in my blog, but I am a huge Yaoi fan and despite my all human rights and feminist ideologies I harvest an sinful interest.
4.       I miss my Facebook, not because I want to chat and track my friends but theres  a really new game or app whatever people call it. The game is Bitstrip and it’s a comic making game with our own avatar. Hence I want to play it.
5.       Missed reading Paulo Coelho’s latest blog post. I missed Neil Gaiman’s blog post. I missed many blog posts of art blogs, fashion blogs, feminist blog etc.
6.       Youtube my never disappointing friend was not left out too. I missed the art videos, new trailers of movies, anime OVAs , short flims and yaoi off course.
7.       With my cell phone gone, I miss my pocket money too. Without watsapp my cell phone life has become handicapped. The sms rates have gone up, recharge cards have become scarce. Overall my online and virtual world suffered an apocalypse. Its still suffering from apocalypse, which is the reason why I am in a cyber café typing. 

1.       Well I read five novellas of Ruskin Bond in three days. It was really great that I managed to pull them. I read my beloved Sandman book II A dolls house. I completed the last part of the Shiva trilogy The Oath of The Vayuputra and I must say it was an epic end to the trilogy. I read many more. In general I finish three book s a month with some extra light reading, but I think I need this  break from virtual life.
2.       I finished reading  “A portrait of the artist as a Young Man” for second time. Now why is this not  in the above point? Honestly this book is a masterpiece itself. Its too complicated for my little brain, hence rereading it is an achievement for me.
3.       I painted many small arts on stick pad. I drew painted, coloured, pasted. My creative urges required this flow of undisturbed solitude.
4.       I created many bookmarks, we all know flipkart gives bookmarks without charging, yet I desired my own set off bookmarks. Flipkart taught me that a bookmark can express your feelings, moods, demands. It helps really..
5.       My money in my bank account got saved for the month. Well I am an online book shopaholic who gets tempted to buy graphic novels and comics without any second thought. I buy all kind off books resulting in infinite number of unread books. So I am little less angry with faltering net connection.
6.       I survived without my cell phone for a week. It was a torture, that I could not call and text people. I always thought I would be dead without it and my cell phone was next to oxygen. But we did survive.
7.       I finished my pending home work, I do study everyday, but there were many notes lying around without a thorough reading. I organized my mental frame for the upcoming finals. So I am all set to go.

 Since my result came out I am second this time, well it did not hurt that I am not the topper. If we see it from my angle I did not go down I am consistent on my constant GPA , but the topper increased hers. So I need to be more competitive, it’s the only chance in life I will ever  top in academics. But I suck at being competitive; still we will try our best.

P.S- So over all this never seeked break from virtual one was a must for my bubble head. Since my net problem is not solved yet, I am going to schedule two more post for this month. Don’t know when will write back.

thanking you to bear with me                                                                                                           paulOaries

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