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Friday, 8 March 2013

Wow(O)men's day.

Few days back my great sister had uploaded a photograph of hers on Facebook eating a huge chicken leg piece cooked by my brother-in-law. Above that photograph she had written perks of being married. The comments in genuine were all funny and light hearted. One of our relatives wrote "you should be ashamed of yourself" off course it was to leg pull my sister. I too commented that I was proud of her. She was doing role reversal after all.

The day my sister's wedding date was finalized, I knew she would not me sweet typical newly wedded bride. I am very proud she is not like those new brides trying to be all sweet and no fire. My brother-in-law has become the apple of the eye for us. He is good looking, well behaved, hard working and he can cook awesome dishes. So his performance of six months of marriage gets him an A+. 

But why are we talking about my sister's life? Today is International Women's day.  This little background was to make us relate to things I will write now. 

Through out the world women have been sketched as mother, daughter, sister, wife, aunt, grandmother etc. Women have been linked to a certain role in every aspect of life. We have been covered, commercialised, objectified and have been the bearer of culture around the world. In today's era where women are educated and earning for themselves and creator of her own life, we still pull her back. 

The jobs like cooking, washing, cleaning, taking care of children have been ingrained to the word Women that, it counts as a duty. When the same thing is done by man it becomes good quality. In the movie English Winglish actress Sridevi says " If Woman cook its daily job, duty and Man cook its art". We often find Feminist women are branded as dykes, man-haters, angry and off course insane. But when we find a man feminist we tend to soften to him. I am neither man hater nor insane, but a proud Feminist. 

On women's day we speak about empowering women, equality of sexes, equal pay, education of women and a list of endless. Something that hits my head time and again is we should teach women all over the world- RESPECT EVERY WOMEN. I have a very bad habit of gossiping about people I don't like and most of them are my female classmates. To be honest at times I really wan't to kill them, still I am at fault. Why can't I accept them the way they are.??? We teach people to be honest, good, hard working. Most of us forget to teach how to respect others. 

One day I shoved of my classmate who was about to tell something horrible about women and her position. She was justifying the existence of male is above female. According to her women were naturally weak and her roles are limited to family and now days work and family. May be she was made weaker then the other, but so that she can balance the power, not to be  burdened with abuse and be mistreated by power. Problem with we women is that we gladly accept bondages given to us. We so happily take it, that we brand it as duty. I often find young couples of my age all lovey dovey. The girlfriends of mine often complain that they need to ask their lovers to wear certain clothes, take permission to go somewhere, or butter the other to upload photos on web. My question to all these great women is "Where is your self respect lady?" Our parents have provided us education, great upbringing yet where do we find this inner quality to be tamed my someone?.

Other day again one of my classmates, came to tutorial wearing a dupatta (the long scarf to cover upper body) above T-shirt and trousers. So we asked her why did she wear dupatta. The reply which she gave was meant to be funny in her brain, but was vulgar to our ears. She said, the things which are eaten and drinkable are meant to be covered. May be it was a joke, but I failed to catch it.

I don't know about the rest of the world, but in my country when a female is born she is always associated with marriage. We are raised like cattle and sold to the most promising buyer. When my mother's cousin was taunting me that they would fix my wedding after graduation, I had to shut him up hard. The thinking has to change, we have to change. I am not against marriage, but this one word has done lot of damage all around the world. 

So on international women's day we must teach our girls following point

1. Respect fellow female
2. Education is better partner than man
3. Marriage is at times THE END
4. No one can decide your life and movements other than you.
5. Respect housewives.
6. Stop blaming women for the crimes done to her.
7. If you can't help, don't stop others from helping
8. We are not objects to show off, we are the other half of world.

March 8th is not only one day reserved for us, rest of the 364 days are there to celebrate our existence, our dreams, our joys, our sadness, our hopes and our life.

 Women, cook, clean, teach, takes care, loves you. She might be our mother, sister, daughter, wife but she is a woman first. She has her unsafety days, she bears children, she is the superwomean not found in comics, but in homes, she is the true multi-tasker. Doesn't she deserve few extra credits for it.???     

P.S- its a day when should  say Wow(O)men's Day.... hence it says wow its women's omen day in short. 

thanking you to bear with me

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  1. Role reversal is a difficult feat to achieve in today's times! Although glad that you sister is doing it!

    A wonderful post highlighting the causes of inequality in the society

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