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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Miles to go before she Sits...

A year has passed since the departure of our beloved Little (Litu). We miss him, the corner where he sat felt so empty, the barking no longer heard, the smiling face no longer seen. He was a glamorous addition to our home, and beautiful delight to our heart. I so miss him. But we cannot live without pets, to us pets are like our family members. To my Mom we, that's pets and my sister and me are same. 

So the love which use to ooze out for Litu has found a new soul to capture. Last year we hid the news of Litu's death from my sister. She was alone in an empty city. We didnot burden her with sadness. She got married last july. On her one month wedding anniversary, my brother in law gifted her with a new pup. We had erased out the hopes of keeping another pet. We were contend with Goldie and Kakri. The loss of missing Jassi was bearable, but the loss of a naughty Litu was too much for us. But my brother in law again melted us. 

 When my sister had asked us what kind of breed we wanted this time, we made it clear. A female so that she is tamable, unlike Litu who was a male and most of his life time chained and inside his kennel for his anger. A less fury one, Litu had too much of fur and suffered during summer. A small sized one, who would play and be trained properly, training Litu was a really hard job for Mom and me. Finally one who would be less angry, Litu was angry young dog.

    Following September, that new chocolaty pup was in our home. My sister and brother-in-law are newly married with nothing figured out in life. They have hectic work schedule and its a sin to keep a pup alone in home. The pup was smiling, a female, not at all fury, small, cute and she looked an angel. Lie, first impression is last impression. First impression is false impression. This puppy was Miley, a Dachshund. A brown ball of energy. Rather a rocket with never extinguishing fire. Full of life, playful, too stubborn and tameless. My sister and brother-in-law failed to train her. Or lets put it this way, Miley refused to take training. My sister and brother-in-law left the next day. 

From that very day, my Mom and me, have never had a day without a jumping dog behind us. We tried to civilize this creature from hell. We gave her to sleep in bed with me. She slept fine, but she had no control on her nature's call. For first one week, I smelt bitchy, I smelt like her. She had extremely wild movement. At first she was afraid of Goldie and Kakri, but slowly she started to terrorize them. Then we shifted her to my sister's room with a red pet couch. But all she did was bite it, and used it to cover her poop and urine. Finally now she sleeps on old rugs. She chose it, we provided her luxury, but she refused it. 

Her food habits are fine, we are pleased with her. She is a goat in disguise of dog. She speaks less, but her actions are  loud enough. Within one month of her arrival, she fell to our neighbors garden from first floor. We hid it from my sister again. She is so curious that fails to see the laws of nature. So finally her freedom of movement was chained to Litu's kennel on terrace. 

On terrace, we found no peace either, she manages to pull the clothes left for drying. She eats up the soil from flower tubs. Chews the wooden frame, she has weakened the bamboo chairs with sole power of teeth. Only she finds hidden treasure of mud, old bottles, plastic pens etc etc. When inside house, she needs to beautify herself, so she raids my mothers dressing table. She needs to read newspaper, frankly she is everything opposite to what we wanted. 

After few days of the storm called Miley ravaged our mental peace, we sought the Net God Google. Who told us that this breed was worlds, naughtiest dog. They only had one thing in mind  that is to PLAY!!!! 
 We figured out our future with Miley, the firebrand bitch is here to stay and give us a  ride of life time.   

Still we love her. Miley has replaced Litu in a different way, by beauty she looses, but by her charms she has overpowered Litu's strong aura. She is more naughty than Litu, but she is pampered none the less. She is small yet strong, everything wrong yet right. Every evening we play, its she who plays and we are tortured. She jumps from sofa to sofa. She finds a complicated path for every normal way. Its hard to make her sit in one place, she has invisible springs attached to her tiny feet. She ia a ping pong ball. If I could compare her to some movie character it would be Robin Williams experiment Flubber , from the movie Flubber. She will deliberately trip her bowl of water, will jump, will run, eat from Kakri's bowl, Run after Goldie. She will put up a good melodrama when she hurts her feet, but amazingly she never cried when her vaccinations were injected to her.

My brother-in-law had challenged my Mom, that this girl wont take training, well now she walks with collar on her neck and her rein in my Mom's hand. Her natures call has been put to a fixed time to some extent, she can shake hands, she comes to us when we call with the chain. My mother occasionally claims her defeat. But I know she can train any pet and she will win. Why am I so confident that she will make Miley Paul civilized? Its simple she brought me up? I was the hardest of all to be civilized. 

But whoever she is, how naughty she is, she is the member of the happy family, we love her, so Miley Paul it is. 

here is the picture of the Devil called Miley.

P.S :- We could not have asked anything more lively than her. But we have Miles to go before Miley Sits.

thanking you to bear with me

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