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Thursday, 21 February 2013

wish wagon

(Technically my first short story.... which was supposed to be  published in College Magazine but it never made it to the print. Please read and review,,,)

The car enters through the newly painted Gates of the Complex.  Watchman Shivdas pays his regular respect with a salute… As the car passes he gets trapped in his dream and wonders “Will my son earn the perfect life they live?”. In the car, young girl with headphones penetrated to her ear drums and gazing  through fifty two years old Shivdas, a woman beautifully dressed in pink sari with a smile from lips , a man busy on his cell phone.. ; all driven by the driver…. 

Another pair of eyes fell on the car,,, the eyes belonged to thirty one years old Mrs. Dutta of flat 307-A.  The eyes looked at slightly wrinkled skin which was covered under the make up and ornaments.. Mrs. Dutta sighed “ A lucky woman she is,  mother of a well mannered girl, wife of a successful man, a house of her own, hence she is still young”…

As the girl stepped out, seventeen year old eyes of  Kavaya  fell on her..  Kavaya traced the ears stuffed with the headphones… The headphones connected to the Ipod held in hand… She remembered the recent past when she was refused her demand of Ipod by her father… Kavaya uttered “ Sixteen is what she is, and yet she has what I was denied of being underage… No wonder she is loved more than us”…

The valiant heart  of twenty eight, started beating  faster inside Viveek,  as soon as he saw the car and the man..  Viveek has aimed higher, he wants to be successful, is working double the efforts… He aspires for a Apartment and car by Thirty one, married by Thirty three, and father by Thirty five… All planned for life.. As the man walks past him he adds to his planning “ I have to become rich and valuable like him”..

This family has become the ideal happy family… They are economically strong and sound, they travel together, eat together, laugh together, … to the people of complex, they are an inspirations… No maid ever backbites, no neighbour gossips …


The door opens, the maid gives a welcome smile,
Three strangers’ part as soon as they step in… the furnished drawing room…. 

The girl enters her room, shoves off the Ipod, which was never played, but was a defensive tool against any awkward questions,, Her door shuts, and the sign board shines  ‘Do Not Disturb, Knock to enter….’

The man enters the master bedroom, undresses, takes of his tie- dropping the arms for today’s war… He looks at his youthful picture, a boy with a microphone… He gets lost in thoughts,…. But he wakes himself up, and dials a number and gets busy with his next presentation….

The woman takes of her jewels  with her cello-tapped smile,… She walks to her closet, to keep her ornaments safe, to suddenly meet her certificate of excellence- buried under the boxes of trinkets her solace in life…  … Her painted lips part to speak, but she knows not what to speak….   


The maid calls out for dinner,

The strangers again meet….

The girl, the women, the man, sit together and looks down at their bowls of soup…. They eat in silence;…. But the three pair of eyes avoid meeting each other… yet, when they meet, an hollowness gulps down the compassion and communication  … Fate sleeps, something futile catches  the three pair of eyes residing in the faces, they read something hanging in front of them for years….

"Other thing may Change us, but we start and end with the family"  

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