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Monday, 4 February 2013


(On 17th January, I was reading Womensweb when I chanced upon a book promotion post which was giving 15 review copies to readers for free. So I couldn't resist the temptation to try my luck, hence now I am holding my own copy. This is first time I am reviewing a book.)

Book Name:- Tick-Tock We're 30
Writer- Milan Vohra

Milan Vohra is the first Indian Mills & Boon writer, this is her third book excluding her Mills & Boon novel. The book Tick-Tock we're 30 tells the tale of Lara, who is turning 30. She is the last one to turn 30 from her huge group and this marks the pact coming to full cycle. The pact of whole SN gang reuniting and her birthday marks the reunion of her with Nishad with whom she had a pact too, a pact to marry each other if both were single. To avoid the pact with Nishad she brings a hot aspiring Turkish Model cum bartender Perzaan as her boyfriend. Perzaan has to play a boring Banker.Soon things get heated up and a week full of fun, food and friends is ahead for the birthday girl. The book promises we will keep guessing who ends with whom.

If Mills & Boon is your regular taste, it wont be hard for you to guess who ends with whom. From literary stand point the book has nothing to contribute to well being of literature. The topic of turning 30 and reunion has been exhausted a lot. The plot is fine and doesn't have many loose ends, sub-plots of Daniel and Maneka  and Nanhi and Sai have less to contribute to the story of Lara. The action of Time is loose, it confuses if the story is taking place in one weeks time or a month. The climax doesn't stand out, but gives you a satisfaction and you smile. The number of characters are much, which at times confuses, they are very similar often Pathak and Pap were melted in one individual. The character of Fat Riya needed more words. Reeti is an interesting free spirited character to look for who contributes to Lara's jealousy. Perzaan is very intriguing, the most visual character,he is the ideal Man- hot,caring,educated and well behaved. But this character has nothing much to do and you want more of him and his Turkish English. The back cover of book says Lara's ex boyfriend Randeep complicates her trouble. Well the word Randeep is everywhere, but his actions are limited to one chapter. Sita makes you feel nice guys have a chance. Sita's's mother Mrs. Naier has few word penned to her, but she is the link  between this generation and elder generation in the book. The character of Kalyani looks very typical, picked from daily soaps, the traditional dominating girl we love to hate. Lara is the character who is confused and we will love her for her ordinary charms and her Mills and Boon dreams. Nishad is picked up from Mills and boon too,-perfect is what I call him. The book also touches contemporary issues of freedom of expression through Nishads painting which were moral policed. Women portrayal is strong we don't find many Damsel in distress other than Thin Riya (not technically). Over all its a happy world.

The book is a good read and well knitted from a Chick-lit point of view. If happy and simple language is your choice, its a perfect choice. Every character has bit of madness which I assume remains past your teen years. Lara calls the kisses by Nishad as appetizer, the book will work as an appetizer if Chick-lit rules your bookshelves. If you are tired of reading all those heavy books by Woolf, Conrad, Grass, Mantel or any other powerful writer, take a break and read this book. It will make you smile and give small guessing games. I bet you would complete reading it by 48 hours, though I enjoyed reading it in one day and in the end don't we read books for purpose of pleasure?

P.S-If I had to give stars to the book it would be- 3 star out of 5 stars

thanking you to bear with me

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