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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Feeling Norgay - Hillary

I often wonder how do real mountain climbers feel, when they reach the peak of the mountain. I felt like Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary after my little self created and self imposed adventure rather attempts to adventure.

On 18th of these month, that's ten days back, we had our college field work for our subject Environmental Studies. The trip was to take place on 16th but due to bandh it was postponed. So on the appointed day the lazy me woke up at 6am. We were to reach Pink College by 9.30. my walking partner, the green page friend was there in front of my home by 9. We reached college and found  in this group we had  minority of girls compared to the second group which was all girls group. Three rickety buses were standing. Off course the boys grabbed the better two. My walking mate and me, were the first to climb the old bus, but as fate had it due to our greedy nature for window seat, we ended up in a seat with three people and far from window.

Well our destination was unknown to us. Rather we were so ignorant that we never bothered to find it. Then soon we found out we were going to Kakoijana Reserved forest, that protects Golden Langur and many other species. We reached there, after few words from our supervisor we were left on our own. So we could have been compared to grazing cows. First we were planning to visit the village, but then our teacher asked us to explore the hill. So we the small group of girls went on our hill climbing mission. But soon our delicate nature started to groan and moan about how tiring it would be. Someone said that teacher called us back and  our hill climbing and photo session was halted for a while. When we climbed down, someone cut her feet, someone was afraid. When we reached the foot of the hill, we found no one called us, but our major mates played a trick to stop us from climbing. Hence they escaped from hill climbing. So again the leader of our pack, lets call them RK and PS started to journey back. We five followed them, a group of seven, but not all were dwarfs. This time we aimed to climb the Shiva Temple.  Let me give no impression that RK and PS are very strong and healthy. If both can be compared to any object, RK is a pencil sharpened to lower side and PS is a freshly sharpened pencil. RK the most enthusiast of all, always soft spoken and silent was leading us. Her enthusiasm led her to over look a good well maintained path, to harder one. So PS landed second and third me to the hill temple, followed by our scout friend DS. At that point I received a text message from our mate Meow-kill, that's what I call him. He said he reached the top. Now, we all got high energy to reach the top just to compete against Meow-kill. By that time three of major mates including green page mate were hankering somewhere. So we left them and grabbed few boys, with whom we were playing the wolf shouting game. So this three boys became our rescue team. They lead us on top, and teaching us methods to climb. So after tripping, resting, drinking, sweating and loads of photo sessions, we managed to reach the top. But Meow-kill was gone.. I was slowest of the four, due to my limp left feet, I had to rest after a while. But my sport shoes helped me survive. Our climb was not so rough, because photo session were taking place, after every five minutes. But the climb would have been easier had we not wore our uniforms. To climb with Salwar, and dupatta around your neck in midst of jungle and stumbling stone was more difficult. It complicated a easy climb that's one of the key points entering to my ANTI-SALWAR Campaign. The only thing that drove DS to climb was of taking pictures.  She is a beauty who needed to be clicked in beauty of nature. When we reached on top we feasted on my tasty fried rice cooked by my dearest Mom.  We offered the boys, but they did not eat. But like camel in desert they drank water. The view from the top was beautiful. Enchanting would be a bigger word to describe it, but sitting there one could see the highway and the monstrous truck passing by like ants. The hill was covered with dried leafs, but the top was a canvas with different hues of brown leafs. It was so earthy and core yet the feel of nature ingrained. I wonder why haven't I found any poems on the fallen and weathering leaves yet. Climbing down was not easy, we climbed down after top view photo session. Our rescue team boys lead us down. I should be really great-full to them for enduring us. They are our classmates, but we had never spoken to each other in last three semesters. Sadly we study in Pink College yet pink has never been colour of communication. This time we took another path. Sadly we did not see a single langur or any other animal. May be our fake wolf cry drove them away. So next time if we ever go hill climbing I wont howl.

We visited the village, took beautiful pictures and of a family who agreed to give me their picture.

After climbing down we were given horrible food, by horrible I mean horrible. I ate the salad and egg, rest of my rice, mix vegetable and daal went to stray dogs moving near us. I was not the only one, RK to failed to eat a single morsel. But what we did wrong in our field trip. Our sole purpose was to understand nature and the biodiversity of the area. We were given food in paper plates. We did not put the paper plates in one place after eating, but we scattered it around. So we dirtied the environment. SO the only lesson we learned was never care for nature. Yes paper plates will decompose, but it will take time and we dirtied the beautiful scenic beauty too. I regret for not speaking up then. Please don't repeat our mistakes.

Climbing the hill made me feel like a superwoman. I texted every body about the achievement. I felt like Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary. Well compared my mother's childhood, what I did was nothing. But I still feel proud, off all the delicate darlings we four reached the top of the hill. I was drove by the sole motive to prove girls are strong and Rk and PS just for the sake of experience and DS off course for photos.

clicks from the trip

here we  start

baby steps

banyan tree

thee wolf howling partners

medicinal tree

a view of  far far away

Shiva Temple

 on top

keep looking

other hill

road taken

the small hill we climbed, I know its smaller compared to my scale of excitment 

I fed him and his father

sleepy piggy

the locals allowed me to take their pictures.

I almost had the perfect shot....

a normal village home

its called Meji

local kids smiling at a goofy kid like me

a hidden pond

and here is my version of the climb in nutshell....

the girl with flag is RK, followed by PS  the one with green bag  is me and  the one holding stick n smiling is DS.

P.S- I had one of the best days of my life on 18th.

thanking you to bear with me

Thursday, 21 February 2013

wish wagon

(Technically my first short story.... which was supposed to be  published in College Magazine but it never made it to the print. Please read and review,,,)

The car enters through the newly painted Gates of the Complex.  Watchman Shivdas pays his regular respect with a salute… As the car passes he gets trapped in his dream and wonders “Will my son earn the perfect life they live?”. In the car, young girl with headphones penetrated to her ear drums and gazing  through fifty two years old Shivdas, a woman beautifully dressed in pink sari with a smile from lips , a man busy on his cell phone.. ; all driven by the driver…. 

Another pair of eyes fell on the car,,, the eyes belonged to thirty one years old Mrs. Dutta of flat 307-A.  The eyes looked at slightly wrinkled skin which was covered under the make up and ornaments.. Mrs. Dutta sighed “ A lucky woman she is,  mother of a well mannered girl, wife of a successful man, a house of her own, hence she is still young”…

As the girl stepped out, seventeen year old eyes of  Kavaya  fell on her..  Kavaya traced the ears stuffed with the headphones… The headphones connected to the Ipod held in hand… She remembered the recent past when she was refused her demand of Ipod by her father… Kavaya uttered “ Sixteen is what she is, and yet she has what I was denied of being underage… No wonder she is loved more than us”…

The valiant heart  of twenty eight, started beating  faster inside Viveek,  as soon as he saw the car and the man..  Viveek has aimed higher, he wants to be successful, is working double the efforts… He aspires for a Apartment and car by Thirty one, married by Thirty three, and father by Thirty five… All planned for life.. As the man walks past him he adds to his planning “ I have to become rich and valuable like him”..

This family has become the ideal happy family… They are economically strong and sound, they travel together, eat together, laugh together, … to the people of complex, they are an inspirations… No maid ever backbites, no neighbour gossips …


The door opens, the maid gives a welcome smile,
Three strangers’ part as soon as they step in… the furnished drawing room…. 

The girl enters her room, shoves off the Ipod, which was never played, but was a defensive tool against any awkward questions,, Her door shuts, and the sign board shines  ‘Do Not Disturb, Knock to enter….’

The man enters the master bedroom, undresses, takes of his tie- dropping the arms for today’s war… He looks at his youthful picture, a boy with a microphone… He gets lost in thoughts,…. But he wakes himself up, and dials a number and gets busy with his next presentation….

The woman takes of her jewels  with her cello-tapped smile,… She walks to her closet, to keep her ornaments safe, to suddenly meet her certificate of excellence- buried under the boxes of trinkets her solace in life…  … Her painted lips part to speak, but she knows not what to speak….   


The maid calls out for dinner,

The strangers again meet….

The girl, the women, the man, sit together and looks down at their bowls of soup…. They eat in silence;…. But the three pair of eyes avoid meeting each other… yet, when they meet, an hollowness gulps down the compassion and communication  … Fate sleeps, something futile catches  the three pair of eyes residing in the faces, they read something hanging in front of them for years….

"Other thing may Change us, but we start and end with the family"  

Monday, 4 February 2013


(On 17th January, I was reading Womensweb when I chanced upon a book promotion post which was giving 15 review copies to readers for free. So I couldn't resist the temptation to try my luck, hence now I am holding my own copy. This is first time I am reviewing a book.)

Book Name:- Tick-Tock We're 30
Writer- Milan Vohra

Milan Vohra is the first Indian Mills & Boon writer, this is her third book excluding her Mills & Boon novel. The book Tick-Tock we're 30 tells the tale of Lara, who is turning 30. She is the last one to turn 30 from her huge group and this marks the pact coming to full cycle. The pact of whole SN gang reuniting and her birthday marks the reunion of her with Nishad with whom she had a pact too, a pact to marry each other if both were single. To avoid the pact with Nishad she brings a hot aspiring Turkish Model cum bartender Perzaan as her boyfriend. Perzaan has to play a boring Banker.Soon things get heated up and a week full of fun, food and friends is ahead for the birthday girl. The book promises we will keep guessing who ends with whom.

If Mills & Boon is your regular taste, it wont be hard for you to guess who ends with whom. From literary stand point the book has nothing to contribute to well being of literature. The topic of turning 30 and reunion has been exhausted a lot. The plot is fine and doesn't have many loose ends, sub-plots of Daniel and Maneka  and Nanhi and Sai have less to contribute to the story of Lara. The action of Time is loose, it confuses if the story is taking place in one weeks time or a month. The climax doesn't stand out, but gives you a satisfaction and you smile. The number of characters are much, which at times confuses, they are very similar often Pathak and Pap were melted in one individual. The character of Fat Riya needed more words. Reeti is an interesting free spirited character to look for who contributes to Lara's jealousy. Perzaan is very intriguing, the most visual character,he is the ideal Man- hot,caring,educated and well behaved. But this character has nothing much to do and you want more of him and his Turkish English. The back cover of book says Lara's ex boyfriend Randeep complicates her trouble. Well the word Randeep is everywhere, but his actions are limited to one chapter. Sita makes you feel nice guys have a chance. Sita's's mother Mrs. Naier has few word penned to her, but she is the link  between this generation and elder generation in the book. The character of Kalyani looks very typical, picked from daily soaps, the traditional dominating girl we love to hate. Lara is the character who is confused and we will love her for her ordinary charms and her Mills and Boon dreams. Nishad is picked up from Mills and boon too,-perfect is what I call him. The book also touches contemporary issues of freedom of expression through Nishads painting which were moral policed. Women portrayal is strong we don't find many Damsel in distress other than Thin Riya (not technically). Over all its a happy world.

The book is a good read and well knitted from a Chick-lit point of view. If happy and simple language is your choice, its a perfect choice. Every character has bit of madness which I assume remains past your teen years. Lara calls the kisses by Nishad as appetizer, the book will work as an appetizer if Chick-lit rules your bookshelves. If you are tired of reading all those heavy books by Woolf, Conrad, Grass, Mantel or any other powerful writer, take a break and read this book. It will make you smile and give small guessing games. I bet you would complete reading it by 48 hours, though I enjoyed reading it in one day and in the end don't we read books for purpose of pleasure?

P.S-If I had to give stars to the book it would be- 3 star out of 5 stars

thanking you to bear with me