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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Detecting the Pink...

Today is the Republic Day of our country, birth of our great constitution, I wanted to write an anger filled post on this special day. I began with prose, but before I knew it turned to poem. I know I am a pathetic poet, yet it spurned out. I had so many things to say. Today I finally realized I am a born Feminist, I cant be a silent spectator any more, when my country is turning hollow. I want change, I want safety, I want respect. Today my poem is dedicated to Nirbhaya the 23 year old Delhi rape victim, to the 11 year old rape victim fighting for life, the 5 year old rape victim in Karnataka, the 73 year old rape victim in USA, to every Syrian women and girl who is abused, raped, molested, killed, to Laxmi Orang stripped naked in our state capital, to every woman who face domestic violence,beaten, burned and killed for Dowry and to the unborn who are filtered out to be killed just because you are a girl and to every female to unite to make a change.. I want to put an end, so I will try my part best to make a change...

Fading Pink

My dreams are more secure than reality

NO, I don't want to wake up,
I don't want to wake up,
I don't want to,
SAVE ME from reality
that murders me in every sentence

 must not walk the nights - alone!
 not to react when- whistled
 shall not tempt THEE with - garment small
 Weaker Sex they said

sold at potatoes rate,
Bought and Beaten Blue, yet
Blue remains colour of your domain
draped  in Pink, your honor it says.
penetrated by force, pink fades away

loving daughter I was,
concerning sister besides
guiding wife I became,
mothered you dearest
Weaker Sex they said

Wake me up to reality
Wing my life to happiness
Wake me Up
Wake me..

a She detected,

COSTLY will be- her upbringing
hopes of benefit in vain
a life of loss ahead
OUT with IT before womb breaks
Weaker Sex they said

I fail to wake up
I fail to wake up to reality
Before I could  wake.
Reality failed me.

Once my dreams were secured, none are now

P.S- I beg your pardon for bad poetry, but I had to vent out, this is the beginning of a new path wish me luck.. and please sign the petition to create little change for women in  Syria .

thanking you to bear with me

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  1. Hi dear,
    I am glad your poem has highlighted and underlined a multitude of issues and not just focussed on rape...the tip of the ice berg. When the whole nation has the sheepish attitusde to follow the herd blindly, I am more than glad that you have focussed on the root cause of the sufferings of fairer sex. Wishing you luck for your future.
    PS- the poetry was boring and awful but the message was crisp and bold