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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Detecting the Pink...

Today is the Republic Day of our country, birth of our great constitution, I wanted to write an anger filled post on this special day. I began with prose, but before I knew it turned to poem. I know I am a pathetic poet, yet it spurned out. I had so many things to say. Today I finally realized I am a born Feminist, I cant be a silent spectator any more, when my country is turning hollow. I want change, I want safety, I want respect. Today my poem is dedicated to Nirbhaya the 23 year old Delhi rape victim, to the 11 year old rape victim fighting for life, the 5 year old rape victim in Karnataka, the 73 year old rape victim in USA, to every Syrian women and girl who is abused, raped, molested, killed, to Laxmi Orang stripped naked in our state capital, to every woman who face domestic violence,beaten, burned and killed for Dowry and to the unborn who are filtered out to be killed just because you are a girl and to every female to unite to make a change.. I want to put an end, so I will try my part best to make a change...

Fading Pink

My dreams are more secure than reality

NO, I don't want to wake up,
I don't want to wake up,
I don't want to,
SAVE ME from reality
that murders me in every sentence

 must not walk the nights - alone!
 not to react when- whistled
 shall not tempt THEE with - garment small
 Weaker Sex they said

sold at potatoes rate,
Bought and Beaten Blue, yet
Blue remains colour of your domain
draped  in Pink, your honor it says.
penetrated by force, pink fades away

loving daughter I was,
concerning sister besides
guiding wife I became,
mothered you dearest
Weaker Sex they said

Wake me up to reality
Wing my life to happiness
Wake me Up
Wake me..

a She detected,

COSTLY will be- her upbringing
hopes of benefit in vain
a life of loss ahead
OUT with IT before womb breaks
Weaker Sex they said

I fail to wake up
I fail to wake up to reality
Before I could  wake.
Reality failed me.

Once my dreams were secured, none are now

P.S- I beg your pardon for bad poetry, but I had to vent out, this is the beginning of a new path wish me luck.. and please sign the petition to create little change for women in  Syria .

thanking you to bear with me

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

All the best President Obama... ...

So today President Obama took his oath for second term, I am so happy... I told my friends to watch the live oath taking ceremony and they asked "Why are you getting so excited over a foreign President?". Well  I never gave that thought 'why', I have been a fan of President Obama, rather an admirer since 2008. So lets try to explore why we ( the people around the world are happy about President Obama's win). 


 On the day of his win, my whole Facebook page was filled with the online news of the Historic Win. The Women's Right Page was on fire from the day the campaigning began. Huffington Post, The New Yorker, The Times, The Hindu, etc all were putting up the news since the beginning. So I had a close watch over the whole process. But I am a Indian why am I so happy? Some critic actually said  Obama's win is Loss to my country in terms of investments and job opportunities. Yes it might be bad for us in some cases. SO what? 

Reason Why I am swayed by President Obama...

1. His words on Education:-

 He is an educated politician  he graduated from Columbia University with Law degree from Harvard Law School. He said " A mixed kid from Hawaii born to a single mom is not likely to become President of The United States . But here in America it can happen because of education.

 It was so inspiring, he has given hopes to millions that education can change the life of individual.Wish we had few politicians like him in my country who really cared for education and did something in reality. Yes we have few who work, but its " FEW". We have many educated politicians but they don't  use their education. So its a bell for them "hello we also need educated leaders"    

2. His Words on Woman:-

He signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, so he stands for equal rights, equal pay, he thinks about about the women of his country. He wants to provide protection and safety.  
Wish Khap Panchayat in my country did not put bans on dress, education and forced to marry young girls as a way of protecting them. Wish we stop blaming the Rape victim in our country for provocation and wish we were safe. Wish our leaders protected the victims over the culprit. Wish we had someone who would assure us that we are not an interest group but other half of society. 

3. His Words on Gay Rights:-

  I opposed the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996. It should be repealed and I will vote for its repeal on the Senate floor. I will also oppose any proposal to amend the U.S Constitution to ban Gays and Lesbians from marrying
Though he is a Christian he stands for the right to freedom of choice and life. That's enough, he supports them and doesn't put the brand of sinner on them.

4. He Saved Women's Right:-

  He said " I've got two daughters. 9 years old and 6 years old. I am going to teach them first of all about values and morals. But if they make a mistake, I don't want them punished with a baby."

“No, you can't deny women their basic rights and pretend it's about your 'religious freedom'. If you don't like birth control, don't use it. Religious freedom doesn't mean you can force others to live by your own beliefs.”

 Had Governor Romney won the elections, he would have banned  abortion in the name of God's Will. 
Just imagine had the law been passed, our country would get a way to justify its dirty deeds. Since we look up to USA for everything, we would soon have justified honour killings, female infanticide, child marriage, rapes and everything heinous in name of God. This could have led to wide spread chauvinism and boosted misogynistic attitude towards women all over the world.      

I have many more words to say, but these points have made me a Obama admirer. I know he launched two wars with his advent to power, he has had many economic failures. But, when I see the man speaking I feel I can relate to him despite not belonging to his country. I feel he gives hope to everyone that your background, culture, religion, colour, economic condition doesn't matter. He inspires me to have faith for better future  for everyone . Today I am happy to see him read his oath..

 Yes I am big supporter of President Obama, I will stay so no matter what. When I go to study  in U.S. I would shake hands with  President Obama.

P.S- All the best President Obama the world is with you.

thanking you to bear with me

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Me in Madland...

happy new year, 


to everyone who ever read my blog, to anyone who ever hated me, loved me and to everyone who have been an  integral part of my blog and me- my readers, family and friends...

Well we have nothing special for me to share, but we have loads to see, so I have uploaded plenty many pictures for everyone.  Please don't be angry I could not stop myself from sharing those pictures. I spent almost a month in city of joy, and  my sister and brother-in-law tried their level best to make me stay longer and miss my college week. But alas! they failed.

My trip in a nutshell

 I went on 8th December, in train I met a talented musician named Sagar Paul, I spoke with him a lot and he has made me his sister. Its strange strangers can be good friends too. I went to City Of Joy with sole purpose to watch Twilight Breaking Dawn Part II. So this time my mission did not fail. I watched it and I was happy Kristen Stewart finally acted, she gave expressions which she was holding back in last four movies. I saw the movie with my elder cousin, thanks to her I finally tasted energy of being alone and odd. I watched more than eight movies, I loved them all. I went to Bandel Church, and I was jealous of Christians, because they have so organised methods unlike Temples. I went to Beijing (restaurant) in China Town, ate the best Chinese food ever. I ate crab for first time and yes its yummy. I also wandered around the streets near my sisters home, but again was tracked on google maps by my mother who asked me to go back home. I stayed at  my very young grandmas (my Mom's aunt) house who loved feeding me day and night. We also spoke a lot about politics and about Delhi Rape incident. Then visited her father and mother hence met my great grandparents. So now I can trace six generations from our female line.I went to Museum  for first time in life (yes sadly true). In Museum I was a small kid again, running wild with big wide mouth open. I walked the Park Street in a big awe with my sister's sister-in-law. I went to Sealdah to buy art stuff, again I was bonkers. I walked the Esplanade with big eyes and wide mouth, my brother-in-law kept closing my mouth, I kept taking pictures ( I was in dreamland). Off course I went to  College Street  which disappointed me this time, after searching for hours I could not find John Barth's  'Literature Of Exhaustion'. I again spent my money something as silly as stick pads, synthetic brushes, but I bought great many books, some very old, as old 42years. We went to Nicco Park, where I was forced to ride Roller Coaster by the whole group. I kept shouting like a mad prisoner (rest of the story will be another blog post). Again I went to coin and note exhibition, I ended up buying ten old coins. Out of ten, two were not worth so much money I spent. We celebrated Christmas in mall, eating delicious pastry. We celebrated my Sister's birthday in a very sweet manner. Finally my sister manged to chop of my medium length hair so she became  very happy. I returned with three huge luggage bags. I also fought with two drunker-ed man just before coming down to my platform. Over all my trip was awesome and worth it all.

The pictures from Trip (forgive me)

In Bandel Church

it was so crowded yet, I could feel the bells toll for Christmas...

beautiful and peaceful...

found him taking refuge at God's door.. who says animal are soul less???

Christmas Time 

ain't they cute.....

who can resist a new bag....
the man owns all these tress, I am jealous of him

santa calling me...
jingle bell jingle bell jingles all the way.....

festival knows no religion.... 

biggest santa

santa on a swing...

 santa on a swing 

 oldest cake shop....

 he is asleep....

oldest photography studio in asia

A Slipper found near my Great Grandpas house

in Chetla

Children Film Festival

 Though I am not a child, yet Dushtix ( sister sis-in-law) and I went, and it was free entry. More adults were visible than children...


Book Fair

in Nicco Park

my sister fell from the stairs of  the tower.......

Coin Exhibtion

my sister's 25th birthday on 31st december

Post Trip 

I did not miss my college week, this time I won eight trophies including best orator. But as fate has it, again a trophy broke as soon as I took it out of my bag to show Mom. Today my pink page friend  ( my brother like friend from 'comics is power' blog post) taught me to ride Scooty, my yellow page best friend  has decided to never ever talk to me. So lets see how the new year unfolds for me.  

Again to make it clear... Its not a fabrication... but my twisted fate, jealous of my happiness, so they broke my trophy...

P.S- hope the whole year remains active and engaging...

 thanking you to bear with me