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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Checking Time

Merry  Christmas  to all my dear friends and family, well its time for new year. The world did not end  on 21-12-2012 so we are here for next millions of years. I am still in City of Joy, I am enjoying    with my only elder sister and brother in law. I have taken enough of photos for next blog post  about my whole trip. In  nutshell its fun and free and I am afraid I will miss the college week this year. But since its six days from new year its time for my resolution check .

So lets evaluate the  resolutions  I set last year.

1. Top in every Subject in Pink College.. ( too big dream)
well I did top with my major papers, in others papers I missed by few points.

2. To get rid of extra fats in my body.
Yes I curbed down my weight from 59kilos to 53, lets hope I reach my target 47kilos this year.

3. To be free of guilt, remorse, and WHAT IF??
Yes to some points I am free of What Ifs  and  guilt and remorse , but What If is still killing me at times.

4. To learn three new things.....
 I managed to learn only one new thing that is making grass root comics.

5. To lessen my Facebook addiction,
Finally , I did limit my facebook addiction, have to minimize it even more.

6. To read all the books present in my Bookshelf ( hard one)
Its far from near, the ever increasing number of books in the Bookshelf is hard to fight have so many unread yet calling me.

7. To make new plans for old mistakes.......
Old mistakes are engraved but I found many new plans to bury them, its fun cremating  them page by page.

8. To smile and be less cave-woman...
That's something  my family of satire can  rate me on, so I wont comment on it.

P.S- I am still clueless 

thanking  you to bear with me

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