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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Comics is Power.

Sorry for not writing, well its no bloggers block or internet block, but final examination keeping me away... But I have a story to share, so again before my Philosophy exam I am writing a post. I had  best three days of  my life in Pink College. 

Every thing happens for a reason, is what I told myself. Paulo Coelho says keep looking for omens and I always do. Well again the unrest broke out in neighboring districts. Our sessional test, which were already late compared to other departments got delayed. From 10th November they were delayed to 14th and now both papers were to happen on same day. We were angry because finals were from 20th. I being me did not study whole semester now I was really worried. 

Behold test day, the blank me and my major mate went to give our exam. As soon as I entered the gates of Pink College my four eyes saw something. A banner which was not hanging there before (well  may be it was there for a whole week, but we stayed away from college). I asked our Principal's daughter about it, but it was proved she was also like us- ignorant of happenings in college. So during the tests my mind was set on the banner. It was calling me, it was saying you have a chance to do something. So after the tests got over I came out jumping to re-read the banner.

The Banner said Workshop on Comics for Social Welfare in collaboration with Worldcomics. It said Comics, that ringed the bell for the cat. So the witch in me started begging my closest walking partner major mate to join the workshop with me. Alas she refused, I was determined that I will join in no matter what. So I asked Mom rather informed her that I was going to take part. The workshop was to take place for three days 15th, 16th and 17th.  I had never been so optimistic about anything before finals. In general I would refrain from any extra stuff before finals but this time. The banner said "COMICS" my passion for a long time and before writing.

Day one

So on 15th morning I woke before my regular time, in general its 9.30 but I woke at 7.30 out of excitement.  So this time I did my lunch, decided against riding my bicycle to college. So I went there and to my disappointment I found no one from my batch. So I sat with an unknown senior.  She was sweet senior from Education department. Soon the hall was filled with junior and seniors but none from class. The surprise element came, our teacher was Amrith Basumatary the cartoonist of very popular newspaper The Seven Sister Post. He has the space Counter Point to him in the paper. It was first time I ever saw a cartoonist for real. I was so excited... I still am.... He was introduced to us by our teachers and finally the Workshop began. So sir  asked our names, and told us the purpose of the workshop. He told us the difference between main stream comics and grass-root comics. Our workshop was to learn making grass-root comics.  Grass-root comics is the very basic comics and devoid of colours, its done in black and white.  At this announcement the colour pencils in my satchel started to curse me. So sir gave us sheet and asked us draw whatever we want. I drew a comic picture. Each and everyone showed their art to whole class. Sir praised me and I was on cloud nine.  Then we were taught the basics of face making. Soon after basics, sir asked us to pair up and draw portrait of partner in five minutes. here is what came out of my partner and me.   

this is me from my partners filters, ain't I a beauty?

My partner from my filters... She is really beautiful I did injustice to her

We showed our art to everyone and we saw their art, sir took pictures and it was one of the funniest day laughing and clapping. My cheeks and hands were red. So the first day was spent this way in fun, and I made many new friends.. It was fun learning from such a talented man.  If first day was so fun, in thought of second day I couldn't sleep.

 Day Two .

On 16th the day began early, we pasted all the portraits on the walls and all the comics created in workshops all around the world in our hall. It was fun looking at everyone's art. I realised  one thing that Art is neither good or bad its simply honesty in paper. Its all on perspective. All my life I use too laugh at so called bad art of people, and often feel depressed when I saw so many better art. But now I can simply enjoy art. I guess that's why comics is comics it appreciates every line drawn. So second day we learned to create human body and various postures and how to dress them. Then we picked up theme for our final comic and wrote a story. Sneak peak of the art is here.

the symbol of comics..

Art work of my friends..

my work

the whole family

same people

comics from all over world

we were asked to draw her in five minutes , it was fun
  Everything cant go smooth when paulOaries the witch is involved. Suddenly a news came up due to the unrest and riots a bandh was to take place next day. So the last and final day was to be on monday. My face suddenly turned to a fused Bulb from a Bright Bulb. Again I started cursing my fate that if last day is on monday I cant come as my finals start from tuesday. I felt my two days were going to be wasted. But suddenly the HoD of Education department saw me and realised my problem and made the last day on sunday. Hence my almost twisted fate was brought back to path.  I returned home and I tried to draw my own cartoons and wrote the story.

 Day Three     

18th was the final day, firstly we drew our rough art, then we showed sir. Sir showed us our mistakes and gave ideas. Then finally we were drawing pictures on bigger scale. I was nervous and very happy. We learned measurements, different types of bubbles (speech boxes) and many thing. We were drawing our final piece. Sir praised me and I was really happy, my lost hope to be a cartoonist got ignited again. Then each and every one of coloured our works, sharing our black sketch pens and gel pens. Since it was sunday shops were closed and our stuff less. We completed our work, I helped my sweet senior to colour her titles. My another new friend is junior from Assamese department. He is really good and highly creative. But actual star of the show was another junior. He is an awesome artist, high thinking and really is clear headed in what he does. His looks are deceive but his art is amazing. Then we showed our art work, Sir again took Pictures, he praised everyone, again we grew red. Finally we were awarded  our certificates of participation. I want to hang the certificate on my drawing room.  I had never been so happy in Pink College. We thanked sir and I don't know if we will meet him again, though he lives in our town.
here is the final piece i drew

funny thing on my art i wrote Pink College.
Grass root comics the cheapest and most communicative way of awaring the common masses. Its cheap, requires few materials and is highly effective. I am going to use my new found weapon soon. Now I wish to do the six days workshop so that I too can become a trainer like sir and  spread the power of comics everywhere.  

Now I want to use my new found talent to save the college of modern art done by the spit marks of paan. I haven't stop my art to just comics. Here is something which my friends will kill me for. I drew cartoons of my best friend and me, here they are.

This is me in my hideous uniform, should I draw a comics against Uniform? 

Here are my best friends and me, since I irritate them day and night I choose to be in center

The girl on yellow page is my soul sister, the girl on pink page is my best friend of  14years, the boy on yellow page is my childhood friend and best friend of three years, the boy on blue page is my night time councilor and a very close buddy of mine, the girl in green page is my newest friend and my walking partner, my major mate and my back biting partner and the boy in pink page is my brother figure friend,  

So next time when I mention my friends do related to this cartoons.

P.S- I feel my graphic novel is not as distant dream as it was before. please check WORLD COMICS INDIA {sorry for the longest blog post ever }

thanking you to bear with me

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  1. cartoons can act as a weapon if used judiciously. yes, indeed cartoon for social awareness seems awesomely entertaining. you have a raw talent which will sharpen on practice sooner than later. wish you all the best for your future. may your cartoons not only enlighten the society but also help in revolutionalising it.