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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

A year Older, not Wiser...

Today we complete one year. Well by we I mean my blog, my reader friends and me. Last year on the very same day we began a journey of words without a Aim in mind. I feel so proud that I did not give up midway. Right now with 49 self-published blog posts and a year-full of twisted tale I feel glad and thankful. 

I began the blog on a very significant day- 2nd of October is the birthday of Father of Our Nation- M.K Gandhi. Well last year I did not choose this day, just like everything it was a random day. Last year I was angry, frustrated, bored, proud, arrogant and a mad. Today I feel happy, open to life, interested, quite humble- but still mad.

I cant say that I look back and I can claim a lot in my satchel, but yes my blog saved me. Few days back I read about writing therapy as the best way to reform and counsel the self. Indeed my blog has been a way to vent out my initial anger against Pink College, my anguish against lost chances and finally putting the pieces back. I still don't claim maturity, I choose to be childish, stubborn and princess paulOaries. 

First of all I must be thankful to my elder sister for creating my blog, when all seemed grey she was there. I would like to thank my classmate whom I often call as Pirate for showing me that a eighteen year old can have her way (it was she who first started her blog, to never look back.). My mom and family of satire who were always there to listen me read out my own writings. My best buddies, my soul sister and the very good friends I made online with help of this blog. 

I still remember the idea of the blog first germinated when I saw the movie Julie and Julia, like Julie Powell I too wanted to get away from daily chores . Here I am still drawing inspirations from people I never met, writers I want to meet, movies I keep watching. Let me give you no impression that its my retirement speech, our commitment has just been sealed.   

So how did Today become different.. 

Well I have little overview of today. Few days back I realized the Blog was coming to a full cycle, so I had made few plans. First of all I gifted myself a Batman Note book, as a symbol of being strong like my favorite superhero. Yesterday I finally found my Muse, yes I found my source of inspiration and my joy. So in honor of my Muse I tried writing my second story, but apparently, the Me part took over, and it became more of a reflection  then short story. So I hope I rewrite it and present it to you soon. In morning I went to meet my teacher, with bagful of Ravanyan comics and my study materials, in the end we kept talking and I really am thankful to be under his guidance. So I as usual gave him chocolate as a token of  gratitude. 
here is my gift to myself, my Superhero- Batman, who  encourages me everyday 

In afternoon, I had planned a girls day out with my new close Major mate. Only two of us, it was my treat to her, she was the first friend I made in Pink College. I hope she stays my friend for life time. I missed my best buddies and soul sister. But with out regret we went to have our afternoon lunch. I made it sure Major mate had a good time, I made her experience few new things today. First she had not visited the restaurant we ate at. Secondly she never liked garlic and its smell but I made her taste garlic chicken and she loved it. Thirdly I suggested to have ice creams, it was a rather cold and grey day after one week of continuous rain, but she insisted that she will treat me ice cream again she enjoyed devouring Ice cream in cold day. Finally I made her walk my beloved Flyover, she was amazed at the view on top and at the speed we walked it over. So let me assume she enjoyed the day too.. 

So I had everything happening today, my love for food highly satisfied, my friendship becoming stronger, celebrating a girl bonding, walking down my Flyover,  talking all day, just being me..

Well nothing twisted happened, but finally I had smooth finishing touch,  the world conspires to do good with people it was proved with a Orphaned Shoe in middle of the Flyover,.. So the day was my day, I felt alive.
my obsession made the perfectly happy day more beautiful... 

P.S- Still celebrating me and my life... a year Older but not Wiser

thanking you to bear with me


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