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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Time To STOP

Today I have no twisted tales, no happy go lucky girl post, no silly obsessions or an alternate view of world. Today I have anger bolted inside me for past three months. I am tired of being Ignorant or Blind to the happenings in my country.

My Country India at its present state is going through a  difficult time. By difficult Time I mean "Very Difficult". The country is suffering from mass outbursts from different part of the country. We are having protests after protests. 

I have lived in land of nature and revolt- Assam my state has been suffering her fair share of problems for more then thirty years now. Presently my state is having ethnic riots. Many have lost lives, home, jobs and sense of security. Some group claims sovereignty of Assam another separate state from Assam. Is Assam Cake that every other political and social group wants a piece ? Has anyone asked what we the common people want. In this claim of sovereignty thousands and thousands have lost life. Now we have an anger going on about immigrants living in my state. Today in my town, a bomb blast took place near my favorite Flyover. I could have been one of the victims lying in hospital or dead  today, as I regularly walk the flyover. When ever my cousin calls me her first question is " How is the situation in your state?" We have been branded as land of Guns and Bombs. When a government is trying to develop its state. Alas private greed of  some create havoc in the State. If anyone asks me what I want the answer is "PEACE". Give me my peace, not the peace that will be created after every Individual is dead, but the peace that unites us.

As for my Country as a whole, we have various states in which different socio-political groups are demanding a state free from people speaking other mother tongues. Again other states having Panchayats who are making parallel laws and crushing down the very aspect of Democracy. Then we have various new datas coming up about our country-India tops in G20 countries as worst place to be as a woman, India again tops in having highest Illiterate adults. Then we have Scams, the  3g scam, the Coal scam. Though we have few states who are working hard to keep the countries name. We have groups opposing  construction of Dams, Nuclear Power plants etc. We have Maoist Insurgency. We have party politics allowed in colleges and universities through Student Union. We have blood group C running down the veins of every- Corruption. We have Corruption as an Open Secret. Everyone is part of it yet none to blame on. We have youths being college drop outs, getting addicted to drugs and other misleading problems. We have a trend rising called Moral Policing people take it upon themselves to decide who is good or bad. Our education system is age old our mindset ancient. So what do we want?

We have every other political party blaming other for the damage, a opposition which is trying to bring government down instead of working with government to develop country. We have leaders hankering after money and misleading youth, we have a Media who enjoys being a link between mass and Breaking News instead of being an instrument of change and awareness. 

We want our sense of security back, we want a better future free of dirty politics and development. Why can't we be like Japan or better than them? We want our chance to have Brighter, Better and  Safer India.

As an Indian where do I stand? Has my "I" no value? Or is the value of my "I" reduced to just 'i'. The freedom expression is being curbed. Aseem Tivedi a young cartoonist is but behind Jail under the charges of sedition. Is our government insecure of a mere expression of protest? Mr Trivedi is charged for disrespecting the National Emblem. His anger is justified through his art. Are we not allowed to express our problems with the government which swears to govern us?  We have raised the honor of our Constitution  as Holy Book. It is no less then Bible, Gita or Koran. But the holy books are not free of errors either nor is our Constitution. The law of Sedition must be out ruled not because Mr. Trivedi is charged with it but the law is misused against common people like Farmers. The law is against our Fundamental Right- Freedom of Expression. As counter for Mr. Tivedi's cartoon, was our Parliament respected when few days back the Parliamentarians  came down to verbal and physical abuse? 

I request all my fellow countryman to wake up and aware themselves of the happenings. We are safe inside our houses, but how long will the house stand when the land below is becoming hollow. Not every politician is bad, nor every government officer is corrupt, neither every police officer is misusing his power. We have been living in a country which is world largest Democracy, we cant let power hungry wolfs turn it into worlds largest De-MocKracy. 

I would like every body to read about the Sedition Law and sign the Petition to release Mr. Trivedi. As I firmly believe in Freedom Of Expression. I have faith and I want to make it sure- my "I" has not reduced  to mere 'i'.

Only words  that come out is "Enough let us have our life back.I am tired of waiting, I want all this to STOP if doesn't  happen sooner more people will come to streets to protest and I fear a Civil War will not be a surprise (technically not possible) "

Its time to end the chaos going on, we should remember universe was created out of chaos. So we hope the chaotic time ends and we can start afresh for Future India. 

P.S- As a youth of our country I want Change- Brighter, Better and Safer India.

thanking you to bear with me

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