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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

taught-ing Day....

Knowledge Thou Art Great 

Our country celebrates Teachers Day on 5th of September every year. The day is celebrated on birthday of  respected Dr. Sarvepalli Radakrishnan the second President of our country. Every year all the schools big or small, government or private celebrate this one day to the fullest. Students all over the country try to make this day special for their beloved teachers in their own way....

I still remember my childhood days when whole night we use to wake up and make greetings card for our teachers. We use to have before hand instructions by teachers to not buy gifts. So my creative urges had been boosted on this days. My Alma mater D.P.S had its own tradition of teachers day. Till grade tenth I enjoyed each and every teachers day.

But occasional disappointing moment came up too when Sunday fell on calendar. All my life in D.P.S I grew up with a dream to be teacher for one day. In grade Four I saw my sister wear an orange Saree to be her favorite teacher. I too cherished that dream to play the role of one teacher for a day. My sister got this chance four times as during her time students were less to cover up the large Teaching Faculty of School. Today my cousin brother will also go to his school dressed up as teacher. Few years down the line my cousin sister will go to dressed up as teacher. 

But I never got that chance. I left D.P.S after tenth grade, and to become teacher one had to study in twelfth grade. But I left, hence one more dream remains unfulfilled (sometimes Fate is too jealous of my awareness and greed to accumulate experiences,  they snatch away opportunities from me). I had many experiences  with teachers day from decorating room to bringing homemade cake. To blowing balloons to running after class teacher to gift her. I had a great teachers day on my ninth grade as I was member of students council previous year. So we had great time being part of the function organized  by the seniors. We were fed and pampered and we loved it and still cherish the moment in heart,. To this day I cherish every moment spent...

Joining BRPL Vidyalaya was more rewarding, my eleventh grade teachers day was different. Here our juniors from grade ninth were teachers and tenth grader organized. And we seniors were spectators of functions,. On final year we went running late organizing our class party. My friend Anji and I got the board decorating part, in general we were great Black Board Lovers, cleaning it, writing thought for day, soccer news, movie updates and book watch. It was our own world. But on that day our board was decorated with white chalk, ribbons, balloons etc. Our teachers cut the cake and we devoured it. My last teachers day was fun and involving. Though Pink College has not given me my share of experience yet my fingers are crossed.... 

here is the picture of only memory I could capture of teachers day

the beloved board rather attempted decoration done by Anji and me

Still the witch in my heart wants to wear a green saree and enter the classroom and impersonate her favorite teacher. I wish all my respected teachers a very happy teachers day. They have molded me today to what I am and I will be indebted to them forever,,.

P.S- The Three witches snatch my dreams away, but I never stop dreaming even if its childish or highly   ambitious. 

thanking you to bear me


  1. hope you fulfill your dream when you join the Nobel Profession and inspire students the way your teachers inspired you..

  2. why is the 'T' wearing a sad face? Remember my name starts with 'T'. So I demand it wear a happy face next Teacher's Day.