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Thursday, 30 August 2012

scribbling life.

As I was chewing up the back of my pencil during philosophy class today, I realized I have been neglecting my beloved blog past two months, I have no excuse that I was busy or didn't have time. To be honest I didn't get the right mood and topic to write about. Many things happened in my State in last two months but I refrained from writing about them as I did not feel it.

Back to chewing pencil moment:- I also realized I completed one year of my Pink College Life. Now the blues have become tolerable, and the color pink is still not my Favorite. I look back one whole year behind me.

Last one year had been very painful, ironical,paradoxical, spiritual and traumatic for me in the beginning. My friends went outside to study, and I came back from Delhi University, I had the great experience of joining three colleges at a go.. I remember the words I uttered to my sister when I decided to Leave Delhi - Beggars Cant Be Choosers, my best friend and soul sister also left for their respective institutions. For first time I realized the meaning of being lonely even when you are surrounded by the crowd. I understood the difference between being Alone and being Lonely. I was at the highest peak of pessimism- sleeping, eating crying, shouting, and hating everything.

But this blog helped get back on life, I joined Pink College late by almost two months, yet I claimed second position in my department ( not being proud, but great-full to the one looking at me). So while chewing pencil I realized I changed, though I wont claim maturity, but I grew. Again I found some habits have become my nature, which even the Pink College Blue could not take away from me.

Two habits I developed in Pink College.

1. My creative skills in writing. ( which you have been reading for a while now).
2. My creative skills in Art.

Lets elaborate part II, before writing Art has been my first love, before writing alphabets I started drawing. My habit of scribble art dates back to the age of one. All my life I have been scribbling small, big, round, fat anything and everything behind the back of my notebooks, study books even library books. My Mother was my first teacher and till today the biggest critic of mine. This Scribbling caused me to get punished even in my final year of school.

So can I stop scribbling despite being sad for few stupid reason, NO I cant. So here are handful of scribbles and few art I did for myself.

This drawings are created when my imagination runs wild

cant stop my hand

Art for Arts sake

I feel I am Willam Blake reborn
Art is my passion
If I dont draw I never understand poetry

the caricature are of different poem drawn here as I did not have the actual poem 

I love Blake's Lamb

Its my pencil not me

same thoughts

We  exist cause we think

Feminist Art

How can I understand If I do not draw

End of Book scribbles

My madness is not limited to my books but even my study, Ariel view of my study.  

Art- Heaven, drew first Semester 

Art- Mortal land, drew second Semester

Art- Pleasurable Hell, drew this semester 

In case you think I just brag, our department wall magazine I helped too

My madness personified in her (pardon me I dont have scanner)
Being Alone

never alone

obsessed  with winged creatures, faeries since age of One 
my personal love a warrior woman

a closer view of my study there is the boat of Coelho, mountain of class X, Hill of  5th position

I even painted the edges of my study.
the wonderland of my imagination

The Highland of paulOaries

The spaceship of my school

The never climbed Mountain of DU

rotten house of ideals
My achievements, desires, failures, everything has got place in my study, big or small, I wonder how such a small desk can accumulate my 19years of life. Yet the study inspires me to work hard and better and move in life. If anyone wants an autobiography of mine then this is it.

If you felt I just scribbled, no I draw, I paint too, Art- Primma Donna my best painting till date,
Art my first Love, art helps me learn better, see better and interpret better,. Had I not been in love with imagining things, I would have been any other soul wandering the streets just to get education to make living.

P.S- not very constant writing today, but had to share it and the Page Witch's Obsession has been updated with new orphaned shoes.

thanking you to bear with me

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  1. Before I say anything, two things: Break, break break is a lovely poem. I loved it. Second: your personified maddness girl. :-D. I wish there were some like buttons, or love buttons below these photos. Thumbs up. Keep going.