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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Why ALONE missy?

paulOaries has created a record of travelling alone twice within six months .. Yes I did it again... I traveled by train to City of Joy ,,, At the age of eighteen I am proving every convention wrong set for me,,, I am Not that delicate as my family makes of me.. Today is officially Second Day of mine here.. But for me its Day ONE.... 
Today was my first taste of freedom, rather merchandising the concept  of " Being Alone" ( my deepest desire for last five years)... 
so the mocking fate again proved me.. wrong!!!... I ended up penning few words in the notepad I was carrying with me....So here is the first hand reproduction of my thoughts I went through afternoon...

18th June 2012.. place some popular Mall...

Here I am, all alone.. The Mall is babysitting me...To be honest I am not left A L O N E... But my elder sister has to go to office, and its too hot here to stay alone in her studio apartment so she dropped me here.. The place is awesome, and has great many distractions.. Yet here I sit lonely and bored in the Food Court... 

Well Its just two hours gone.. First hour I spent in the marvelous bookshop... Where I was asked to just kill time but not buy books by my Didam... But I spent seven hundred bucks on Modern Indian poetry, Gitanjali, James Joyce, Difficult Pleasures..,, So after controlling my greed for books,, I shifted to Window Shopping... 

After window shopping, now I have taken an exclusive seat for myself in Food Court.. Now I am staring at my plate full of pasta.. From the dish I can see Yellow bell-pepper, yellow corn, green capsicum, red bell-pepper, brown mushrooms, n white sauce covering my pasta.. Had I known before, I would have asked to deduct the bell-peppers and capsicum.. After every five minutes, I am being monitored by my sister, mother, grandmother, grandpa, father, and my would be brother in law through my calls, and sms's... 

Now I am having the first bite of my Pasta.. Yes my best-friend was right, being Alone is not as charming as they show in movies.. My Romantic Idea of  "Freedom" and "Being Alone" are proven wrong at this very moment.. But I wont lie, I am happy, really happy to be all by myself in this fancy world of materialism... I am being a good girl.. I am following the first lesson taught in life - Don't Talk with Strangers.. I havent spoken to single person expect the salesman in bookshop and cashier in Food Court.. 

I look around at the gay couples, all of them so happy.. When I look at them, they look back at me with questing eyes... Why am I alone?, Why am I occupying the seat of Four? Why am I behaving like a philosopher- talking with her food and writing?.. Well I replied back with blank eyes, pretending to be a witch all alone in search for solitude.. 

As I look around, I rejoice, that I am not fat.. I'm slightly overweight .. I  really see people suffering from   obesity devouring their food... I a'int proud, but I feel really happy that, I know what not to become...." I wont become Human Meatball"
Now its time for my movie to start...

Well today for first time I watched a movie alone in theater.. The movie was Prometheus and I loved it.. But 3D movie is little ironical to me... The irony is I always have to carry one extra pair of eyes above my nose.. Yes I wear specs  24/7.. So when I went to watch the movie I realised it was 3D, so from two pair of eyes, I had to carry three pair of  eyes... To my dismay I have the great North-eastern Nose- a small Mongolian Nose.. So the 3D glasses fell from my nose time to time.. 

Rest of the day was eventful too...

P.S- I realised three things haven't left me..
        1. I'm petrified of escalators...
        2. I'm ignorant to the advancement of  modern technology
        3. I'm really a dreamer, I dream wrong most of the time...

thanking you to bear with me

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Bootly Booted...

Well my final exam has started, so couldn't  give the love my blog requires these days,,, But since I had some time so, thought of writing blog-post on my Obsession... (hence this blog post is going to be a separate page above   called Witch's Obsession).

         When my, Mom told me the Story of Cinderella for first time... I can clearly remember, I was holding on to the Kings-man who went in search for the perfect match for the Shoe left in the ball... I kept irritating my Mom about the fact that Cinderella had unique feet size.. From that day I started my quest to find the Glass Slippers or The Fur Shoes.. But slowly the Obsession of looking at footwear worn by people has turned to clicking pictures of deserted foot wear and clicking my own footwears.

 So I have put up Pictures of abandoned footwear, more will be added in future..

on the grounds of pink college

at pink college

pink college's gift

pink college gift

 found while returning to home

on my walks

same here

near the tutorial class

near tutorial class

found on the way to college

way back to home

back to home

while going for college

same story

some kid's old school shoe

 on pink college path

near construction sight

a walking mates find

contributed by my walking mate 

hanging shoes

found in my garden

walking back from collegd

 the walk back from college  

lying on heap of garbage

found it in and gulli

near roadside garbage

both dating each other 

the soles gone for this pair

Alone in the green

soon it will get decomposed

It was found in my home..

On my way back home from my classes, near my beloved  Flyover              

Same place, the flyover..                      

  My brother's Cat... Puchu Dey's first born kitten playing with my pink Shoes..

 The pink reality of my life..

Found  them while visiting  family friends, they were left near the open field adjust -en to their home...

 On my way back home from college... Found it floating on road on a rainy day..

 My blue babies.. My Blue Images.. On the Platform of  Murshidabad...

 On the mystical land of Bolpur.

In Victoria Memorial ...

 In Victoria's Garden...

 Found near the tea stall, near Pink College... 

 P.S- This  is not it... its not the end .. But more pictures shall be added and added..

thanking you to bear with me