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Saturday, 21 April 2012

was lost and found

the lost version........ 3 October  2011....... draft and better version of -the battle trip to home

Good morning my imaginary readers (sorry again) happy Durga puja. So the Goddess has arrived, with her children and pets. The Goddess arrives at her Baaper Bari ( father's home rather in plain translation ). As far as my knowledge concerns about Durga puja or pujo, all I know its the time for new clothes. But its a shame to all the Bangla speaking people if  I  define this event into a materialistic aspect. the GODDESS is here to kill the demon Mahishaasur ( not sure of the correct spelling pardon again. ). She is here to kill the inner devil in our hearts- the selfish nature of our minds, the jealous heart, the unkind faces behind our fake masks. She is here to show mankind GOOD always wins over EVIL. Its the battle of Goddess, which we Bongs ( Bengali ) celebrate...... but we celebrate it with  delicacies , new clothes , and a new hope of  spirit....
                                  A spirit which drives us to shop all year (joking), well a spirit which guides us to achieve new everyday, win the inner battles we have all.... A Bong is a Bengali with first Kash Phool ( a symbol of beauty, a type of plant called Kash ) Sueli Phool ( a kind of flower ) and the First Sound Of Dhak  ( a drum).

thinking still how this post  got lost....

thanking you to bear with me

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