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Sunday, 18 March 2012

T.V- TeleVandalisim

                                      Long black shiny hair covered under the strain of culture, Moving in kitchen all dresses up like dolls, That's what every-other Indian household views on television..... Today I write about the Chauvinism the this daily-soaps present.

In the end question is what is our  present generation learning? Who is already having a Identity Crisis of "To be or Not to be".....

What's Indian Culture on our Indian  Televisions..

1. Perfect rather Per-fact Girl better then Shakespearean Heroine, Virtuous and free of Err. Her aim of life- "A damsel in distress"  ( slim, traditional, beautiful, super-obedient, and target of all the evils of world, Hence "to Err is Human" not applicable here, but...... )

2. A big fat Joint-family of  minimum Fifteen(15) members, ( As if India is all about joint family, and keeping up with traditions in modern world)

3. The family must be Business giants and prosperous ( IF so many rich families existed in India, we wouldn't have thousands starving for single morsel, Thousands begging for single Rupee, Thousands living in single garment..... )

4. Every other day there must be a Big Fat Indian Wedding, Big Fat Indian Festival, and Big Fat Indian Funereal of the lead actor who will come back alive after a month.. ( the battle of T.R.P's has made medical science, specially plastic surgery a huge hit in country, hate your face go under the knife,  )     

5. Cruel in-laws , torturing the Devi ( goddess) like Lead actress . ( No matter what, the girl must always be in trouble. the great philosophy of Hinduism- do your Karma rather suffer, don't expect result, result?? High T.R.P- Television Rating Point )

6. End of real society, they beat the drums of our great culture, the big Parivaar (family), but society?? (The lead actress , marries Three times a year, she is so perfect , that her husbands cant live with  her, due to his imperfections. When she wants she leaves the family, goes to become a beggar, ends up in red light area, but is rescued by her would be Fourth husband.)

7.  No laws, no court, no legal trouble, its all solved in the family with the Divine Power of Forgiveness taught in our culture, . (Or as Oscar Wilde said" Forgive your enemies nothing annoys them so much." is the hidden weapon used by leading lady)

8.  Leading Ladies are rebellious under the Pallu, (covering of head). They refuse the advances of cruel husbands, they try to Follow Gandhiji's ideal of telling truth. (But married life ruins their aims of being IAS, IPS, Dancer, Singer etc etc, none is ever achieved).

9.  The Vamps are always more beautiful and the always nourish the Poison Tree of  Blake, ( With all the hideous, planing plotting , failing, she still has time to be polished and fragrant-ed)

10. No matter what, recession, budget, elections, nothing hinders the family from wearing new clothes, new shoes, new ornaments every single day. ( Indian market must have very different Gold value than that of world. ) 

The story never moves, the Granddaughter and Grandmother age very similar, If one sister speaks Hindi in British Accent  then other speaks in irritating rural accent with a pan inside mouth.... 

If Indian Village means bright sarees, and Well and conservative people, Then City people present puritan culture that's nowhere to be found in reality.  

   Finally how much rich you are never matters, the family gives the Caterers, the contact for party, but 
you will find the New wed bride is cooking for more then three hundred guest alone, but waiters serving , suddenly Food gets all eaten up, you keep biting your finger, the episode ends...  

A young girl is married to a rich Psycho just after passing out High School , and she is abused, Finally today she raised her voice... They begin with good morality, like Saving Girl Child, Against Child Marriage, Abolition of Dowry , Educating Girls, Against Martial Rape, Working mother's problem, Widow remarriage, etc but all get washed up within months...   

Every other day my Grandmother say's her Favourite Soap is coming to end next week, but its the same story for last Two years.... Again my younger cousin brother is too, glued to the soaps , and from there he is harboring the Ideas of Big Fat Wedding for my elder sister....

The Nuptial Ties are very sacred in our cultures, our societies,, our religions, the television industry forgets India is a land of Diversity, not just land of  Northern India ( I am not being regional and I don't support regionally Biased views)  which is wrongly depicted and wrongly depicting- Bengali as Broken Hindi, Sikh as only Gurudwaras, South Indian as an U and A after their Hindi. Northeast means Mongolian looking girls, With due respect I am in love with real culture, but not the commercialized vandalism they present..

But.....  Mom says its not one of my good post, nothing new to read, but I was really angry with all that's being aired........

P.S- Give us a break, we are literally irritated when we watch the television, these Daily Soaps really make the Television a Idiot Box. Recreate the classic Stories of , Shivarama Padikkal, Ashapurna Devi (its being done), Rabindranath Tagore, Premchand, a list of endless follows.....

thanking you to bear with me

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  1. Very nice. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Except the term 'Third World'. There is no such world. It's the creation of the Westerners. It assumes that our economy, culture, lifestyle, outlook, ethics are not 'up to date' ('Up to date' according to them). So minus this term, this blog is awesome.