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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Roll, Roll, Rolling

A rolling stone gathers no moss:-

A very classic proverb, explaining the importance of being stuck to one aim and achieve it till the end. Well when I was kid, I heard many proverbs in our Morality Classes every Monday. Our teacher used to tell that we should never be like a rolling stone ,which was never stationary,. If we were to change paths in every new problem we would fail in life. With this morality Gyan ( Wisdom in Sanskrit), she asked to develop our character. For example- to be attentive, soft spoken, speak up truth, follow what teachers say etc etc....

On the other-hand I have always been a twisted mind, so I have had been mending, bending, breaking the Proverbs according to my mindset-  I grew up mostly doing the opposite of what my teacher said above. Example- Fickle minded, rude- rather merciless in my words, Always speaking my version of truth- indirectly a rebel ....

So Today I  present my version of the meaning of  A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss..

We humans can never fight or stand a chance against Time. So in this exploitative world we must keep our legs on two boats. Like a rolling stone, we must, we should be rolling. We should not hold up to our small pieces of success. Stationary is equivalent to Stagnation ( not in real terms). Stagnation is the end of  achievement. The words- try try try but never cry, tells, learn from our experiences in every failure. But in today's world Experience is the Comb time gives you after you have lost all your hair. Sad but Reality... We need success at one go, not tales of hard-work.  Of course I support hard work, but my Professor said its the time for Smart work over hard work... As I believe in Classical  Wisdom of Travel brings knowledge, I ask everyone, to stop and review:-

Is this what I want? Hold on to my secured present that has no exciting past, no future anxiety?    Here I speak of the urge to move on, not lethargic Ideal of Past is golden, Present sucks, and I am Worried for my future....

Again I trace back to my Blog-post Pearls of Wisdom- Satisfaction is Ancient, Greed is in vague
(again  greed of grasping new things, walking on new paths visiting every place you want, not materialistic life)...

Hence I prefer to be a A Rolling Stone ( no not a fan of the band, nor the magazine) but just roll around, and gather no moss...

P.S- So I finally decided to preach the world my version of the proverbs in my blog once every week.

thanking you to bear with me

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  1. You teach us Gyani Baba. we wait for enlightenment....:-P